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Of course Yeadon is right in pointing out that SARS cov2 is of the same family as other corona viruses that are associated with 15% of the common cold, and that is the extent of what he is right about, more or less. But this is like stating that Lions and lynxes are the same family as the domestic cat. At one end of the spectrum is a killer, then an animal that can damage but also kill and then one that purrs. It is well known that Covid-19 is caused by the virus SARS cov2, and yes, it does cause SARS but in a smaller proportion of people, 5% rather than the much higher rate that SARS. Yes 80% of those exposed to the virus do not suffer serious illness or are asymptomatic, but that has nothing to do with healthy eating. The severe illness from the virus is not due to lack of immunity, but the production of an inappropriate immune response. So a lot of what you have written has not advanced the discussion at all.