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“I stand by the fact that the pandemic has been greatly exaggerated…”

Steady on man. You have now converted an opinion to a ‘fact’. This to me smacks of Trumps ‘alternate facts’

If you read Naomi Klein’s ‘The Shock Doctrine’ where she discusses Disaster Capitalism, you will appreciate that an alternative explanation is that you do not need to exaggerate an adverse event but just to capitalize on it, and make it work for you. This to me is what has happened with the pandemic.

In fact when you look at your stance it coincides more with what the government has thought all along. They thought they will take it on the chin, at the expense of the elderly and weak in order to save capitalism and now it is out in the open. Whereas some Asian and south Pacific countries took the road to effectively contain the epidemic with strict and early isolation, Western Governments took the line of flattening the curve with half hearted measure, believing that this is better for the economy.

The fact that your present stance on the pandemic are closer to those of the right wingers in the government than to the majority scientific view seems to escape you.