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      AG, what I got from Russian media. Translations are mine, so don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications, if any. Symbols … stand where I cut out unimportant pieces.

      February 17, 2022.


      “The situation in Donbass escalated on February 17. In the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, heavy shelling by Ukrainian security forces was reported, including from heavy weapons. The republics announced a general mobilization, the evacuation of civilians to the territory of Russia, and also asked to recognize their independence.”

      This info maybe checked at OSCE mission to Ukraine, they issued daily reports


      March 6th. Denis Pushilin, the head of Donetsk region.

      “Pushilin said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were preparing an offensive in the Donbass and Crimea on March 8”


      “According to our intelligence and the testimony of Ukrainian prisoners, the offensive operation was supposed to begin on March 8 this year … a one-time invasion was planned both into the territory of the Republics of Donbass and into the Russian Federation – into Crimea … the People’s Militia of the DPR found a laptop with a NATO registry license number at the headquarters of the *Right Sector* (banned in Russia) near the village of Berdyanskoye. The laptop’s memory contains maps of Donbass, as well as Crimea … The supposed locations of the units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are marked on it in red. The points of entry and advancement of the armed formations of Ukraine are marked in blue. The invasion was planned from land and from the sea … the laptop found at the headquarters of the Right Sector contains a detailed map of the area with the location of our units and other military facilities that were detected from unmanned aerial vehicles, including American ones … now direct evidence has been found that NATO was on the side of the Ukrainian regime … Ukrainian units collected the flags of those countries whose representatives came to them. There are flags of Germany, Spain … NATO has been leading the armed formations of Ukraine for a long time. NATO instructors trained and coordinated them …”

      * the Right Sector is a nazi organization in Ukraine. Their influence you may judge from this video
      Vistup Oleksandr Muzichko in the family hall of RODA (28 Jan 2014) – YouTube, 4m 21s
      at 3:55 he shouts Right sector and makes a nazi salute. Mind you, video made in the Rivne Regional Council, the guys observe voting. This sort of democracy.

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        March 9. News on RIA


        General Konashenkov, the spokesperson of Russian Ministry of Defence

        “…clarified that Russia has at its disposal the order of the commander of the National Guard of Ukraine, Colonel-General Mykola Balan dated January 22, 2022. It describes in detail the plan for preparing one of the strike groups for offensive operations in the zone of the “Joint Forces Operation” in the Donbass. Significant attention in the document is paid to the issues of “selection of personnel, examination of all by psychologists and ensuring their high motivation… The question of the degree of involvement of the United States and NATO in the planning of Ukraine’s operation to storm the Donbass remains unclear, Konashenkov adds. But it is known that American and British instructors trained some Ukrainian units in “NATO standard” training programs. In particular, they trained the battalion-tactical group of the 4th operational brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine.
        According to Moscow, the Ukrainians were going to complete preparations for an offensive in the Donbass on February 28, but a Russian special operation thwarted these plans.”

        The article contains a Telegram channel link with docs attached.


        links to docs from Komsomolskaya Pravda, with the remark ‘photo by Russian Defence Ministry’

        in this article


        “…The order is quite large, but its essence is as follows: near the city of Lvov, at the Yavoriv training ground (Starychi), to organize the training of a battalion tactical group of the 4th operational brigade to perform combat (special) tasks in the joint forces operation as part of a brigade of the armed forces of Ukraine … The document contains the original signatures of the officials of the command of the National Guard of Ukraine responsible for the fulfillment of the tasks.”

        Russian Defense Ministry runs the website, on Special Military Operation read here


        Russian, English, French, Spanish languages available. They do briefings, you may want to visit for reports for any date.

        The assessment of the docs is up to Russian Investigative Commitee, their site, English available


        E.g. the section “news” with the date range set February 17-March 9, 2022


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          hello Tatyana,

          I did not do any follow-up after you provided the above translations. First for lack of time, as most of us I assume, secondly, because in the “West” there appeared no alternative source that would delve into the Ukrainian plans to assess, independently from the Russian MoD, whether these documents were legit as far as one could assume.

