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Meanwhile the other ugly side of the behavior of the US in the fight against Covid 19 is seen in the unilateral sanctions that will hamper the efforts by certain nations , labelled as the enemy. These Include Venezuela, Syria and Iran.

UN rapporteur says US and allies’ sanctions on Venezuela driving humanitarian ‘calamities’ & hampering its fight against Covid-19

The sanctions by the US have been increasingly tightened to strangulate Venezuela and has a massive negative effect on ordinary life including electricity supply, water treatment and other essentials. Venezuelan state assets overseas have been frozen by UKG, USG and Portuguese G. This also has a major effect on drug and other essential medical and diagnostic supplies.

Unilateral sanctions hamper Syria’s fight against coronavirus pandemic: UN envoy

“Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari says unilateral sanctions imposed by the Western countries are hampering the Damascus government’s efforts to import medicine and other medical supplies to fight the deadly novel coronavirus outbreak in the country.

“Unilateral coercive economic measures hinder Syria’s ability to meet the basic needs of its people and confront the epidemic of the novel coronavirus,” Jaafari said on Sunday through the video link at a symposium organized by the Sanctions Kill coalition, which comprises a group of activists working to promote anti-sanctions campaigns.”

U.S. sanctions ‘severely hamper’ Iran coronavirus fight – Rouhani