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Its impossible to be cautious when the plan is mass vaccinating many millions of people, come what may, before the vaccine is redundant due to herd immunity and therapeutics, which it already is. Hence why they downplay informed consent and denounce anyone who mentions side-effects as anti-vaxxers.

I was hoping you would be an honest debater, as I welcome new information, but you’re just point scoring to say 1% is 680,000 deaths. The mortality figure is less than 0.1% and the majority are dying with rather than from covid. I’m sure you know this, and I don’t think you’re claiming its 1% either, so why do it?

And with such a small risk, is it the best policy to vaccinate everyone, rather that particular groups, with informed consent, knowing many will refuse for an array of reasons. Mentioning other illnesses confuses the matter, the question is are lockdowns and mass vaccinations a proportionate response, as a misallocation of resources will impact on other health care.

And your faith in the politicians responsible for this medical and economic devastation, will save the NHS is naive, as once its time to ‘pay the money back’, the NHS will be privatised to the drug cartels and donors to save it.

I assume your not familiar with the PCR test which records many false positives compared to the lateral flow test, which shows otherwise healthy people to be positive, triggering the numbers needed for more lockdowns and restrictions. They know about the false positives, but keep them in the official figures, to manipulate/scaremonger public opinion.

The early deaths were going down, until immediately after lockdown, when you got the March/April spike, followed by few deaths until the rise in mortality as expected in the winter months. The deaths now are about same as 5 year average, it was the deaths during the spike, due to government measures at the time, that accounts for the above average excess figures for last year, which was subject to a select health committee report damming government policy regarding decanting NHS patients into care homes.

There are many alarming things, including all the figures for the health and economic harm being caused by a policy you appear to support.