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This stupid bloody government just does everything wrong.

First they weren’t going to do anything except set up hospitals that couldn’t be staffed, and mass mortuaries – wrong as wrong can be. Then, too late, they did more than a U-turn; they did a fold-it-in-half-and-hammer-it-flat turn with their quarter-year “do not leave your home” order, while guaranteeing resentment by ensuring that it couldn’t be fully successful – open borders, no quarantine, no travel restrictions, no temporal segregation for essential shop workers – and by ensuring it would drive small businesses towards bankruptcy – no citizens’ basic income, no suspension of rent and other fixed costs. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

But covid-19 turned out to be seasonal so infection prevalence actually got pretty low, but at that critical point they turned down Google’s gratis offer of a track and trace system so they could hand a juicy contract to a known Mossad collaborator and surveillance wannabe – Gould! Well that’ll ensure poor take-up, won’t it? Then coronavirus season returned with Autumn, so they dithered again, insisted schools remain open as numbers rose. Another fold-it-in-half-and-hammer-it-flat turn about Christmas restrictions with their tier system, which predictably provoked a mass exodus from the most infected and most populous part of the country, spreading the new strain everywhere.

Not content with that they have now rewritten the vaccine manufacturers’ instructions in the worst way possible.

It’s hard to believe; could they have got it any more wrong if they’d been actually trying to?