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The chief inspector at Ofsted, the British kingdom’s organisation for “inspecting” its state schools – but not the private ones where the ruling class sends its own children, which they don’t allow to be intruded upon by bureaucratic servants of the “public good” – says that not going to school during a supposed pandemic “<b>puts children’s lives on hold</b>”.

You what?? It’s as if she doesn’t recognise that “pleb” children are born into and grow inside of families.

Can you see how the fascism that has reigned in Britain since March 2020 is getting more intense, itching to enter its next stage?

For this scumbag, children only EXIST when they are being regimented, indoctrinated, shunted around like objects, and it doesn’t matter how many people have to die in the service of this “truth”. She’s basically saying children MIGHT AS WELL BE DEAD IF THEY’RE NOT AT SCHOOL.

Similar attitudes are straining at the leash among other kinds of administrators too, as the police for example are having an absolute field day as they break up all kinds of public gatherings and rob people by dishing out “penalties” without any kind of judicial process.

Meanwhile fascism across the English Channel is also advancing, as president Emmanuel Macron is seeking to tear up the constitution and abolish the right to home educate, making school attendance compulsory in France for the first time ever.

During coronafascism so far the rulers have already changed how large numbers of people view their parents (including when they are ill, dying, or after they have died), their siblings, and their young adult children. Next in line is the way people view their children of minority age. It could soon be a case of WHAM BAM YOUR CHILDREN ARE LOCKED UP IN SCHOOL 24/7 FOR PUBLIC HYGIENE (OR FOOD SHORTAGE) REASONS AND NEITHER THE LOCAL COUNCIL NOR THE ARMY WILL BROOK ANY DISSENT ABOUT IT. Wait and see. What do you think the whole Marcus Rashford business was about? If the government wants to feed working class children during school vacations, let them give money or food to working class families. They’ve got a list of children who receive free school meals during term time, their home addresses, and their parents’ names. (Tesco can probably give them much more information too, for a “consideration”.) By all means send out some cheques or vouchers. Or how about doubling welfare payments? But no. They won’t do any of these things. They want to break working class families. They want a normal meal for children to be like a meal on a prison wing guarded by soldiers. They want children to forget who their mothers and fathers are.

Amanda Spielman, by the way, “Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector”, is married to the managing director of Citigroup, one of the largest banks in the world.

Her Wikipedia entry says she “read” Mathematics and Law (capital letters in the original) at Cambridge, graduating with a BA. The casual reader will infer that she was awarded joint honours. Well she wasn’t. Cambridge doesn’t award joint honours in that kind of combination and it never has. I’d be interested to know what she got her degree in. Did she even get it at Cambridge or did she drop out? Just because someone went to Cambridge doesn’t mean they got a degree there.