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Lateral flow tests.

A friend of mine works in a care home kitchen. One of his jobs involves seeing the residents’ food orders for each meal. He tells me that meals have dropped from around 60 to around 40 since Christmas, as residents fall ill and die. Many residents who were up and about and chatty are now too ill to leave their beds.

All staff are tested daily by lateral flow test. Staff have been complaining of covid symptoms, but management tell them to keep working unless their lateral flow test shows positive. They don’t want to come in; they’re calling the care home “a covid cess-pit”.

My friend had covid symptoms but the lateral flow test came back negative each morning and he was instructed to keep working. After nearly a week a PCR swab test came back positive. Management turned on him for putting staff and residents at risk.
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Another friend tells me that a care home in his town has had to close because so many of its residents have died of covid that it is no longer economically viable.
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Israel has closed Ben Gurion airport to all arrivals and departures. Even those making aliyah – the “Jewish Right of Return to the Homeland” – are denied entry, the first time since the establishment of Israel in 1948.