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I’d never heard of Dr, Fauci, Dr Ferguson or any of the numerous experts on both sides before the pandemic. I’m well aware of confirmation bias and how it affects peoples willingness to believe personally held beliefs.

I’m not aligned to the left or right.

In my opinion our institutions have failed us and I have no trust in them.

I’m actually an Avionics Engineer and a very good one. I have fixed many seemingly impossible problems over my career. I put this down to having an open mind, willingness to question things and ask potentially stupid questions and to admit and learn from my mistakes. I’m quite willing to entertain the views of most people.

I detest the use of mass labels for anyone whose views don’t suit or are just seeking answers – conspiracy theorist, anti-vaxxer, any -ist or -ism and Normies or Sheeple from the opposite side. None of that is helpful.

I have continued to work throughout the lockdown, have never felt unsafe and have decided not to take a vaccine. I am one of the few at my work or among my friends who haven’t taken it.

Finally Clark, thank you for your polite reasoned arguments / opinions. Although I’m quite a strong person normally, I’m a bit fragile as I lost my wife to breast cancer over two years ago. I miss her so much and I’m currently a bit angry at the world. Also, I agree with you about Tatyana. She’s one of my favourite posters on this blog.