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      Dear Mods,

      I just tried posting a reply to Townsman’s 18:43 comment several times. I also tried posting it as a personal comment of my own.

      They were not taken. They all simply failed to appear. Can you offer an explanation?


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        Peter, I can’t be sure that your issue is this but….
        There is a javascript from cloudflare that needs to be allowed for a post to get through the sites security checks. If you are using some extension that is blocking javascript you have to allow it. Perhaps it’s that.

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          Hi Peter,

          The first submission of your comment was published within an hour. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

          Unfortunately the comment incorporated some text that had been blocked some weeks ago in order to stop a barrage of comments from a rogue commenter who was changing identity to evade moderation. It should have been cleared from the block filter once the threat had subsided, and that oversight has now been rectified.

          Kind regards,

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            Thank you for this.

            I had cited Shahid Bolsen in a comment earlier in the day (10:47) yesterday and then later in the day found out about one or two ‘questionable’ issues in his history which made me think you might have pre-moderated my comments because of the citation. I am glad, and a little relieved, that that was not the reason.

            Bolsen offers a very shrewd and astute geopolitical analysis but he certainly has skeletons in his cupboard. I will be very careful when citing him in future, if I should choose to do so.

            Best regards.

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