          This troubled me because any positive outcome of such an analysis of the documents could have helped build pressure in the West on the political level.

          So why did it not happen? Why did no one for instance attached to Craig Murray´s activists and intelligence experts look into this affair? Or did they? And their verdict was negative?

          So, I folded on the subject.

          I only come back to this now after I reread the texts by Jacques Baud who refers to them (see my last post re: Texeira).

          One year ago I knew very little and did not know what was what and how to evaluate. This is different now.

          The question, however, is still valid and unanswered: Why is absolutely NO ONE here talking about this?

          The printed documents from the MoD “look” real.

          To invest labour into this matter would have only made sense if some non-Russian source would confirmed their authenticity. Because without they are, real as they probably are, worthless in this atmosphere of corruption and idiocy in Europe.

          (I am very very angry in fact. Every single day. Why I have stopped talking to people because most of them are just dumb like…well…and I know that after 18 months of studying this subject I know more than the vast majority. But eventually what sense does it make if I choose not to use this knowledge? To do so would demand a major commitment. Which I cannot afford.)

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            hello T

            sry for my scarce appearances due to work & time & life

            I dont know where else Russian/UKR negotiations on this site would be appropriate to post.
            After all its more about Assange right now.

            Still: Alexander Mercouris on his youtube daily show has picked up on the African delegation visiting Zel. and Putin.

            Putin appears to have shown to them the peace treaty drafts from March/April 2022 that were discussed until Bo-Jo upended this.

            See the video TC about 38:00:

            This is also of relevance for the military operations at Kiev, since on this site too there was discussion about what was and was not intended.

            The argument here goes like, RU forces did a show of force to press the Kiev governmnt to negotiate, which, Putin says, worked out, until the Western leaders were meddling in this affair.

            (If The Kiev situation was also created as military diversion from the main RU army which was way too small for a real invasion as it was described by Western media is another issue.)

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              and then there is this contradiction re: peace proposals, I have to look into in detail myself.

              A comment from the Moon of Alabama site – original link under #88 by user “Richard Steven Hack”


              “A neutral and effectively demilitarized Ukraine would have achieved almost all of what Putin wanted when this started.”

              “Almost” isn’t all. Also, Putin has never stated explicitly what Russia wanted. He merely stated the pre-conditions for what Russia wants, i.e., demilitarization and de-Nazification, in other words, no Ukraine military and no Ukraine regime. How do we imagine that leaving Zelensky in power would have achieved either of those outcomes, not to mention how those “security guarantees” BY THE US would have been “honored”.

              I submit that this draft proposal would have been enhanced by Russia with many more requirements which would have been unacceptable – and proved unacceptable – to the West.

              If I’m not incorrect, also, no one has seen the full document in all its details. Also recall that this was a draft treaty, open to rejection by either side.

              If you go back and look at the reports at the time, such a deal was not so clear cut as has been represented by everyone subsequently:

              March 16…
              Ukraine and Russia explore neutrality plan in peace talks

              March 16…
              Ukraine rejects Russian neutrality proposals, says peace deal must offer security

              March 29…
              Ukraine Proposes Neutral Status With Guarantees, and Zelensky Seeks More Western Help

              April 3…
              Draft Russia-Ukraine peace deal not ready to be discussed by leaders: Moscow

              April 6…
              Russia lists ‘goodwill gesture’ for talks, has a condition to end Ukraine war

              April 6…
              Russia’s Envoy to U.S. Says Ukraine War Crime Claims Threaten Peace Talks

              April 6…
              Russian attacks on Ukraine civilians stall peace talks, says Turkish mediator

              April 7…
              Russia says Ukraine presented ‘unacceptable’ draft peace deal

              The Kremlin has said talks with Ukraine are not progressing as rapidly as it would like, and has accused the West of trying to derail negotiations by raising war crimes allegations against Russian troops in Ukraine, which Moscow denies.

              Lavrov said on Thursday that Ukraine had presented a draft agreement on Wednesday that deviated from proposals both sides’ negotiators had agreed on.

              Ukraine’s new draft, according to Lavrov, said the status of Crimea, which Moscow annexed from Ukraine in 2014, should be raised at a meeting between the two countries’ presidents.

