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  • John Spencer-Davis

    03/05/2015 7:37 am

    If Charles is not Harry’s father then he has no right of succession in any case.

    Kind regards,


  • craig Post author


    DNA is starting to reveal exactly what common sense would tell you, that there have been numerous bastards breaking the ludicrous “chain of royal succession” through the centuries. The possession of Richard III’s bones was most revealing. As for Harry Hewitt…

  • Mary

    Not many babies are born purring in Gaza. I can remember writing to my MP, then in opposition, at one critical time there when mothers there were giving birth without access to anaesthesia or to any drugs at all. I asked for intervention by our FCO. The reply I received was both heartless and cruel. They did not care and would not help.

    A new flotilla to Gaza is being planned. This is by e-mail ref a talk to Camden PSC.

    ‘Thanks once again for inviting me last night and for your hospitality. I look forward to working with you over the coming period and will of course keep you abreast on developments especially as we prepare to sail for Gaza. Should you or others like to donate towards the campaign, as mentioned we are principally directing people towards in our partners in Sweden: https://shiptogaza.se/en/donate

    Here is a paragraph or two that you could edit/modify and include in an appeal to your email list and post to FB re my presentation to you:

    James from the International Committee to Break the Siege of Gaza http://www.breakgazasiege.org recently addressed a meeting of Camden PSC. After contextualising the situation for the Palestinian people in Gaza and the history of the flotilla movement, he outlined plans for Freedom Flotilla III (www.freedom flotilla.org) which is preparing to sail within the next few months. He urged financial and political support for the forthcoming Flotilla, to help end the Israeli naval blockade of the Palestinians in Gaza, a people already suffering from war, destruction of infrastructure, homelessness and siege.

    Political support can be provided in a variety of ways including increasing awareness amongst friends, your community and prominent people with influence, all of whom can exert pressure on the British Government to act to assist these unarmed ships with their innocent passage to Palestine. To make a donation towards one of the ships, which will challenge the blockade http://www.shiptogaza.se/en/donate

    For more information or assistance, if you want a speaker, or to get involved with the Campaign Team, email contact {at} breakgazasiege.org

    Here are some links that I used last night and one re the Mini arks that I didn’t.

    Gaza’s Ark sailing after sabotage
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sZ09dDN954&feature=youtu.be190 mini-arche salpano dal porto di Gaza lanciate dai bambini

    Drone flight over Gaza – Remembering Shujayea

    Other historical information re Gaza’s Ark including pictures are available at http://www.gazaark.org



    Gaza. Gaza. Don’t you cry
    We will never let you die.

    Palestine is the hinge of humanity.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    03/05/2015 8:45am

    Yes, I do appreciate the point, and the irony is delicious. Most of all, it demonstrates the ludicrousness of the idea of “royal blood”.

    The reality is, of course, that it makes not a blind bit of difference to the present situation. Which it should. Wouldn’t it be amusing if the whole Royal Family was deposed on unassailable scientific evidence?

    Kind regards,


  • Tom

    It’s not the baby’s fault but the publicity-hungry royal family, and the fawning media desperate for their favours and gongs.
    The answer is to ignore it and ignore them, rather than wishing ill on a baby.

  • fwl

    Tony – great story about George the I Ching and Still My Guitar Gently weeps. John, you were right that Thomas is no church ordained saint, but we were far more generous with our definition of saints in Wales even if that made some of them hereditary.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    03/05/2015 9:12 am

    Craig wished no ill to the baby, he specifically said he did not. His choice of words was intemperate and inappropriate.

    Kind regards,


  • Mary

    Sky News which was dire yesterday with non stop drivel from the likes of the harpy Kay Burley et al, is today re-running most of their coverage. The sycophancy was sickening!

    Marr OTOH is full steam on pollyticks this morning. Cleggover, Cooper and Farage. Yuck.
    Papers full of photos of you know who are reviewed by 1. Matthew Parris and 2.Gaby Hinsliff. Who? 1. An ex Tory MP and now a scribbler for the Times* and 2. Scribbler from the Guardian and ex Times and Mail.

    On 8 July 2011 on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions, at the height of the furore surrounding the alleged illegal and corrupt activities of News of the World journalists, Parris eulogised the newspaper and gave an enthusiastic appreciation of what he considered the virtues and positive achievements of Rupert Murdoch.[14]

    His partner Julian Glover was a Cameron speech writer and is now a SPAD in the Ministry of Transport.

    ex http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Parris

  • John Spencer-Davis

    03/05/15 9:16 am

    Maybe so, but what I was pointing out was that in common parlance the Gospel of Thomas is what the document is called.

    Kind regards,


  • Anon1

    Perhaps a contingent of ugly, snarling SNP activists should be sent down to shout “scum, scum, Scum, SCUM” at the baby girl?

  • Mary

    Their latest oeuvres.

    Amazing that 1200 words on coffee shops can be churned out. World shattering stuff. Greatly affects the present condition. Not.

    Power to the baristas. How this coffee shop revolution can benefit everyone
    Gaby Hinsliff
    23 April 2015
    Pret a Manger’s empowerment of its low-paid staff may have a cynical side, but it should still serve as an example to other industries

    Get Cameron! The Tory right is out for blood
    Opinion Matthew Parris
    2 May 2015
    In the end, there are only hunches. In the end it will all be about mood, about expectations, about momentum. Numbers matter of course — and more about arithmetic later on — but so do human responses to numbers. David Cameron’s moment of maximum vulnerability will arrive very soon and I find myself this weekend less certain than I was at the campaign’s start that he will make it through, but still hopeful and increasingly fearful of the consequences should he fail.

