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The communist rules (the ones they advertise) make no sense, which is why they are ignored, when people think its safe to do so, to avoid state sponsored harassment and threat of ludicrous fines.

Some believe the rules make sense, and others want to avoid a fuss, but the fact is, although e.g. the rules advise people to wear a harmful mask, they also exempt everyone from doing so, but few know this and/or have the nerve to use their exemption.

This may sound odd, but its the way the Politburo squares the circle. They dress up guidance as rules as if they were law, but give everyone an exemption, because its illegal to order people to wear masks without a medical risk assessment. Otherwise it means those doing the ordering are themselves committing an offence under hate and disability discrimination legislation and liable to prosecution.

So they coerce people to wear them, but say its voluntary to do so, whilst ensuring nothing goes to court.

That why nothing goes to court, and if it does, if people stand their ground, like Piers Corbyn, it gets dismissed, because if the matter was heard, it would involve testing out the legality of government policy which they wish to avoid. Simon Dolan of Keep Britain Free tried to bring a Judicial Review of their disproportionate use of the 1984 Public Health Act but the courts have refused to take the case, on lack of standing. (Same problem in US about election fraud).

Put another way everyone can claim a medical exemption if mask wearing makes them ill, and of course its a personal matter whether they do. The Gov website says an exemption badge, saying EXEMPT, which can be downloaded from their site (but you can make your own) is written evidence of your exemption.

Many people disbelieve this, thinking you would at least require a doctors letter proving your exemption, except the government site says don’t ask GPs for letters, and GPs have been told not to give them out. In other words the government is not concerned about mask wearing for health reasons but for compliance reasons, as you are de facto agreeing with government policy, and if you wear their badge instead, for them, this still amounts to loyal compliance too.

To up the ante they are trying to get shop owners to enforce the rules, but the rules require them to advertise but not enforce the rules, which are guidance not law, but they fear they will be closed down if they don’t, (but again defiance would result in any legal/court action being dropped before it was heard). Its the Police’s job to enforce the rules, but they don’t want to enforce them either for the same reasons, as they’re not enforceable as everyone can claim an exemption.

Fines are issued, and more are issued for repeat offences up to £10,000, and whilst some pay-up (de facto agreeing the offence) but if nothing’s paid, it climbs to £10,00 and then it gets dismissed at court.

Activists can calmly explain their exemption when challenged, and normally saying your exempt, keeps everyone happy, as its playing the game imposed by communist government, but problems will inevitably arise when ordinary/angry people are challenged resulting in aggressive responses. And yet the government is coercing people and shopkeepers to spend money and risk assault to further government policy and rules that are guidance NOT law.

And its gone on long enough, its time to vote them out, except they’ve conveniently cancelled all elections, until its safe to go out. In other words the whole thing involves government intimidation of the population by ministerial decree worthy of a banana republic making the cure far worse than the disease on behalf of international drug cartels and others.

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