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I will come back to addressing the rest of your post. But meanwhile I came across this rather more uplifting story. It is uplifting because it actually addresses the basic issues with why this pandemic has got out of hand and why we have all those deniers and hoaxters. It is because of basic faults in understanding what it is all about.

Pandemics are a threat to all and in globalization has served as a catalyst for spread of infectious disease very quickly and therefore we need early warning systems, cooperation and preparedness. None of this has happened and in this forum here we are arguing as to whether China is culpable or whether this is a lab escape. This has become polarised and politicised and maybe a question for later because what it is doing now is further entrenchment of the West against the Rest, especially China. WE badly need China’s co-operation in this and unless we abandon the hostilities of Trump and Pompeo, who are thankfully now gone, we will continue in this division of humanity.