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Dave wrote – “…there’s no excuse now as highlighted by Trumps recovery, but your assignment is to continue to push expensive medication with side effects on behalf of the drug cartels”

Trump was treated with monoclonal antibodies extracted from genetically engineered mice.

(1) Such treatment must be hugely expensive, I would guess thousands of times more expensive than the $3-per-patient AstraZeneca vaccine.

(2) Such treatment must surely be very difficult to scale; how many mice did it take to treat Trump, so how many would it take to treat the hundreds of millions who will eventually get ill? And it would be far more expensive to treat everyone who gets ill than to prevent them getting ill in the first place.

Dave also wrote: “but your assignment is…”

Seriously Dave? Are you saying that I’m some sort of agent? Previously you’ve “accused” me of being a Jew; are you some sort of fascist eg. a Nazi? And who else? Do you think SA, ET and Dredd are all agents too? Please answer these questions.

Really, productive discussion is impossible unless it has some grounding in reality.