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“From my own experience (and empiricism, let us remind ourselves, is the product of experience is it not?) the stepfather of my daughter (my ex-wife remarried) was on the operating table having stents inserted into his arteries three days after having received his first ‘jab’ due to heart attack caused by blood clots throughout his body…”

This does not make any medical sense I am afraid and also I am afraid is neither empiricism nor data.

Let me tell you I know 25 people at least who had vaccines, including myself that have just had the usual reactions associated with vaccines. Also I know many people personally who had covid 19 and have been hospitalised and one who died in respiratory failure. So what does all this mean? My empiricism and my data are better than yours?

No. Data has to be verified to be meaningful, and all of what either of us is doing is recounting, anecdotally, what we have experienced. It is true that initial anecdotal findings are then properly collated and when this happens, meaningful results are generated as happened with the now well-documented relationship between a particular type of blood clots and the AZ and Johnson vaccines. It all ties in and a mechanism is described and findings corroborated.

But to go back to your daughter’s stepfather, we need more information to make sense of what you say in lay terms. How old is he, what underlying medical conditions did he have? What are the blood findings at the time and so on. Your anecdote remains just that, and a coinciding with b does not mean that a caused b.

The current problem of some people doubting science and suddenly finding themselves enabled to interpret complex data and also to trust their own data and their own go to websites creates a self-fulfilling bubble and a feeling of power that you are onto something, those others have not got onto. Most of those analyses are made by disgruntled scientists and backed by right wing individuals and organisations to cloud the issues and politicise what is essentially a public health emergency. I freely admit that governments also do the same and this is shown by the totally different approach in say China RSK, NZ and others, as opposed to the neoliberal pseudo democracies and the results show.

Well I am afraid I will have to disagree with you on Bitchute and we probably have to leave it there as we both know our own ‘truths’. I am sure you can enjoy P**ndemic on Bitchute.