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    Hi, my sub has been cancelled by Paypal, but I’d like to continue donating via my debit card. I am having problems with Paypal. It locked me out of my account after I tried to change my password and I now have no way of contacting them, so I have stopped using it. But is seems impossible to re-start my sub on here without setting up a Paypal account, unless I’m missing something. Is it possible to just donate via a debit card?

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    Paul McMullen

    I do not wish to use Paypal either. Did you get an answer LLoyd?

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    I would like to subscribe, but due to bad experiences with Paypal in the past, I refuse to set up a Paypal account. If you can let me have a way to subscribe without setting up a Paypal account I will certainly give money monthly that way.

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    Richard Banbury

    Paypal does not recognize the address for donation to this blog:

    [email protected]” does not work

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    I, too, would like to subscribe to Craig’s blog, but PayPal permanently banned me with no advance warning, no possibility of appeal, and no reason given. (I just know it’s not fraud-related, from talking to a customer service rep.) Apparently, PayPal does that! Never knew.

    Anyway, I need some alternative to PayPal in order to subscribe. Can we have one?

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    I don’t understand the problem. It is clearly stated how you can pay by bank transfer here

    Support This Website

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    Carlyle Moulton


    This prosecution is a scandal threatening all people covered by the UK legal system. You should not feel ashamed to ask for help. Your legal appeal is one of several to which I donate. Crowdfunding is one of the ways to overcome abusive lawfare. May I suggest you recruit some of the people whose blogs are on your blogroll to get your plight known worldwide. The wider the knowledge the more likely it will blow back in the face of the perpretators.

    I already donate via Paypal but can no longer find your link for one off donations nor a Paypal link for your legal support.Suggestion all 3 donation methods should be grouped together with subheadings for periodic, one off and Legal and icons for cards and Paypal clear enough to distinguish without using zoom.


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    The button marked “Subscribe” over Craig’s picture on the right is the paypal link. If you click it, it will open a paypal login. The link embedded in that button is

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    You can’t set up a recurring subscription that way, and Craig prefers a subscription. Also, there are usually significant fees with bank transfers.

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    It turns out you can do a one-time payment using a debit or credit card through PayPal, without having an account on PayPal. But you can’t set up a subscription without having a PayPal account. I guess that’s good enough, for odd cases like mine.

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    Carlyle Moulton

    Clarity is important in website design. Things should be sufficiently explicit that a user can follow without asking questions or or poking around doing various exploratory actions.

    It is a good idea for the webmaster to view other websites looking for good ideas. Many websites now conform to defacto standards which most but not all know. A page on “About this website” should exist to help those who do not yet know the defacto standards.

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    Joseph Bloe

    I would like to make a one-off donation to Mr. Murray’s work. Unfortunately the PayPal donation system you have requires my mobile number be given to PayPal. I do not want to do this. Johnathan Cook has a PayPal donation possibility that does not require my mobile number. Perhaps this is something you could provide as well. Thank you.

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    Joseph, I think that EU law (and also UK law) enforces 2 factor authentication for all transactions/logins to accounts since Sept 2019. You can’t get around it if you live in UK or EU.

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    Joseph Mack

    I have tried one two different occassion to donate with a Visa card. Both times it says “something went wrong”, but not what. This is a useless error message. It then says to try again. Of course it doesn’t work in exactly the same way. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Are you using any ad blockers, javascript blockers, cookie blockers or similar addons? I use a different browser without blockers for purchasing things after I have researched what I want using my blocked browser. Financial transactions will require you to allow certain cookies and javascript to process. All in the name of anti-fraud and security. Probably not yours though.

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    Joseph Mack

    I do all my other financial transactions (Amazon, McMaster-Carr, Abebooks) on this machine without any problems.

    The problem isn’t at my end. The problem is that “something went wrong” doesn’t help me. There should be no code that emits that error message. The coder knows exactly what happened and needs to tell me. This code should not be running anywhere, much less on a site critical to Craig’s work.

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    With all due respect Joseph, I have made a donation in the previous few days by using the paypal link without issue. I used the click HERE TO DONATE CM has posted at the end of his articles. Also, he has posted a bank account number, sort code, IBAN and BIC. You could set up a new payee in your banking app and donate that way without using paypal.

