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John Goss is very polite and articulate. He supports a lot of good causes and has genuine interest in the people of Russia.

I got very annoyed with him on the 9/11 thread because he kept saying that I couldn’t do simple Newtonian physics while evading all engagement with me in simple Newtonian physics. Seems he’s moved on to medical science, God help us!

Tatyana – “I am sure that my presence on this blog creates a lot of reasons to ban me”

I’ve never thought that. You engage with arguments rather than attacking the commenter, you’re polite, you don’t post racism, you accept points and follow up arguments instead of running away. You seem like a perfectly good commenter to me 🙂

It seems that during this pandemic your government is being about as supportive as the UK’s – ie. not very! Best wishes to you in this difficult time.