              It also said Ukraine could hold military drills with foreign countries without receiving Russia’s permission, something Moscow disagrees with.

              “Such inability to agree once again highlights Kyiv’s true intentions, its position of drawing out and even undermining the talks by moving away from the understandings reached,” Lavrov said, adding that the proposals were “unacceptable”.

              April 11…
              Russia will not pause military operation in Ukraine for peace talks

              April 12…
              Vladimir Putin says peace talks with Ukraine at ‘dead end’

              We reached a certain level of agreements in Istanbul, which stated that security guarantees for Ukraine . . . would not spread to Crimea, Sevastopol and Donbas,” Putin said on Tuesday, speaking publicly about Russia’s military activity after a prolonged silence on the subject.

              “We acted to create conditions to continue talks,” he added. “Instead, we faced the provocation in Bucha and, what’s most important, the Ukrainian side deviated from the Istanbul agreements.”

              Now, “the security demands are one thing, and issues of regulating relations on Crimea, Sevastopol and Donbas are taken outside of those agreements”, Putin said. “So we are back to the dead-end situation.”

              April 14…
              Kremlin lacks information about Russia-Ukraine peace talks

              And when did Boris Johnson visit Ukraine? April 9th… But it was April 7 that Lavrov said the Ukraine position had deviated from the proposed peace deal…

              So the conventional wisdom that Boris Johnson’s visit derailed the peace process is simply incorrect.

              Now we have Putin declaring that the peace talks were successful? Is he referring to the 15-point draft proposal which was presented in March? Or is he referring to whatever the Ukrainians agreed to in early April – before April 7 when Lavrov declared the Ukrainians had deviated from that agreement?

              Does anyone know? HAS ANYONE SEEN THE DOCUMENTS?

              But this is all irrelevant because primarily Ukraine neutrality does absolutely nothing to counter the Aegis Ashore installations in Poland and Romania, which Putin has equally established on several occasions as his primary concern from NATO. Ray McGovern, in his speech to the Boston peace group, explicitly laid that out.

              I suggest everyone review McGovern’s speech:
              If the Missile Fits, Beware: Ray McGovern on US missile site in Romania and Poland

              THIS is why there is a Ukraine war going on.

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                Hi, AG.
                The document was ‘parafined’ – whatever this may mean, something like a diplomatic term for a document agreed upon but still hasn’t come into effect. I think that is why it is not published: it’s not a document, but a draft. You ask who has seen it. Well, members of the negotiation teams and presidents of Russia and Ukraine for sure. Now the African delegation members too; it was in our news, Putin showed the draft to them.
                African delegation who travelled first to Ukraine and then to Russia with their peace initiative are:

                • President of Zambia Hakainde Hichilema,
                • Chairperson of the African Union and President of the Comoros Azali Assoumani,
                • President of the Republic of Senegal Macky Sall,
                • President of the South Africa Republic Cyril Ramaphosa,
                • Prime Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt Mostafa Mabdouli,
                • Minister of State and Director of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of the Congo Florent Ntsiba,
                • Special Envoy of the President of Uganda for Special Duties Ruhakana Rugunda.

                There’s how Putin commented on that draft:

                “… Now as for the talks.
                Mr President Ramaphosa, friends,
                Russia has never rejected any talks. I would like to underline that, with the assistance of President Erdogan, as you know, Turkiye hosted a whole series of talks between Russia and Ukraine to work out confidence-building measures, which you have just mentioned, and draft the text of the treaty. We never agreed with the Ukrainian side that this treaty would be confidential yet we never showed it to anyone or commented on it.

                The draft treaty was initialled by the head of the group of negotiators from Kiev – he signed it. Here it is, it exists. It is called: The Treaty on Permanent Neutrality and Guarantees of Security of Ukraine. Namely, the guarantees, which you mentioned, dear friend, President of South Africa, 18 articles.

                Moreover, there are addenda to it. You know – I will not even dwell on this – they deal with armed forces and other things. Everything is written down: up to weaponry units and armed forces personnel. This is the document, and it was initialled by the Kiev delegation. It bears the signature.

