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N_, I am glad that you have recognised the seriousness of the pandemic.

Just hypothetically, if everyone in the world had taken four weeks supplies and with complete discipline simply stayed at home, everyone for the same four weeks, we could have been rid of this pandemic a year ago. Just four weeks.

There is now a complication that covid-19 has got into animal populations which could reinfect humans. Pets, of course, could be kept in for four weeks.

Alternatively, we could compartmentalise, strictly observe travel restrictions, and wipe it out zone-by-zone:

Green Zones

Covid has proven quite easy to control within small populations, eg:

Isle of Man

The only thing standing between us and the elimination of the pandemic is the reluctance of governments to suspend capitalism for just four weeks. Instead they partially hobble the economy for months at a time, a repeated emergency half-measure, with far worse outcomes even by their own criteria. They simply can’t conceive of showing the necessary leadership. Government no longer exists; it is merely an administration for capitalism, and an ineffective one at that.

If ever there was proof that the elite are not in charge, this pandemic is it. No one’s driving.