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165 thoughts on “Tunisian Attack

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  • Mary

    Alcycone So condemn other Arab nations, including the rich ones who we and the US arm, but leave Israel alone so that they can continue to torment the Palestinians. The torment has lasted 67 years.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “Even now if the ‘Royal Arab regimes” were to give a toss, they might change the balance of power very rapidly. But why would they want to risk the domino effect?” Alcyone, 8:19am today.


    To be fair though (just for a moment), some years ago King Abdullah did draw up a plan whereby there would be a Palestinian state and all Arab countries simultaneously would recognise Israel. I know that whatever we may think or say, Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat did come close to agreement in 2000. Both sides’ concern about their supporters/opponents at home helped to scupper that possibility. And sadly, all of that’s out the window now.

  • Alcyone

    Yes Suhayl, means it can be done again, but not sure whether the present Saudi regime’s position. Also I imagine a lot will depend on the next US President unless Obama can pull a rabbit out of a hat.

  • Mary

    The benevolent USA.

    Thu May 14, 2015
    U.S. delivers Humvees, patrol boat to Tunisia to boost security


    The United States delivered 52 Humvee military vehicles and a patrol boat to Tunisia on Thursday to help it fight jihadists and tighten control over its coast, U.S. embassy said.

    Since a 2011 uprising that toppled Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, Tunisia has had a much less turbulent transition toward democracy than its North Africa neighbors, especially Libya.


    Any Navy Seals or SBS operatives around last Friday?

  • Mary

    Will there will be post mortems and inquests for each victim? Who is the pathologist chosen? Section 17A rules? The ballistics are very important obviously.

    Reminder that 38 of the 7/7 victims had no inquest.

    Ah! I see on the state broadcaster’s website

    ‘A single inquest into all the British deaths will be opened by the West London coroner.’

    So all OK then.

  • Nick Turner

    What happened to the Kirsty thread?

    [ Mods: It was removed at the request of family members. ]

  • Mary

    30 of the 38 people killed were British according to the Tunisian health authorities.

  • Mary

    BBC again with the solo gunman meme.

    ‘Tunisia’s interior ministry spokesman, Mohamed Ali Laroui, said preliminary investigations indicated that all the bullets recovered from the dead and injured had come from the same weapon, suggesting only one gunman had been involved.’

    That’s quick off the mark. Surely not removing bullets from bodies? That is an offence – tampering with evidence.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Why do the Tunisian authorities appear to be holding to this untenable account of a single actual gunman? Might it be because there was some potentially embarassing connection b/w the hard state and some of the gunmen? They have already asserted that two other men (not gunemne, allegedly) were involved in some way, i.e that there has been a conspiracy. It cannot be because of the effect on the tourist industry – it would make no difference and the Bardo Museum attack is acknowledged already to have involved multiple assailants. It seems pointless to fly in the face of all these eye-witness accounts and even most of the MSM (except the BBC), unless there was something fishy with some of te gunmen, something the spooks in Tunisia do not want revealed. What might that be? It is a key point, actually, not because of it per se, but because the apparaent attempt to cover it up might suggest other dynamics.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Tunisians make up the largest known contingent of foreign fighters in ISIS. Are elements in the Tunisian Govt or state apparatus complicit with this process of sending paramilitary cadres to Iraq/Syria? Might the gunmen’s backstories tell us something of this process? Just a guess, might be wildly off. But remember the Moazzam Begg trial in the UK suddenly being halted by the spooks here. Why? Are our spooks helping to send cadres to the Fertile Crescent? Are Tunisia’s spooks doing the same? Who knows? Someone does.

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