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Yes 0.07% is for the entire population and is less than that once you untangle died WITH and died FROM covid. Its reasonable to use this figure as the government falsely say everyone is at risk as an excuse to vaccinate the entire population, and therapeutics have been suppressed, like hydroxychloroquine and zinc, in favour of vaccination.

Except despite the hyperbole they say the vaccines are only 50>95% (after two doses) effective and may not be effective (why would they be) against the mutant stains, requiring ever more vaccines! Sherbet Lemons are equally effective, but far cheaper and sweeter.

There is often confusion when English is used as a second language. Scam and hoax, as English is spoken as a first language, denotes a view of the official narrative, not whether parts of it are true. E.g. people are always dying, but the response is vastly disproportionate and makes no medical sense.