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“One reason could be because they are Germans, they follow orders and do what they are told; however there are millions of Moslems in Germany, and I can’t see them doing what they are told.”

Let us pause for a second and consider the implications of what you say: That Muslims are inherently anti vaccines. This is as close as you can get to a racist statement I am afraid. And what do you base this on, may I ask? I advise you to read this article from the Lancet to become more familiar with the social and cultural issues that are related to vaccine hesitancy, a very different kettle of fish from anti-vaxxers.

From the outset it is important to distinguish between people wholly opposed to vaccination (anti-vaxxers) and individuals with limited or inaccurate health information or who have genuine concerns and questions about any given vaccine, its safety, and the extent to which it is being deployed in their interests before accepting it (vaccine hesitancy).7 In conflating and problematising the spectrum of those who do not accept vaccination, authorities might further erode trust and confidence, thereby exacerbating rather than resolving the factors underlying vaccine hesitancy. COVID-19 vaccines arrive as the social contract between some governments and their populations is being eroded8 and when many people, especially those in vulnerable groups, have little confidence that their government will protect them. In the UK, for example, a parliamentary report highlighted that more than 60% of Black people do not believe that their health is protected by the National Health Service to the same extent as White people.9

Also it is worth noting that vaccine hesitancy is not exclusive to muslims, it is the whole BAME community, the majority being black Afro-Caribbean.

But also look at vaccination rates in predominantly muslim countries:

  • United Arab Emirates: 68.4% one of the best in the world
  • Bahrain 65.8%
  • Morocco at 26.7 % is better than Switzerland and Lichtenstein

and so on as shown here.

Maybe, just a small maybe, it has nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with social justice, deprivation and possibly also social integration. And maybe the Germans are better at tackling these than UK?