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I posted in detail about how on moving I muddled my Council Tax and was astonished at the speed with which Edinburgh City Council set the bailiffs upon me. Through my local MP I have now received clarification that Edinburgh City Council take people to court as soon as their payment is 42 days late.

I find that absolutely incredible. People are human, they make mistakes, they may be temporarily short of cash. I cannot think of any other body that is so aggressive in subjecting people to the judicial system for a small delay. No commercial company would dream of taking people to court for just being 42 days late, the utility companies and banks would in fact not to be allowed to do so by regulators and the inland revenue certainly are much less predatory.

Do not misunderstand me. People should pay their tax, on time. I tried to pay mine 46 days late for which I apologise and am happy to accept a late payment penalty. But I can think of absolutely no reason why it was necessary to take me to court for paying my Council Tax in May instead of April.

Actually I can think of one reason – to make enormous money for Scott & Co, the bailiffs. I tried to pay by online direct debit on 25 May, not knowing that on 19 May Edinburgh Council had already referred me to court. My payment appeared accepted and I got a confirmation number from Edinburgh City Council. Three days later, on 28 May, they obtained a court warrant against me. Edinburgh City Council have not taken any payment from my direct debit and they refuse to take any payment from my direct debit. They both refuse to take the payment and at the same time continue to harass me for non-payment.

The reason is they have no interest in collecting my tax. What they want is to make money for Scott & Co., a private company owned by an extremely wealthy husband and wife partnership. I cannot now pay Edinburgh City Council but have to make the payment to this private company including their exorbitant fees.

I have no objection to paying any late penalty to Edinburgh City Council, but when any City Council in Scotland is primarily interested in channeling money to a private company and making millionaire parasites richer, then I look at the size of the houses and value of the cars of councillors, ex-councillors, and senior officials and I ponder, deeply.

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172 thoughts on “Attack of the Bailiffs

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    It might be true. I don’t know..but without Serious Significant Independent Verifiaction from different numerous Independent Witnesses I don’t believe a word…


    But Sometimes They Do It For Real

    How’s Your Brain Programming Coming Along….

    Incidentally My Wife and Kids have been to all these countries and India…often almost immediately after a Terrorist Incident (it gets dead cheap then)

    Yes, they had soldiers on the beach with machine guns…and in Egypt we had to go through Airport Style Security Scanners just to get in the hotel..but not from The Beach…and My wife an I thing what the Fuck…and go for a very long walk whilst our kids are Scuba Diving..You are Now Passing The Controlled Tourist Border….and we Both Think Thank Fuck For That..We want to meet some Real Berbers and get invited into their tent…like last time…


  • giyane

    Your and my councils’ collective mistakes, like investing our money in Iceland bank ponzi schemes, were taken with advice from the highest echelons of global business advisors.

    Who were totally and utterly incorrect. But who were /are far too important and high ever to be incorrect.

    So logically it follows that you and I must pay the heavy cost of our tiny little mistakes, in order to balance the books. is that about right?

  • giyane

    Some of those too big and important advisors were also Bilderbergers. I’m thinking of the penknife a certain Bilderberger used to cut through the Gordian Knot viz the UK recapitalising most of its failed banks.

  • Fi

    It’s ridiculous that it should have been ratcheted up to this level on this timescale. You maybe see corruption as part of the problem Craig? I hope I haven’t misunderstood you on that. I see a stupid ideology. I would bet that not a single soul in the council is making anything our of this. It all fits into the prevaling ideology started under Thatcher and carried on by New Labour that hamstrings all public services by obliging them to meet mandatory targets but doesn’t allow them to own anything in the name of shrinking government. Everything has to be sourced out under this model, even when some types of sourcing out are actually impoverishing councils and lead to raised council taxes.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    If you don’t understand that there is a Massive Economic Attack on Everyone in Europe Directed From The Psychopaths in Washington – Under The Banner That it is a Massive Economic Attack on Russia and a Military attack on the People of Eastern Ukraine…Then You Don’t Understand ANYTHING…

    Are You European Leaders So STUPID…or are You All just working for the USA/Neocons/Tel Aviv Psychopaths

    You Certainly Do Not Seem To Have Any Courage..And You Are Not Representing The People of Europe..

    From The Center of an Informed America (and I have been following Dave McGowan for well he was one of the few who got 9/11 on Day 1) It took me 18 months. Craig Murray claims to have never got there…but he ain’t dead yet..

    “The Boston Marathon Bombings: Fully Exposed
    (Formerly titled The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down)”

    Craig Murray Thinks He is a Globalist and One of Them??

    FFS He ain’t that Thick?

    So wtf is going on?

