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The rule now in Britain is that when the police tell you to go home, you must, and if you don’t they will “fine” you.

So we’re not supposed to believe in the Holy Vaccine then? 🙂

Add that to food shortages. When food runs out, people get more stroppy for a while. Then they get less stroppy after a few days as their body weight falls. (There has been academic research on this.) If you can condition them to obeying policemen’s orders to get off the streets, then you’ll have less trouble from the starving classes during those few days.

Disagree? Then WHY are the police being fired up, being officially encouraged to do things like hassling people who

* have stopped for a sit on a bench during their exercise walk,
* have taken some coffee with them when they exercise,
* have driven a few miles to a park or a place where they like to walk, or
* have left their house more than once in a day.

none of which activities are actually banned? (As if what’s written in paper laws matters a damn now.)

There must be a reason and it’s to do with obedience.

Out of interest, how are the cops checking the identity of people that they’re harassing? There’s no obligation to carry ID in Britain.

The “leaving your house more than once per day” is especially interesting. That’s not against the law. You can exercise, walk your dog, go to the supermarket, drop a pack of paracetamols through your auntie’s door, leave your home for work or business reasons, all on separate outings. But imagine trying to argue that to a thicko young cop who can’t do joined-up writing, or maybe a group of cops who are all geeing each other on. Such cops have been told not to “explain” the rules, but to focus on “enforcing” them. You know what that means. It means “Stop trying to argue with me. You’re wasting police time.” Thicko cops are absolutely LOVING this.