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  • RobG

    Craig, I know you’re on the left of official SNP policy and don’t agree with a lot of it (and please correct me if I’m wrong with that). I believe part of official SNP policy is to retain the monarchy in an independent Scotland, and to have a referendum on the royalty issue at a later date?

    But what the feck, enjoy the next five days or so of the election campaign. It’s a truly momentous moment in the history of these islands.

    Dare I use the phrase: ‘a very British coup’.

    And what’s going to happen in Westminster next week will also be fascinating.

  • John Goss

    “Baby born purring”.

    I’m sure they will probably call her Cat, or Catherine, or Caitlin, or Kathleen, or more likely Kate.

    I think I understand why you’ve started a new thread on the same subject when you could have added this as a comment. You’ve thought about it. And I approve. Even though your many readers will miss out on the Royal poem. 🙂

  • Mary

    They are moving out of London as they probably do not want the bratz mixing at nursery school with the offspring of the crooks and oligarchs who inhabit Kensington and Chelsea. Later the infants will be packed off to boarding schools.

    Daddy William is not going to work until June 1.

    Royal baby: Duke of Cambridge gets six weeks paternity leave after finishing air ambulance training early
    Prince William will no longer have to worry about dashing back to London from Norwich for royal baby’s birth as he is off work until June 1

    Does he get paid? Do they claim child benefit? 🙂

  • craig Post author

    John Goss

    Oh it’s just because the last one annoyed a lot of people so I thought I’d do it again.

  • Anon1

    Scotland will always be part of the UK. They simply haven’t got it in them. I’d make another bet with you but you won’t pay up like the last time.

  • Becky Cohen

    On the subject of paternity leave; so many companies pat themselves on the back now by citing this as an example of their egalitarian approach to gender issues yet please do bear in mind just how ironic it is that if a female co-worker is providing cover she’ll most likely be doing it for 17 per cent less than her male colleague gets.

  • Anon1

    “Oh it’s just because the last one annoyed a lot of people so I thought I’d do it again.”

    Top trolling, Craig. Check the prvious thread – a little pretend royalist sycophancy has got them into paroxysms of rage. Result!

  • fedup

    a little pretend royalist sycophancy

    Back pedalling is ye another facet that none of the goyim have worked out yet.

  • John Goss

    I guessed that Craig.

    Not too many more though. Or they will think you’re really pleased at the birth, which as you said is no more important than the many Palestinians, Iraqis, Libyans, Ukrainians, Afghanistans, Pakistanis and others killed extra-judicially.

  • Puzzled

    What has been kept a closely guarded secret all these years is that the sauds are major investors in ALL six zio MSM outfits including murdochs Faux, where he could afford to easily write off the £300m NOWT in one fell swoop, before the hacking scandal came close to the Conservative party. Whilst Coulson may be in purdah until the election date, murdoch has enough hacking blackmail on Cameron to force him to backpedal on any Iran P5+1 deal AFTER the election. War is coming if the Cons win the election.

    CMs resident zio canaries (of the geopolitical coalmine) and cooters have given us a hint,the lithuanians are already purring about the new royal arrival, in the hope the Queen will then purr an assent for war. It figures.

  • Anon1

    Well if they’re investing in murdochs faux then they’re investing in the SNP. Fucking awful isn’t it? Saudi money being pumped into Alex Salmond’s fat arse to lobby for News Corp. Stone the crows.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    This one is for your Habbie Bloke..who doesn’t seem to believe I have a Girlfriend.

    He thinks I am making it all up…

    Well Tony Might Have a Blow Up Doll

    But No Way Could I Be Writing The Truth…

    Just as it is..

    So why aren’t you two out tonight…its a long weekend

    “Faithless – Insomnia – Live at Glastonbury 2002”


    Last Sunday Afternoon My Lancashire Girlfriend turned up..and had travelled across London On The Bus wearing pink shorts..incredibly sexy legs and a T_Shirt..that Even I didn’t approve of…I am not going to say what it said in Very Large Letters….

    But She’s Like That..Fortunately She also Had a Black Leather Jacket..Girl..Yes ..My Wife and I love You To Fck…

    But Please Don’t Do That….

    She is a Professional Mon-Friday

    At The Weekend..She is Herself

    Might see her tomorrow…Please Don’t Come Like That Again

    Well O.K if you want…

    (think a little tiny version of Lara Croft with blonde hair)

    once she witnessed a street fight between two local kids…by herself…she said to him lying in the gutter with blood flowing everywhere…

    “Look You Fck Off Now”..”Go I am a Nurse…You Will Either let Me Save His Life..Or I Will Have You For Murder”…(Do you Want To Have a Go at Me Too???)

    She Tears Bits off her Pretty Dress and Stems The Flood Calls The Police and Ambulance and walks in The Late Pub..looking rather distressed..runs upstairs to clean up…and I ask what just happened?

