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At 8pm tomorrow (Thursday), it’s “Clap for Heroes“. The BBC article includes a photo credited to the AFP press agency showing a pair of d***heads wearing “Thank you” tee-shirts with rainbows. One is making a “heart” shape with her hands, while the other has his hands thrown in the air as if he’s either a “born again” Christian or an “Occupy” loony showing his appreciation of the guy behind the microphone by giving it some “jazz hands”. They had lots of your type at the Nuremburg rallies, mate.

Here is Annemarie Plas – front person for both “Clap for Our Carers” and “Clap for Heroes”, whose original “initiative” was praised by the British monarch, joining in with Tory leader Boris Johnson clapping outside Number 10. Don’t tell me you were ever worried about it “becoming political”, Annemarie – you’re full of it. You wouldn’t be doing it again if you had any real problem with it.

Plas is connected with “Together“, a group that requires investigation.

Talk/together is the UK’s biggest-ever conversation about what divides and unites us, and what could bring our society together in these difficult times.

A Steering Group will oversee its direction and evolution, which is chaired by the Archbishop of Canterbury and includes a broad range of organisations and individuals from the NHS and ITV to the Scouts, Guides, the British Paralympic Association, trade unions and the CBI.

Members of the “steering group” are listed here. Google, the Economist, Aviva, the Sun newspaper, Reach (formerly Trinity Mirror), ITV, and Richard Dannatt – the former chief of the General Staff – are all involved. Chair of the committee is the Archbishop of Canterbury. They don’t seem to have managed to recruit anybody yet from the trade unions, despite their statement of intent. Maybe it was a case of “my tongue is brown, but it’s not THAT brown, so get away from me!”