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      There’s still what looks like a typo in this article. I mentioned it here: Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 14

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        Oh dear, that didn’t work! I posted the URL of my comment directly. In the main forum, that would simply display the URL. Evidently in this “Site technical issues and feedback” forum it doesn’t.

        I referred to comment #957807. I’ll try to copy it here, and hope that the formatting works OK:

        September 22, 2020 at 18:07

        “Smith then invited Grothoff to agree that when Wikileaks themselves published the full documents later on 2 September, it was more comprehensible and visible than earlier publications. Grothoff replied it was not more comprehensive, it was the same.”

        Should “comprehensible” be “comprehensive”?

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          Feel free to delete the comment from the main forum, whether or not it is accurate.

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            Hi Twirlip

            Yes, the discussion forum does behave differently to the BTL comments section. If you paste a plain text URL here, it tries to insert a snapshot of the page; but it only displays on certain browsers, depending on their privacy preferences.

            In general we prefer links to appear as hyperlinked text: on browsers with javascript enabled, highlight text, clink the “link” button and add the URL.

            I notified Craig about the issue you raised via email last night. As the text is quite ambiguous, it would be folly to modify it without consulting him. But he rarely responds to prompts. He should now be aware of the issue, but if he doesn’t feel it’s important enough to amend (or to ask moderators to amend on his behalf), then it will just remain as written (sic).

            Thanks for your eagle eyes. If you see anything else amiss, let us know in this forum.
            Mod B.

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