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Pulmatrix Appoints Respiratory and Allergy Expert,Michael Yeadon, PhD, to Scientific Advisory Board.

Pulmatrix Demonstrates Superiority of iSPERSE in Delivering An Effective Multi-Drug Inhaled Dose Compared to Conventional Formulation…..

“As a drug discoverer, I am aware of a number of areas of target-rich biological processes for which drugs could be invented, which may not easily fit into the existing inhalation drug-delivery technologies. Rather than discard such candidates, or worse, the targets themselves, I’d recommend innovators take a close look at iSPERSE. If this becomes proven in clinic, it could become the new gold standard”.”

PULMATRiX is committed to the development and commercialization of novel and transformational medicines for patients all over the world, using our proprietary iSPERSE™ technology to optimally deliver both respiratory and non-respiratory therapies via the respiratory system.

Covid anti inflammatory drug delivery maybe?