                But after we withdrew our forces from Kiev, as we had promised, the Kiev authorities, just like their masters usually do, dumped it into the dustbin of history, let’s put it mildly, I will try to avoid any foul expressions. They rejected this. Where are the guarantees that they will not withdraw from other agreements? But even amidst such circumstances, we never refused to hold talks…”

                from the official Kremlin website

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                  Also, you say “the Aegis Ashore installations in Poland and Romania”
                  Last week I’ve seen this in our news, I’ll pull it through Google Translate and copy for this forum:

                  ICAN says US has secretly deployed nuclear warheads in Europe

                  The United States has deployed about 150 nuclear weapons to air bases in Europe without any official announcement, said Alicia Sanders-Zakre, policy and research coordinator for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

                  According to her, these munitions are located in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey and Italy.

                  According to independent experts, about 150 warheads are deployed at US air bases in these countries,” she said at a briefing with UN-accredited journalists from the ACANU association.

                  Sanders-Zakre added that ICAN is incredibly concerned about the deployment of this type of weapon in any European country. She also recalled the Cuban Missile Crisis and added that such actions are a potential trigger point that increases the risk of nuclear war.

                  As Sanders-Zakre noted, in the current situation, European countries that call on the whole world for transparency regarding nuclear weapons are openly hypocritical.
                  “That’s why it’s so important to look at the tools we have to increase this transparency and ask questions: what are these bombs and where are they located?” she stressed.

                  ICAN is an international public organization founded in 2007. Its purpose is to promote the adoption and implementation of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. In 2017, the organization received the Nobel Peace Prize.

                  In March, Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow and Minsk had agreed to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. As the head of state explained, the reason for such a step was the UK’s statement about the supply of ammunition with depleted uranium to Ukraine. He noted that this does not violate international obligations, since Russia does not transfer its arsenal to the neighboring republic, but “is doing what the United States has been doing for decades.”

                  In turn, Western critics of this initiative do not mention the problem of storing American nuclear weapons in Germany. Officially, the German authorities do not comment on its existence in the country. Nevertheless, leading international experts estimate the number of American nuclear bombs in Germany at several dozen units. At the same time, opposition German parties have been demanding the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from the country for many years.


                  Dangerous escalation, that’s what I can say. I feel like everyone has gone mad and we all will be finished soon. So, I mostly escape to my art, waiting for the nuclear armageddon. People are so nonchalant, it amazes me, perhaps that’s how Titanic passengers felt. Well, sometimes I feel tired to be afraid and I think to myself ‘after all no one lives forever, at least I will die with a beautiful beads around my neck’ 🙂 Strange feeling.

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                    Tatyana, I agree.
                    An interesting portal is https://www.anti-spiegel.ru/category/aktuelles/
                    written by Thomas Roeper, living in St Petersburg. I think via Google You can easily make translations, meanwhile he serves a blog in russian language. He is a phantastic investigator, You would like him.

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                      thanks for your recommendation, I’ll check it.

                      May I bring another translation here?
                      by Sergey Savchuk, on RIA Novosti. The author speculates if Ukraine could blow up ZNPP in nearest few days before NATO meeting in Vilnius.

                      Nuclear disaster as a last chance: Kiev has one week left

                      “In recent days, the Ukrainian media and the Western media machine that supports them have been whipping up hysterics around the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, where Russia is allegedly going to make a disaster. According to Kiev, the Russian military drove trucks filled with explosives to the territory of the station, allegedly to blow them up and make a “second Chernobyl” of a regional scale.

                      At the time of the explosion, the Kakhovskaya HPP (*Hydro Power Plant) was under the control of Russia, and its the only one working hydroelectric unit was serviced by specialists from RusHydro. At ZNPP (*Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant), all reactors are in cold shutdown mode, their routine maintenance is provided by employees of Rosatom. A serviceable reservoir ensured uninterrupted water supply to the Crimea, prevented the Russian Armed Forces positions on the left bank from being flooded, Kakhovka water guaranteed a successful agricultural season in the new Russian regions. But most importantly, Dnieper water is crucial for the operation of the ZNPP, where it is used as a coolant.