    Woolwich is Too Dangerous – ask Chris Spivey.

    Wake Up Sheep – You are Being Played…Just Like in George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

    And You Slag Off and Ban Me.


  • giyane

    Whereas previously the basket cases of financial management were supported by bubble of Thatcher rubbish, after the crash the basket full of basket cases of the Tory government is apparently being held aloft on its own without any support from any balloon or bubble of highly important advice.

    What is supporting it one is tempted to ask if not a good run on arms caused by USUKIS originated conflict in Africa and the Middle-East and a sectarian war funded by the richest country on earth.

    If Frank Garbage Gardner says it was USUKIS’ ISIS that blew the ceiling of a Kuwaiti mosque onto the worshippers who were in sajdah/prostration in Friday prayers, then it must be right. i think little weed, retired General George Petraus, might know something about it. Bobop little weed. Bobop. Bobop.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Listen Craig Murray..If you aqre getting skint..stick a Paypal button on your website…Even Orlov did that, and although he thinks he knows about Peak Oil and all the rest…he does write some stuff quite brilliantly.

    And no I did not try to educate him with the raw physics and maths that proves that Oil is not a Fossil Fuel

    Some people didn’t actually do physics and maths to that level.

    I rejected Religion and Did – not that it will convince anyone who didn’t

    (Far too much money involved)

    We used to do some work for these guys in Houston (their computers weren’t quite up to it)


  • Simply the worst

    In the interest of maintaining the gravitas of this blog can we have a button that habbabreaks anon1 and similar devils. They can enjoy their sofa overlooking Gaza but we dont really want any part of their narrative here,we are all je suis BDS now.

  • technicolour

    KOWN – yes, thanks. I wouldn’t use the term ‘underclass’. Would you?

  • fwlster

    Tony 27 June 3:12 am gives some useful advice about bailiffs i.e. keep them out. If possible negotiate with the creditor not the bailiff.

    I think all negotiators will have learnt some new tricks from the Greeks this week. Cameron is going to have a hard act to follow. Anyway, Craig just say to the bailiff – go away and if you have a proposal then I will put it to a family vote and revert.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    If anyone has any suggestions about how to avoid this fate, I (and, I suspect, others too) would greatly appreciate them.

    I’ve tried to contact the writer of the script to see if he is aware of the problem. Could be that WordPress in its infinite majesty and wisdom decided that it didn’t like subversive scripts from other sources running in its pure environment and complained to Grease Monkey. Or that someone just wiped it. So far I haven’t come up with an alternative, but WordPress fans may have better information.

    If I have to look at the mad spamming (expletive’s) offerings again, I may well just go away and leave it to snigger.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Sorry, this is also O/T, but I think the issue is immediate:

    If anyone was savvy/prescient enough to turn OFF Auto-Update on Habbabreak, they may well find it is still functioning. An update was used to remove it from Firefox. Something might then be salvaged for the rest. Can you let me know please?

  • Bert

    There has been much speculation in Birmingham to the effect that many palms have been crossed with much silver, but, just as Craig does not say it but leaves it to the reader to conclude just what it is that Craig ‘ponders’, no-one ever says it down here either.


  • lysias

    Untermensch shares with underclass the fact that it is a relatively recent neologism formed with the Germanic unter/under prefix.

    Wikipedia says that Untermensch in the sense in which the Nazis used it was coined by the American racist Lothrop Stoddard, who had a great influence on Hitler and the Nazis, who then adopted the word wholesale. It is an obvious antonym to Nietsche’s Übermensch .

    Underclass, on the other hand, seems to have been coined, at least in English, by the leftist Swedish economist and sociologist Gunnar Myrdal. The use of an under- (instead of sub-) prefix has a definite Germanic flavoring, at least in English. After Myrdal, the word was picked up by many other scholars and writers, many of them on the right.

  • nevermind

    Well I’m looking forward to Craig standing for the council, what would we be without trying to stop and reverse this bailiff scam.

    First action could be to introduce the rule that no court hearing/ action can be assumed, but must actually commence. If the person in front of court is not present, s/he could/would be held to account in absentia. At least that way nobody could moan and the current bailiffs would actually have to do something for their money.

  • John Goss

    Habbabkuk (la vita è bella) 26 Jun, 2015 – 5:44 pm

    I half agree with you. The ‘cunts’ who broke into the garage and stole the motorbike are the guilty ones and nobody would blame the insurance companies for that crime. The insurance companies are to blame for another crime, that of lining their pockets from usurious terms and conditions that mean a young hard-working minor cannot afford to take out cover for fire and theft. But he still has to pay £1,800 per annum for his insurance. Pretty sick, eh?

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