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This presentation by German journalist and researcher Paul Schreyer is required viewing. Factually and neatly it outlines the various events leading up to 2020 and which are documented in his book <i>Chronik einer angekündigten Krise</i> including the dress rehearsal for Covid in September of 2019, Event 201, which simulated the global outbreak of Corona virus and exactly mirrored what was about to happen in just three months time. In particular, the simulation posited that a “secretive elite cult” has deliberately released a weaponised Corona virus to cause “significant reduction in the global population.”

Present at this simulation were:

  • Latoya Abbott
  • Sofia Borges (UN Foundation’s Senior Vice President and Head of the New York office)
  • Brad Connett
  • Christopher Elias (Gates Foundation)
  • Tim Evans (Associate Dean of the School of Population and Global Health)
  • George Gao (Head of Chinese CDC)
  • Avril Haines (Former CIA deputy director)
  • Jane Halton (Board of ANZ Bank)
  • Matthew Harrington (CEO at Edelman, by revenue the largest Public Relations firm in the world according to wikipedia)
  • Martin Knuchel (Head of Crisis, Emergency & Business Continuity Management, for Lufthansa Group Airlines)
  • Eduardo Martinez (President of the UPS Foundation)
  • Stephen Redd (Deputy Director for Public Health Service and Implementation Science at the Centers for Disease Control)
  • Hasti Taghi (Public relations director with links to the World Economic Forum)
  • Adrian Thomas (Vice President Global Public Health, at Johnson & Johnson)
  • Lavan Thiru (Chief Representative in the New York Monetary Authority of Singapore)

WIR (Wissen ist relevant): Paul Schreyer: Pandemic simulation games – Preparation for a new era? – YouTube, 1hr 3m 6s