                      … if a major accident occurs at the Zaporizhzhya NPP … the Ukrainian side, because of radioactive contamination, will be able to demand the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of the whole region and at least the introduction of an international peacekeeping contingent there.

                      In principle, the Ukrainians cannot damage the reactors themselves, since they don’t have the necessary means to break through the building of the power unit, the so-called containment. The Soviet GOSTs (*abbreviation of State Standart) for the construction of NPPs, which are still used in modern Russia, guarantee that even if a passenger airliner crashes into the dome of the building, this will definitely not damage the reactor. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about the pool where containers with SNF (*spent nuclear fuel are stored in the water. At ZNPP they are located inside the containment area and therefore are also protected from external physical influences.
                      But all these precautions are designed for peacetime, and therefore there are vulnerabilities.

                      The key is the Dnieper water. In ВВЭР-1000 reactors (*type of reactors where water is used as a coolant, moderator and neutron reflector), water is used in a closed cycle, but it still has to be changed periodically. If Ukraine, using, say, the Soviet Tochka-U or Western Storm Shadow missiles, can destroy the dam of the cooling pond, this could lead to unforeseen consequences. It’s impossible to make a chain reaction and subsequent explosion in a cold shutdown reactor, but in the event of a lack of water in the core, the temperature will begin to rise. It’s necessary to make a note that, according to the same Soviet GOSTs, nuclear power plants should have at least three sources of water, and there is hope that Zaporozhye nuclear scientists, with the support of our military engineers, have provided a reserve of coolant from artesian wells.

                      The most vulnerable part of the plant, without a doubt, remains the dry SNF storage facility, located simply under the open sky. Transporting containers, of course, have a fair margin of safety, but how much they are able to withstand a direct missile attack is not an idle question.
                      To understand who is really preparing a provocation at a non-functioning plant, we add that yesterday the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny suddenly visited the Rivne nuclear power plant and, judging by the published videos, he was most interested in the reactor protection systems and how far the contamination can spread.

                      … on the air of the French TV channel France 24 … the head of the IAEA Rafael Grossi stated that the monitoring commission permanently located at the ZNPP did not see a single vehicle with explosives or any preparations for an explosion. One can only hope that the West has not yet sunk into irreversible insanity, in which warmongers in Ukraine will push Kiev towards a new man-made Chernobyl.”

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                        Today’s development around ZNPP really scared me:

                        “Last night Ukraine disconnected the ZNPP from the electric power line, the station operates from a backup power line,” Renat Karchaa, Rosenergoatom adviser said on the air of the Rossiya 24 TV channel.
                        “No violations of the limits or conditions of safe operation were recorded. The radiation background on the territory of the Zaporozhye NPP, in the sanitary protection zone and the observation zone is normal and corresponds to the natural background,” the publication says.
                        In May, it was reported that the power supply of the ZNPP was again switched to diesel generators due to the shutdown of the last high-voltage Dnieper power line (750 kilovolts). The IAEA then noted that the transition to diesel generators at the ZNPP had already happened at least seven times.

                        The same RIA Novosti publishes this, in capital letters:

                        Are they mad to publish things like that? Do we sleep today, or run, or what?

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                          I do not trust any information coming from Kiev! It is all Propaganda! Kiev is dreaming for a big success. Selensky is fearing to lose his life! (Azov told to hang him, if he starts negotiations with Russia! Therefore he brought it into the Ukrainian constitution a law forbidding any talks with Russia.)

                          So in Saporoschje still Grossi is present and and Russia will protect the Power Station.

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                            Peskov commented today that they expect a provocation. Peskov is out of my trust and this today’s message actually says nothing.

