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    Perhaps most readers of this blog will not be interested very much in the interview given by the leader of the opposition (LOTO) arranged by a tabloid journalist. But there are many lessons from this interview. Members of the public suffering from years of misrule need to have more insight into what drives our politicians, their true personas and their ambitions. In this interview we got a lot of the personal life of the LOTO but very little on what he stands for, something that this interview was supposed to explore. Unfortunately what came out is a picture of someone who was ambitious, but who was thrust through circumstances into a role that is well beyond his competence. The LOTO had the opportunity of a lifetime, and a very sympathetic press eager to look for an alternative to our incompetent PM, to draw up a vision that is so compelling as to win over the electorate with its scope and thoughtfulness. This was the opportunity for the LOTO to show that capitalism in the way it is conceived and carried out in this most brutal and ruthless way, in the face of a Pandemic, has only one solution, that society should be reinvented and encouraged and rebuilt on socialist models. But instead the LOTO mentioned his priorities Antisemitism in the party, therefore focusing on a negative, which in any case is supposedly sorted – how long does he need to sort it? – and then some anodyne basic statements about education and equality with no attention to detail whatsoever.

    Even more surprising than the interview was the reaction of the press. It also focused on the touching personal issues but evaded the elephant in the room, the total policy void that the party now suffers from, its intent to only focus on a single issue, ignoring the needs of the majority of the population who struggle to live and who have real problems an issue. My impression is that this interview will be the last straw for many in the party, we need a leader with principles, passion and vision. So LOTO, please move over and let someone with conviction take over.

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    Really SA, what did you expect?

    Politics is fucked, and the corporate media is unfit for its supposed purpose, yet excellent for its true purpose of deflecting blame and diffusing dissent.

    There is only one hope left; that more and more people stop cooperating with the systems of power, and instead begin to organise for themselves.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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