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Coercive mask wearing is not a minor matter, its a civil liberties issue as well as medical issue. There was a great deal of concerns, in reality few in number, at least in UK, about face coverings and the burka, and used as symbol of Islamist extremism and sexual discrimination. No doubt an inequality issue you think resolved by everyone wearing a face covering.

Western liberalism is now similar to Eastern fundamentalism as the ratchet is tightened on civil restrictions which our own elites, like the Saudi Royals ignore, when it suits them.

People are prepared to act for a while in an unreasonable way, for the common good, but not when it becomes obvious its about compliance to enrich the wealthy rather than help the vulnerable. There was never funding to improve adult social care, but billions has been found to lockdown the healthy and still the vulnerable suffer and die, because the policy never made sense from the start.

The virus was used to topple Trump, and now they think its been achieved, the New York mayor announces an end of lockdown to save city, job done, but we won’t know for sure until 21st Jan.