                            ZNPP is controlled by Russia and IAEA is monitoring the situation.
                            Right now I’m listening to some Shingarkin on YouTube. What he says sounds like a conspiracy theory. Anyway, I’ll translate Shingarkin’s speech 🙂
                            timing 22:00 – 26:00

                            “… there’s another scenario of sabotage at a nuclear power plant. At the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, 6 blocks are full of nuclear fuel. Grossi goes there, more often than I would go to a country house if I had one. Grossi watches nuclear reactors there. What is incomprehensible – Grossi should be picking concrete there, examining traces from shells which tried to break through its path to nuclear reactors (*a reference to the shelling of the ZNPP). Instead, he simply looks at nuclear reactors. Why? (*by the way, yes, there were some sarcastic outrages here about the fact that the IAEA mission does not have a ballistics specialist to confirm where the shelling was coming from. Lavrov directly accused the IAEA of covering up Ukraine)

                            Moreover, two reactors are loaded with fresh nuclear fuel, while the rest contain spent fuel, and it is not removed from there. The answer is simple. The fact is that the Kiev regime laid ‘clogs’ with pure 238 uranium in the body of the ВВЭР reactor, to produce weapons-grade plutonium. Many people think that it’s impossible, difficult or unrealizable. I will say right away – it is realizable. Secondly, it’s possible. As you know, difficulties do not frighten those who live on fresh things, those regularly delivered by seaports from Bolivia, Nicaragua and other countries of Latin America. (*reference to Zelensky’s cocaine use)

                            So, to create nuclear weapons outside the control of the IAEA, the main task will be to obtain nuclear material. Uranium 235 cannot simply be dug up, even if there’s a proper mine. The enrichment facilities are visible due to construction and energy spending. But the most problematic is the technology. One cannot simply carry it away in a pocket and easily implement in another place. Especially with the machine-building complex that remained in Ukraine (*reference to the fact that heavy engineering was inherited by Ukraine from the USSR and has not developed since then).

                            Another thing is to ‘cook’ plutonium 239, albeit not of very high quality, and isolate it chemically. Yes, it will be very ‘dirty’, but the site exists, this is the Chernobyl NPP. For ‘cooking’, you need a normal nuclear reactor, not the one that was designed in Kharkov. A normal nuclear reactor, such as the Soviet ВВЭР. If there is Soviet nuclear fuel there, then you can’t put anything else inside, and most importantly, the IAEA would immediately register the use of a different type of fuel – field distortions will immediately be visible. (*IMHO he is talking about signatures, experts please correct that unique spectra tell specialists both the type of substance and even the country of origin).

                            But if American nuclear fuel is used with this reactor, then a unique field will form itself. It would make it possible to load ‘clogs’ with depleted 238 uranium, which, capturing neutrons, will turn into 239 plutonium.
                            This is the scenario implemented at the ZNPP, and Grossi either knows about it or suspects it. Rosatom is prohibited from extracting nuclear fuel, the ‘clogs’ may be discovered.”

                            A little etymology of the word “Zaporozhye”. The Dnieper River in this place makes a bend and there are rapids there. In Russian poroghi – пороги (plural), porogh – порог (singular), with the meaning ‘threshold, or a step on the stairs’, is used to refer to ledges of a river channel. ‘Za’ is Russian for ‘over, beyond’. Ending ‘ye’ or ‘ie’ is common for area names.
                            Zaporozhye is ‘the lands beyond Dnieper rapids’, have been in the Russian Empire since the 18th century after the victory over the Ottomans (by the way, along with the Crimea).

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                              Kyiev can be soooo demanding…_

                              Larry Johnson: Ukrainian Cartoon RE Western Support – YouTube (1m 27s)

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                                trying to get your attention on the news, I post it here as it looks like the most relevant thread.

                                “SBU chief Vasyl Malyuk spoke in detail for the first time about how his team blew up the Crimean bridge twice — NV exclusive”

                                the source


                                If you use Google Chrome you can simply right-click your mouse on the page, and choose ‘translate to English’ in the menu that appears on clicking

                                I’ve seen some reports from Western media on the attacks on the Crimean Bridge. The latest one was all on the second attack, made by TNT loaded sea drone, while on the first attack they said something evasive.
                                Now, we have an opportunity to know the story from its inventor, and to me it looks pretty like a terrorist action:

