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In all fairness to UK, Portugal is just as culpable. They reason that the tourist revenue supersedes the risk of delta variant transmission. It’s bizarre. As was mentioned before by I can’t remember whom, if the brits of WW2 generation were to comment, they’d be disgusted with the selfishness that abounds. The world has enough resources to feed, shelter and heat everyone. All previous plagues, pandemics and other calamities eventually burned out and we survived. We survived by battening down the hatches and just subsisting for a little while. Why can’t we all do the same now?

I can’t stand Boris, nor would I want that he persevere for years but if he had the balls to stand up and say something along the lines of the “blood, sweat and tears” speech he’d be untouchable, at least for a while. The west is addicted to money. They’ll mug a granny just for that. USA culture has a lot to answer for. I almost despair but there are still stalwarts of integrity. CM being one such.