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Excellent post, @Holmey. Couzens sounds like just the sort of type who would do certain kinds of “job” for the sharp end of the state (and not just for the state in the strict sense) – ex-military, with some service in elite police units, covered with tattoos, and with strongly hinted-at gangland family connections. (A car garage was “run by the Couzens family” – for almost 50 years – in Dover.) Got to wonder whether he knew his way around the paintballing place too.

Did he work at more than one nuclear power station? I only knew about Dungeness.

He has 2 years in the Metropolitan Police Service, but 10 years in the police because the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, which he joined in 2011 (source) is also a police force. It’s armed and Couzens carried a shooter when he was in it. He is said to have worked at the “family-owned and now derelict” garage for 20 years (e.g. here), but another source (the Sun) says he worked there for “around 12 years”. The disparity may suggest there was disquiet in “official circles” about how to handle his time at the CNC, years during which he seems to have had other responsibilities than simply guarding the gate and the perimeter fence. According to the page at that second link, “He was initially based at the CNC’s Dungeness site in Kent and also worked on escorts and ­counter-terror duties elsewhere.” “Initially” makes it sound as though he was only based at Dungeness for a short period of time beginning in 2011, so what exactly was he doing in the years running up to 2018 when he joined the Met?

Who did he escort? Where was the “elsewhere”? As for “counter-terror”, that’s straightaway very different from just guarding buildings.

He may be very knowledgeable about
a) “emergency driving” (“escort” work) and
b) how to get hold of cars for deniable jobs (garage connections).

What have you got on his army service? Reports say he served for 2 years in the Army Reserve (formerly known as the Territorial Army) in the 3rd battalion, the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, in 2002-04.

He is reported to have worked as a special constable too. Dunno for how long.

Also have you looked at Sarah Everard’s father, a professor of electronics specialising in microwaves and communication technology and who was paid for years by weapons company BAE? He also has background with GEC Marconi. His academic post is at York University and he lives in York. One has to wonder whether he has connections with the US NSA sigint base in Menwith Hill, near Harrogate. One question is what ongoing potential contracts does his current work connect to. Easy to imagine that someone might wish to kidnap his daughter in that kind of connection and without anything to do with sex crime.

There’s also the connection through her boyfriend Josh Lowth to Big Pharma and the Drug Delivery and Formation conference he has been organising, which is going on right now.

As for the “friend” whose house she was at immediately before she was last seen alive, as far as I am aware he or she has not been named yet.

The “willy in the restaurant” thing sounds like a “legend”. A PaDP cop who suddenly went crazy and did something like that would be taken off duty right away, I would have thought. Such procedures have to be followed because otherwise a person who is licenced to carry a gun in the vicinity of e.g. the prime minister is open to getting blackmailed by a foreign power. Or the story was a way to bring the IPCA in. Perhaps something other than an exposure of a body part happened in the restaurant (or its car park). It’s an open secret that the IPCA intimidates witnesses. Or perhaps it was a combination of “legend” and “access door for the IPCA”. As a “legend” it helps build deniability. Deniability means they can drop him in the sh*t if a job f*cks up. Certainly his RECENT record has now had a) “willy waver”, b) repeated willy waver, c) “headbanger”, and d) “man who bangs his head a second time even after he is being closely watched after doing it the first time” written on it.

A working hypothesis would be that Couzens is a combination of a hardman who is called on to do certain kinds of “jobs” “in a service fashion” for the state – and for interests with state connections – and in this particular case also a patsy. He may of course be either or both of those things and also a sex criminal, but then again he may not be.

Last, any idea what the magistrate meant when he said after 4 days of custody that he didn’t have the authority to hear an application for bail? That suggests that the Terrorism Act has been invoked, or that it can be said later if necessary that it was invoked. Certainly – and this is not speculation – there are national security considerations here, even going only by what we know is Couzens’s current paid employment.