  • pete fairhurst

    “The possession of Richard III’s bones was most revealing. As for Harry Hewitt…”


    Are you implying that Richard III’s bones have been DNA tested? Do tell us more please. Hell will freeze over before any of our living Saxe Coburg Gothas submit to any DNA testing I expect. It would blow them out of the water

  • craig Post author


    I don’t wish ill to any baby. But it is going to have a remarkably privileged life irrespective of what I think anyway.

  • craig Post author

    My words are very very seldom intemperate. It was a well considered riposte to the absolute deluge of Royalist propaganda to which we are currently subjected.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    03/05/2015 9:56am

    It they were thought out, then they were doubly inappropriate.

    You could say what you had to say without calling a new-born baby a “little tosspot”.

    I think the headline was fine.

    Kind regards,


  • pete fairhurst

    Thanks John.

    The results are interesting aren’t they. The “infidelity surprise” should not be so surprising really though. Given the known sexual mores of our exalted sovereigns over the centuries. Including the current bunch of course.

    Come to think of it, given the law of succession, and the importance of possession of the correct genes, and the royals known sexual habits, shouldn’t all royal’s be DNA tested to prove their provenance? Logically they should of course, but I doubt that you’ll ever read that proposition in our legislature any time soon.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Pete Fairhurst
    03/05/15 10:10am

    You are welcome. Yes, of course they should, immediately. If the hereditary principle is so important, as has been emphasized for centuries, and is still relied upon today, then the fact that we now have the technology available to prove heredity beyond doubt should be a matter for rejoicing, if people are serious about it.

    No-one will touch DNA testing with a bargepole (viz: Prince Harry) which demonstrates what a ridiculous sham it all is.

    Kind regards,


  • Mary

    The BBC home page just now! Yards of the stuff……..

    Princess spends first night at home
    Newly-born daughter of Duke and Duchess
    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spend the first night with their new baby daughter at Kensington Palace, as news of the princess’s name is awaited.
    plus photo

    From the section UK

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    The spares who became heirs

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    Royal family tree
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    Princes William and George
    Video 0:57

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    Prince George arrives to meet sister
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    Katrien Grobler and town crier Tony Appleton

    Views from the Lindo wing and beyond
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    Global media reaction
    Video 0:54

    Video 0:54
    How global media reported royal birth


    Prince William and Catherine welcome baby girl
    Video 3:20

    Video 3:20
    Royal princess: How the day unfolded

    2 May 2015
    Full article Royal princess: How the day unfolded

    Woman with Union flag jacket and William and Kate rosette
    Video 3:00

    Video 3:00
    Royal fan: ‘I camped for 11 days’

    2 May 2015
    Full article Royal fan: ‘I camped for 11 days’

    Party leaders
    Video 1:35
    Party leaders: Royal baby great news
    2 May 2015
    The Papers

    Star and people front pages

    How the press greeted the royal baby
    Sunday’s newspaper front pages are a riot of pink, with many using the same picture of the new princess. Only the Observer and the Independent on Sunday stick to a political lead.

    4 hours ago


    It is unbearable.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Blimey, Mary, leave it out: isn’t it bad enough everywhere else?

    Kind regards,


  • Rose

    Let’s not dwell on it; we all know it’s nonsense and in Grownupland this particular turn in the great Bread and Circuses Show should be treated with silence.

    Stuff like this is a diversion from the real struggle for peace justice and freedom and by engaging in any of it (like I am now!) is a waste of time.

    Didn’t like your choice of language Craig in the first post, but had a good laugh at KOWN’S pome.

  • Giyane

    “I don’t wish ill to any baby. But it is going to have a remarkably privileged life irrespective of what I think anyway.”

    My brother in law has an English partner and their sprogs are blonde. The 2 year old boy submits himself for being kissed, talked with and cuddled by an auntie he has never seen before.

    That is priveledge, not being dressed by nannies for 4 oclock tea with mummy and sent away to boarding schools for long absences from family and home.

    Or are you just grinding your election organ, talking balls?

  • Resident Dissident

    “Let’s not dwell on it; we all know it’s nonsense and in Grownupland this particular turn in the great Bread and Circuses Show should be treated with silence.”

    I don’t think Mary is listening – too busy unintentionally building up support for the Monarchy.

  • Villager

    John Spencer-Davis
    3 May, 2015 – 10:23 am
    “Blimey, Mary, leave it out: isn’t it bad enough everywhere else?”

    I was just about to ask you, John, whether you were enjoying that shower of cut-and-pissed?

    I think you’re getting the drift. The woman is utterly, irrevocably unhinged.

    Over to John Goss, Macky and Node now to the rescue.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    03/05/2015 11:13am

    Well, while we’re on the subject, perhaps you could leave out your endless pseudo-spiritual psychobabble from Krishnamurti.

    Kind regards,


  • nevermind

    ” The woman is utterly, irrevocably unhinged.”

    Says who? Is that the nonchalance of krishnamurti speaking through his erstwhile medium?

    What a way to speak of a commoner who has just given birth.

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