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Given that two of the three most recent candidates for a pandemic SARS and MERS were coronaviruses it is not surprising that the planning for a pandemic involved a corona virus. What is extremely surprising is the very poor performance despite the exercise and how many countries abandoned the basic proper isolation and travel restrictions and delayed their implementations.

As to whether the virus was a lab escape. There seems to be no evidence made from the structure of the virus that it is man made, I think we all agree on that I hope. Whether it was a virus isolated from nature to be studied and then escaped is a different matter but again there is no evidence for this. The only people pushing this theory seem to be, apart from Clark, those who wish to put the Chinese under political pressure.
Having said all that, the speed by which the virus RNA was mapped and isolated by the Chinese and by which diagnostic kits were made is extremely astonishing. This of course is due to how this particular science has developed extremely rapidly recently. Also the record time taken to produce suitable vaccines is unprecedented. But the most astonishing fact about all this, that such a hash was made of dealing with this virus despite the above, shows that these so called great reset conspirators are extremely incompetent in carrying out their agenda, given the opportunity.