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A new ‘wonder drug’ is emerging for the prophylaxis and treatment of Covid-19 according to some groups. The new component in this is Ivermectin, a well known antiparasitic medicine widely used to treat various diseases and widely available and cheap. There is in vitro evidence that it can be effective but the doses used are about 10X those used for treatment normally. Australian researchers swear by it and there is something called The FLCCC Alliance and many of the treatments suggested are in use in ITU units but some others not universally accepted. This group is now pushing forward their protocol, the upgraded version of which is Ivermectin . The newest protocol called MATH+ is on their website and the rationale for using Ivermectin is discussed above. The problem with this sort of approach is that which we saw before with chloroquine, is that there is a theoretical base for the effectiveness of the treatment, but in practice, there is little clinical effect, and to prove efficacy, patients need to be enrolled in properly conducted trials. I have posted this to draw attention to the possible controversy that this may now be highjacked by the conspiracists who will see this is suppression of effective cheap treatment which will render the vaccines obsolete. But of course big pharma are not interested!