    I probably shouldn’t have linked to the paypal subscription/donation URL in case people think I am redirecting so if the Mods feel that I shouldn’t have please remove it. You’ll find the link at the eend of any of CM’s recent articles. Also, Joseph, I have gone through the steps to donate on Jonathan Cook’s site and paypal requires me to authenticate with my mobile phone number. Two factor authentication is mandatory in the EU/UK now, like it or not. There are alternatives to using your phone number such as email but one way or another you will have to ues some form of 2 factor authentication.

    [ Mod: The link is correct. ]

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    Joseph Mack

    I quite believe that other people are able to donate to CM. I can also send money to other people.

    The problem isn’t at my end. The problem is that the error message “something went wrong” shouldn’t have been possible. If the problem was with the website, they should have handled it. If the problem was something I did wrong, I should have been told how to fix it.

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    Joseph Mack

    I also wonder why someone associated with CM hasn’t stepped in to sort out the problem

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    Hello Joseph

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unable to make a donation via PayPal. You’re right that it isn’t obvious what’s causing the problem, as the error message “something went wrong” is too vague to suggest any practical remedy. The pageLevelError.cardGenericError routine is triggered when PayPal fails to complete the transaction for an unknown reason. Unfortunately, the PayPal API doesn’t provide more detailed error reports.

    In a sense, you have an advantage over the blog team in that you are able to monitor the precise steps you were following when it appeared. Unless the same error can be reproduced during a troubleshooting investigation, it’s difficult for anyone else to discern what could be causing the problem. However, we do know that hundreds of people have used the facility successfully and so far we’ve only had one report about this particular error.

    Problems reported during previous donation appeals related to electronic security measures: e.g. trying to use the service via a proxy connection or with javascript functionality turned off. PayPal incorporates a number of fraud prevention measures which involve logging connection information, so there could be a problem if the point of origin is obscured in any way, such as with a proxy or a VPN. Different payment processing steps apply to different regions, so if there is a mismatch it could trigger an unhandled error. Some people have found that they could pay with one card but not with another, so that might be worth trying. You are of course welcome to search web forums for reports of similar issues (and if you find a solution, please post it here!)

    This forum is monitored by moderators, who are volunteers with many other priorities (both on the website and in the real world). We have no access to any of the payment functionality, so we can’t change any settings if there’s a configuration problem. The payment link is controlled by the site admin only and the options on the PayPal account are under Craig’s jurisdiction. We can try to escalate the issue by alerting them via email (though responses are not guaranteed, even for us). However, to justify doing so we would need more precise details – such as the type of browser and connection being used, the type of card or account, the payment amount, etc.. The troubleshooting process could be pretty complicated (not to mention intrusive!), so in general we’d recommend trying the other payment methods (such as bank transfer) before filing an incident report.

    I hope that’s helpful in some way, even if just for clarification.

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    Joseph Mack,

    I have checked with Site Admin and the code runs entirely on PayPal’s servers; this site sees nothing if the transaction fails. Also, the embedded PayPal html is completely standard, going directly to just like any other website. There is no configuration change or anything else that can be done about it from this site. Sorry. You could try telling PayPal.

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    Regarding mods-cm-org’s note:

    “we would need more precise details – such as the type of browser and connection being used, the type of card or account, the payment amount, etc..”

    I am told that such information would not help, for the reasons in my previous comment.

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    Thanks for following that up, Clark.

    The DONATE link does indeed redirect to the PayPal website – and the URL string includes a token id that can be blocked by privacy add-ons. The PayPal page makes extensive use of javascript which can be constrained by the browser settings and related add-ons, so it’s important to know what the donor’s browser is capable of. PayPal also seems to deduce the country of origin from the IP address, so the server or exit node is also relevant. There are several local settings that play a significant role in the transaction and could be responsible for the error, so those questions would be relevant to deducing the cause.

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    Mods-cm-org, thanks. That implies that Joseph Mack should supply the details you specify in any enquiry or complaint to PayPal.

    Joseph Mack, I sympathise and agree; error messages should be helpful, or at least accurate and informative. At least the message isn’t simply a lie; back when I used to use Windows, various error messages were downright misleading, and I couldn’t see any way it wasn’t deliberate. Designed to disempower the user.

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