    I Love Her To Bits as Does My Wife.

    We’ve Known Her For Years..Sometimes she comes on holiday with us…

    I Call Her My Sis

    Just a Family Friend..from Lancashire Too.


  • Abe Rene

    I predict that the new Princess will get a first-rate education beginning with an upbringing by devout and loving parents, as good as anyone on planet Earth could ask for – and that the UK will be around long after your bones are buried.
    Vive la Reine !!!

  • Anon1


    I agree. I would place a bet with Craig that the UK outlasts him but it would only give him an excuse not to pay up.

  • lysias

    Is Prince Harry aware who killed his mother? If he ever becomes king, there may be some shaking up.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    03/05/2015 12:02am

    Why Prince Harry and not Prince William? They had the same mother.

    Kind regards,


  • OldMark

    Would those of Craig’s followers who’ve squirmed at the BBC’s coverage of the arrival of the latest Royal sprog join me in signing this petition ?


    The petition should also appeal to those who despair of the Beeb’s coverage of the Scottish independence debate, our relations with the EU, and the renewal of the Trident submarine fleet.

  • CanSpeccy

    Those who despise the monarchy as a nest of useless parasites might ask themselves which of the following sets of feeders at the public trough have contributed the most to the people of Britain and the world or, alternatively, have done to the people of Britain and the world the most harm?

    On the one hand: QEII, who performs most conscientiously the surely often utterly tedious responsibilities of Britain’s head of state; Lady Di, an ardent campaigner against land mines; and Prince William, a full-time air ambulance pilot.

    And on the other hand: Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch protegé, war-criminal, agent of Saudi oil, adviser to megabank JP Morgan, PR man to central Asian tyrants, etc., etc., Jimmy Saville of the Buggering British Children Corp., and senile old Lord Janner.

  • LordSnooty

    Never mind, according to the Mailygraph we now have “The Princess the nation had longed for”.

  • S Paterson

    Craig I can’t get my head around why anyone would make such hellish expletives about a new born baby. That’s just utterly awful and NOT the Scottish way at all. PLEASE cut it out.

    You are NOT helping the cause for Scottish Independence Craig by using these kinds of remarks. The Scots don’t hate English people at all (feel VERY sorry for them in fact being lumbered ŵith the over 100 year numpty trio other than Labours innovative post war policies). We just detest Westminster and the House of Lords more than the English because we have been exploited, discredited and demoralised over and over again.

    More than anything we love our children and ALL new born babies, adore them in fact, whether they be Scottish, English, Welsh or Irish. Scots in fact love ALL children especially those who are suffering in ALL countries around the World.

    We all have mixed feelings about the Royal Family. You may choose to castigate Princess Margaret but the Queen has worked her butt off for over 60 years now and brings millions into the Treasury coffers every year.

    I’m TOTALLY sick and tired of corporate greed. The UK being in the top four of the most inequitable countries in the civilised World. UK fat cats being FAR greedier the ALL of the EU fat cats. THAT SUMS IT UP FOR ME. I’m sick and tired of this ‘class thing’ that still permeate UK society (including the Royal Family).

    And yes we are all very aware of Scottish and (versus) English history and all that entails. Let’s just take it a day or year at a time now, in a most civilised way, and we’ll get there: our Independence without cursing anyone especially a new born baby.

  • Johnstone

    John S D
    Yes, same mother but what about father? might that be where the difference lies

  • KingOfWelshNoir

    Lines not composed upon Westminster Bridge

    Oh what a glorious day has dawned
    The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha has spawned!
    Ring the bells, fire some shells
    I’m so happy I could invade someone.

    Oh what a glorious day has dawned
    The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha has spawned!
    Let’s hunt some fox and cull some badgers
    Cringe and fawn to this family of cadgers

    I’m so happy I sent caviar to the food bank

    Oh what a glorious day has dawned
    The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha has spawned!
    Ring the bells, let’s have feast
    Let’s invade the Middle East

    What a great day for forelock tuggers
    Flunkeys, monkeys and Establishment buggers

    Oh what a glorious day has dawned
    The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha has spawned!
    The BBC thinks we’re in North Korea
    I wish we had regime change here

  • craig Post author

    S Paterson

    You don’t seem to have very mixed feelings about the Royal Family at all – and unlike you, I do actually know the Queen, and have worked with her. The stuff about her workload is absolute nonsense.

    I am referring to rules that go back long before she became very old. Did you know she must never start work before 10am? Must never give more than one speech a day? (Usually just three or four minutes long, and all she has to do is read it out, which she doesn’t do very well). She is very protected indeed from work – you have just swallowed all the propaganda – and has extremely long total holidays from it. I repeat, I am talking of a system that goes back long before she became aged.

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