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The British government’s media operation is currently describing how obedient and sufficiently grateful boys and girls will receive “freedom passes” that they can show to policemen, security guards, supermarket officials, etc., in order to be allowed to enter a cafe, walk down the street, or go into a shop the way they want to.

At the moment they are saying that

1) the condition for getting a “freedom pass” will be that you’ve been tested x times in y days for SARS-CoV2,
2) the main thing you’ll be allowed to do if you’ve got a “freedom pass” is keep your face uncovered.

Both 1 and 2 are likely to change.

Condition 1 will become that you can prove from a piece of electronic equipment that you’ve been vaccinated – and obviously there will have to be a way to prove that you are the person whom the equipment says has been vaccinated.

Permitted Behaviour 2 will include many other things, such as
* being allowed to buy food at all
* being allowed to travel
* and perhaps soon, being allowed to leave your house.

The term “freedom pass” sounds very mobile phony. You can see why the criminal thug Dido Harding from TalkTalk got appointed.