                                “the Security Service of Ukraine had been harboring the idea of ​​blowing up the Crimean Bridge since the spring of 2022… In the end, they settled on the option with a truck loaded with barrels of oil, in which explosives would be hidden…
                                And then the head of the SBU invented a variant with explosives carefully wrapped in cellophane film. Such cargo – large rolls – looked completely civilian and should not have aroused suspicion…
                                The SBU calculated the thickness of the film layer, sufficient to hide from the customs scanners the metal cylinders-cores pumped with a mixture of hexane.
                                ‘Rolls’ fit into an entire container – their total weight in TNT equivalent corresponded to 21 tons, or 42 Russian ” hypersonic” Kinzhal missiles…
                                The team assembled by Malyuk created a technically complex system, thanks to which, in the early morning of October 8, 2022, the cargo of “film” exploded approximately in the middle of the bridge.

                                “We went through the seven circles of hell, used so many people ‘in the dark’ (without them knowing of being used for this purpose)! The Russians ‘closed’ 22 people – imprisoned them. All of them are charged with complicity in a terrorist act. Although in fact they were doing their usual everyday business. They were ordinary Russian smugglers, – says Malyuk with a smile.”

                                #92050 Reply

                                  thx T

                                  I was looking for a similiar terrorist maritime attack on the Crimean scene staged under Porochenko (back then there were several such crazy operations, like a plan to hijack a plane from Belarus with mercenaries on board which was not carried out) – but I just can’t find it. It is being described somewhere in Nicolai Petro’s book “The Tragedy of Ukraine”.
                                  (have you been able to get it?)

                                  These are 10 good minutes by N. Petro on Ukraine’s far Right. I wanted to post the link on the major site too.
                                  (Or you can do it then it’s not always me posting which must make me appear a bit like a nut – which I probably am 😉 )


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                                    re: SBU & assassinations

                                    antiwar.com reports about an article in THE ECONOMIST which portrays a new unit within SBU carrying out assassinations in occupied UKR and in RU. They are being compared with Mossad but apparently SBU has a budget 5 times bigger (?).

                                    Report: Ukraine’s Growing Assassination Program

                                    Here the Economist piece, archived:

                                    “Inside Ukraine’s assassination programme
                                    Its agents have become expert in dark revenge. But some worry a clear strategy is absent”


                                    #92429 Reply

                                      this is new (to not lose UKR completely out of sight):

                                      The Maidan Massacre, Censorship & Ukraine
                                      October 20, 2023
                                      “Natylie Baldwin interviews Ivan Katchanovski, a Canadian-Ukrainian professor whose research focuses on the Ukraine coup of 2014 and the killing that year of protesters in Kiev.”


                                      As well I can only highly recommend Baldwin´s own site dedidacted to RU affairs:

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                                        German MP Sevim Dagdelen from the Left Party (which will soon be split into two) – in a parliamentary inquiry asked about German arms for Ukraine in the possession of Neonazis. The response: In essence the German government doesn´t know (and doesn´t care).

                                        the German language inquiry would be downloadable here:

                                        (right side under button:
                                        BT-Drucksache 20/8822 (Antwort Bundesregierung)”)

                                        From the German newspaper article:

                                        The German government is turning a blind eye to the fact that German military equipment is also ending up in the hands of neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Since 2022, it has delivered or promised weapons worth around 18 billion euros to the country – at the expense of German taxpayers. The fact that Kiev is cooperating with the ultra-right and that weapons are thus also ending up in the hands of neo-Nazis with networks throughout Europe is of little interest to the SPD, Alliance 90/The Greens and FDP. This is the quintessence of a 22-page answer of the German government to the small inquiry “Right-wing extremist influences in Ukrainian politics” by MP Sevim Dagdelen, which was published this week on the website of the Bundestag.

                                        The government has “no knowledge” whether and to what extent weapons supplied from Germany were passed on to “right-wing extremist units.” Nor can the traffic light rule out the possibility that Ukrainian soldiers participating in Bundeswehr training belong to “right-wing extremist units.” “The German government is not initiating a review of members of the Ukrainian armed forces in the sense of the question.” Which Ukrainian units have taken part in Bundeswehr training programs and which of them were “right-wing extremist or influenced by right-wing extremism” is in turn declared by the federal government to be classified information – “for reasons of the welfare of the state.”

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