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104 thoughts on “Baby Born Purring

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  • Resident Dissident

    RoS Leave the humour to Baal – he does it rather better.

  • John Goss

    “You clearly didn’t read yesterday’s Guardian.”

    I’ve read it now. Sanitised and typical Guardian reporting. No mention of the women in blue and yellow flags making Molotov cocktails. Not mention that those locked in the building were most likely shot and raped by those wearing breathing apparatus, no mention of the pregnant woman’s screams as she was most likely being raped, no mention of the red arm bands the organisers used to identify themselves. No. It just tried to make the article read like the pro-Russians were equally to blame as the Right Sector fascists, not that it was a planned operation.

  • doug scorgie

    Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)
    3 May, 2015 – 6:20 pm

    “Don’t worry too much about Mr Scorgie. He used to be rather active on here; this continued for a while after I arrived; but now he appears to be in semi-retirement, emerging only occasionally to chirp up on behalf of one of his fellow Eminences.”
    “I view his withdrawal as a rather pleasing accomplishment.”


    Don’t flatter yourself Habbabkuk.

    I’ve been very busy on some under-cover work which has inevitably kept me away from my internet activities.

    However in the next few weeks I will be in a position to return and play an active part in Craig’s blog.

    I know you will be pleased about that.

  • doug scorgie

    Abe Rene
    3 May, 2015 – 6:36 pm

    “But she married her prince finally, so another happy ending.”

    Abe, I used to love fairy tales myself but I grew up.

    Perhaps you still believe in Santa?

  • Resident Dissident

    Perhaps you still believe in Santa?

    No but Mr Goss will if Putin tells him to do so.

  • Mary

    So funny.

    Backlash as republicans try to spoil royal party: Anger after BBC interviews anti-monarchy campaigner minutes before Kate left hospital
    Corporation received formal complaints for interviewing Graham Smith
    Came minutes before the Duchess of Cambridge was seen leaving hospital
    Viewers criticised the BBC for giving Mr Smith a platform after he insisted people were ‘sick and tired’ of the royal reporting
    BBC said birth is a ‘huge story’ in the UK and across the world and coverage reflects that including speaking to a range of different guests
    4 May 2015

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Surprise, surprise, the new princess is called Princess Charlotte, but most commenters seem not to know why.

    The last Princess Charlotte was George IV’s only surviving child who died in giving birth to another direct heir to the Throne, but it proved stillborn.

    Princess Charlotte ties up some loose bits of the Royal family.

  • Mary

    So it’s Princess Lottie then.

    Charlotte Elizabeth Diana to be precise. I am glad Diana’s name lives on.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    I’m glad that the name of Princess Lotte lives on because barrister Henry Brougham used her plight, and that of her mother, the Princess Consort, to attack the moronic House of Hanover and its Tory supporters to promote parliamentary, democratic government.

  • Mary

    I read that Sky News announced the infant’s name to a background of violin music. A wit on Medialens asked:

    ‘Was it Heir On A G string?’

  • Mary

    When they stop taking money from the British taxpayers, they can have as much privacy as they want.

    Kate And William Issue Warning Over Privacy
    As the Cambridges retreat to the country to bond with baby Charlotte, police distribute letters warning against “harassment”.

    07 May 2015


    I liked this one. Are the in-laws being paid?

    Carole moves in – as a Royal housekeeper! Kate’s parents take over after staff quit at William and Kate’s Norfolk mansion
    Housekeepers Amy and Colin Wood left Anmer Hall, Norfolk, last month
    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been looking for new staff
    Carole and Michael Middleton moved in to their daughter’s home to help
    Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth to her second child in April
    By Charlotte Griffiths, Diary Editor For The Mail On Sunday
    Published: 00:14, 8 March 2015

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