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“I can’t see China ever accepting that argument.”

Even if they don’t accept it what can China do about it? They cannot enforce their methods on the entire world’s population. I have to agree with SA, the genie is out of the bottle. Looking at the UK graphs hospitalisations and ventilated patients are about the same as they were in the last week of September last year with four times the number of positive cases. I don’t know if that reflects a reason for optimism or better testing or that cases are higher in the younger age groups. Deaths are at about half the level they were at that time.

Vaccinations appear to be having some effect but there are caveats. Globally vaccinations are not rolled out equally and those areas with little vaccination will become a reservoir for infections. There is a question as to how long immunity afforded by vaccines will last. Even in the UK with one of the highest vaccination levels there is a large pool of infected people. Delta will mutate into epsilon, zeta etc and the larger the pools of infections are the more likely that is to happen.

In the midst of all this we are globally at a time where co-operation between countries is almost at it lowest setting ever. This is a catastrophic failing on behalf of Euro/USA/UK governments. It’s mind bogglingly short sighted. What a bunch of assholes.