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The conspiracy theorist you speak of; are these the people that were warning/predicting vaccine passports this time last year but were told they were delusional conspiracy theorists?

And the “science” you speak of; have you seen any? Have you bothered to carry out any of your own research, read any scientific papers, read/heard the opinion of other well qualified experts (some of whom are Nobel Prize winners) most of which are being professionally silenced and censored? Reasoned debate has been completed quashed, but there’s no conspiracy. Even the man who invented mRNA vaccines has been erased from history on Wikipedia and YT because he dared question and criticise the way it’s been used against Covid19.

Do just a smidgen of historical research and you’ll be shocked to find out how many “conspiracy theories” on various tipping points in history have now turned out to be perfectly accurate. Does the fact that you frequent this very website mean that there are some conspiracies you are willing to consider? You feel that governments, the judiciary and other institution can commit various atrocities and use their position to abase and abuse but would never do so when it came to peoples health?

There’s so much groupthink going on everyone has stopped thinking for themselves and are just content to be force feed whatever information “they” want people to digest. The majority of people just swallow it all whole without applying any critical thought whatsoever.

People who take the time and effort to find out things for themselves shouldn’t have to do your thinking for you. I really feel sorry for people that are not mentally independent. If you can’t see what’s plainly in front of your face, because you refuse to obtain information from any other source other than the BBC and other such corrupt MSM, there’s really no hope for you.

If you want to know the possible answers to your question go and look for it yourself, I’m fed up with wasting time and energy on people that continue to exist with their heads buried in the sand. And yes I do realise the irony of that last statement considering that’s exactly what I’m doing. I just had to get the issue of your ignorance of my chest.