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    Pigeon English


    Romania is much worst by infections and deaths!

    On 20 mil population they have 500-550 deaths

    Hungary had one day that number but 7 day averige is not even close to that number.

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    Pigeon English

    One I am wondering is Ireland.

    High vaccination % and yet quite high deaths to the size!

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    michael norton

    Yesterday Greece claimed its highest number of covid positive cases of the pandemic.
    Other than the U.K. and Germany, there seems to be a divide between Western Europe and Eastern Europe.
    We know Russia is doing rather badly but also Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, and some parts of the Former Yugoslavia.
    But Spain, Italy and France post ludicrously low figures, quite frankly, just not believable?

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    michael norton

    The other day a man flying from Istanbul, Turkey to Germany was found dead on arrival.
    He had been double vaccinated but had tested positive for covid.
    How come he was able to fly?
    It has been said, the dead man was born in Russia.
    This is disturbing.

    The Economy of the E.U. is not doing very well.
    The U.K. is the stand out state that has, now, decided to forget about covid restrictions and fully go with herd immunity.
    The U.K. is sealing deals, here there and almost everywhere, especially AUKUS, which has incensed Macron.
    The E.U. Elite are looking to the British Experiment to see how it runs.
    They are also extremely fearful of the U.K. bouncing back more quickly than the rule-bound E.U.

    It is known that almost no countries in the E.U. undertake as much covid testing as is undertaken by the U.K.

    I think that perhaps, some in Western Europe are so concerned about their economic malaise that they are not testing because they do not want to find?
    What they do not want is for the U.K. too look good while they look bad.
    Voters might begin to see the E.U. as loser in this race for World trade.
    Hence the manic ravings of Macron.

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    There is a good article here by Paul Mason which addresses the discussions in this thread. Basically the argument is that both climate change and covid have confronted liberal capitalism with major dilemmas showing the inherent failure of capitalism and individualism in a highly interdependent society. Governments have to act on behalf of the majority, not for the profit of the minority. If our own local resident covid deniers realize the extent of the cognitive dissonance this is creating, they might pause to think as to where in the political spectrum does their allegiance lie. I like Paul’s analogy to the Virgilian circles of hell because it shows how self appointed pundits are all part of a continuum and the highest circle lend credence to the lowest most ignorant one.

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    michael norton

    As we have been saying for weeks, Russia and Eastern Europe are doing very badly, now too, Germany.

    “Germany’s public health body reported a record-high number of COVID-19 cases on Thursday.

    The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) said 33,949 new cases had been registered in the last 24 hours, up from 28,037 daily cases a week ago. The previous record was 33,777 new cases on 18 December 2020.

    Federal health minister Jens Spahn is set to meet with state health ministers to discuss how to limit the virus’ spread ahead of the winter as intensive care units in hospitals fill up and infections in children surge.”

    The WHO are very worried about Europe and covid, they think Europe is having very high numbers, even though 3/4 of people in most European countries have been vaccinated.

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    Pigeon English

    M N

    Country bigger than UK rapports 30000 + cases a day while UK is having about 40000 for days.

    I really don’t understand why you love extremes?! what is the latest Bulgaria number?

    Romania according to worldometers had again about 440 deaths a day.

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    Deaths and hospitalisations in UK are still rising but the rate of rise is slowing as the case rates fall. I suspect that is the lag between case rate changes and other parameters. As long as case rates continue to fall in UK, which is not guaranteed, it looks like things are improving and hopefully the UK is headed out of this wave. In Ireland and Germany (and other countries) case rates are rising and likely the other parameters will also rise in time, reflecting the lag.

    What is apparent is that there are fewer deaths from the number of cases than before whch is more than likely the effects of vaccinations along with improved protocols in patient clinical management for those who are hospitalised. That is a positive direction.

    However, we stll don’t fully know what the effects of “long covid” or other health implications of covid will be. There is still a lot we don’t understand yet.

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    michael norton

    Some proff was on Radio Four this morning being fed basic questions.
    I do not understand why the interviewer could not let him tell it like he wanted to.
    It was delivered in bullet format.
    So much more information could have been had from this proff had he been allowed to speak rather than quick fire semi moronic questions.

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    michael norton

    Well, now Germany has edged into the lead in the E.U.
    Yesterday they claimed 45,410 covid positive cases, and 244 new deaths.
    So Germany is certainly now in the forefront of daily cases in the E.U.

    but perhaps, this is by far the highest daily cases they have ever posted.
    Add to which they do not currently have an effective government.
    Also to remember that each of the German states has its own covid rules.

    The second highest number was posted for the November 5th this year but this latest figure is ten thousand more than the 5th, so very steeply upward.

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    michael norton

    As well as a fairly high vaccine hesitancy in Germany, there is a lack of health staff, as many have recently left their jobs, possibly burn-out.

    “A cocktail of particularly explosive elements explains why the fourth wave of Covid-19 in Germany appears to be, in many ways, the worst. The most obvious is “the one-third of adults who are not yet vaccinated, which represents millions of Germans, some of whom have comorbidities that make them more likely to develop severe forms of the disease,” Till Koch, an infectious disease specialist at the University Hospital of Hamburg, told FRANCE 24.”

    The curves on many European countries are going up steeply.

    In my ambulance area South Central, they are calling in the Army
    South Central Ambulance Service has declared a Critical Incident due to extreme pressures across our services.
    “South Central Ambulance Service pleaded for people to only dial 999 in a life-threatening emergency”

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    michael norton

    The Netherlands breaking ranks and becoming the first E.U. state to reimpose some covid restrictions, this Winter.

    Possibly as the covid infection rate has been so high for months in the U.K. we may be getting to herd immunity.

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    Pigeon English


    “Breaking ranks” sounds very dramatic!

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    Good point, PE.

    Michael – kindly explain what you mean by ‘breaking ranks’.

    All too often you give us clichés and news-clips. Justify what you’re saying, in your own words, for once in your life.

    What the heck is ‘breaking ranks’ supposed to mean? Whose ranks? What ‘ranks’? Do you really have any idea what you’re talking about? Why do you post here at all?

    I suspect these are just other people’s unsupported notions which sounded good to you at the time. That is how propaganda works, after all. Dupes spouting such nonsense never know how to justify it, and simply keep mouthing more of it, exactly the way you do here.

    Seriously – I would like to know, if you’re up to the task.

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    michael norton

    “Breaking Ranks”
    as you will have guessed is a military term.
    Moving on the the current pandemic.
    The first E.U. member country to announce a new-partial-winter-Lock-Down.
    That “Breaking Ranks” E.U. country is the Netherlands.
    Other E.U. countries will swiftly follow.

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    Pigeon English

    E T

    Here in Nederland we decided to break away from Bruxelles and imposed Willy-nilly lockdown.

    Like Pubs Bars and Restaurants CLOSING at 7PM. EU is not telling us anymore when to go to Pubs or Restaurants!

    We are taking Back Control! I hope this breaking of ranks will not collapse the EU but will be strong message to EU!

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    Pigeon English

    If the EU had common policy of closing Pubs at 8 pm and Dutch went for 1am that could be called ‘Breaking ranks’ 

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    I am not sure Netherlands were the first to reintroduce partial measures. I believe it was Hungary, but other countries will begin to reintroduce them soon.

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