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Strangely, if you looks at the share of variants in almost all cases in most european countries and USA are all delta variant but France it’s 43% share of positive cases with the alpha variant (p.1/Brazil) being 48%. Does this mean both are spreading or does it mean France is behind the curve in the propagation of delta? As in, they are about to get hit even harder as delta takes over from alpha.

“I just hope it doesn’t turn into fascism like it did in the 1930s.”

I fear we are almost there already.
Below is a quote from Caitlin Johnstone and I apologise to mods for posting the whole quote but I think it speaks volumes.

“I might actually end up moving away from using words like “capitalism” and “socialism”, because they have completely different meanings to people from different ideologies. Leftists understand what I mean by those words, but those to the right of me consistently misunderstand what I’m saying because of the way those words are used in their ideological circles. I could just use other words to describe the same stuff I’ve been talking about.

I run into people who think socialism is when the government does something authoritarian, or when the government does anything at all. I’ve been told that capitalism is when people do what they want to do (someone once literally told me hugs are capitalism), and that capitalism is anything that’s good. You can’t get around communication barriers that thick if you want to convey ideas to large numbers of people, and there’s not necessarily any reason to try to do it that way when I can instead just talk about economic injustice, how everyone should have enough, how systems where mass-scale human behavior is driven by profit-chasing will always lead to imperialism and ecocide, and how greatly people’s lives would be improved if there was democratic control in areas like the workplace.

I might stop using -ist and -ism words altogether, or use them sparingly, and just talk about the actual concepts without having to rely on any label which tries to capture them all. I already kind of do this, but I can do a much better job of it. I’ve never had a stimulating conversation with anyone who uses a lot of -ists and -isms anyway; mostly they just use it as a crutch to hide the fact that they don’t understand the individual components of the concepts being discussed.”

I don’t think there is a common “language” of communication between governments and the rest of us and between various groups of us. Objectively, the French government is trying to curtail the spread of the virus and its consequent detrimental effects on the public at large. Some of the public don’t see it that way. It’s not just in France; in Ireland and UK there are vociferous groups with the same sentiment albeit less impactful than in France for now. UK and Ireland are the two countries most accepting of the vaccinations and other measures according to the eurofund study I posted some time ago.

It’s a bizarre situation.