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      Sigh, the western media is already awash with conspiracy theories that Putin is somehow beinhd the last night killing. And the same western media claim that is is Russia that spread conspiracy theories and disinformation!?
      Russia has been attacked multiple times by these type of groups, and often related to the Chechen wars – so why make up these loony, sick, cynical conspiracy theories that Putin is behind it?? Moronic to say the least.

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        OMG, Putin just won the election with sky-high approval ratings. Many called these elections a plebiscite of confidence in the current president.
        He had the unconditional support of the people before, and he has just reaffirmed this with an even larger number of Russian people.
        With a rating like that, I don’t know what exactly he couldn’t do with full majority’s approval. Nuke Kiev? Ok. Nuke Washington? Go ahead!

        Why the hell does he need any action? These conspiracists, do they explain how Putin should have benefited from this?

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          TATYANA and all,

          different aspect – but shortly after I asked about Ian Proud THE DURAN brought an interview with said Ian Proud which I am not through with yet but it seems insightful regarding e.g. minutes of the conflict since 2014 and GB´s role which Proud does know being stationed in the Moscow Embassy then.

          E.g. on sanctions, or on David Cameron wanting to participate more in the Normandy-Format but being shut out by the others since he appeared too distracted with other matters.

          55 minutes, with Mercouris and Diesen:

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            p.s. on Proud

            “Ian Proud was a member of HM Diplomatic Service from 1999 to 2023.

            From July 2014 to 2019 he was posted to the British Embassy in Moscow, where he led on politico-economic analysis and sanctions policy.

            He has recently published his memoir A Misfit in Moscow: How British Diplomacy in Russia failed, 2014-2019

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              not totally new but still remarkable considering that the US officially still is not waging war against RU – but especially in the light of the terrorist attack:

              On Dec. 4th 2023 the WASHINGTON POST reported about the war games in Wiesbaden, US training UKR, quoting Gen. Milley:

              “During one visit to Wiesbaden, Milley spoke with Ukrainian special operations troops — who were working with American Green Berets — in the hope of inspiring them ahead of operations in enemy-controlled areas.
              “There should be no Russian who goes to sleep without wondering if they’re going to get their throat slit in the middle of the night,” Milley said, according to an official with knowledge of the event. “You gotta get back there, and create a campaign behind the lines.”


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                12 min. on why and how Western sanctions did not work:

                “James Galbraith challenges common perceptions about western sanctions and their impact on Russia, revealing unexpected outcomes for its economy and development.”

                Economist James K. Galbraith: Sanctions: To Russia with Love

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                  re: Moscow attacks – Seth Harp from ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE tweeted:


                  The leader of “ISIS-K” was a contractor at Bagram, then worked security for drug lord Rashid Dostum, a top CIA proxy.

                  He later worked for Amrullah Saleh, chief of the NDS, literally the CIA’s righthand man in Afghanistan.

                  It’s right there on the Wikipedia page.”


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                    p.s. I like that hair

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                      This man is so gross and he is so stupid by not realizing that what he is saying is just proof that this is a chosen war by the west:

                      West not acting out of love for Ukrainians – Borrell
                      The conflict is about preserving the US’ role in the world, the EU’s top diplomat has said

                      “We cannot afford Russia [to] win this war. Otherwise the US and European interests will be very damaged,” he added. “It’s not a matter of generosity alone, it’s not a matter of supporting Ukraine because we love Ukrainian people. It is in our own interests and it is also in the interests of the US as a global player, someone who has to be perceived as a reliable partner, a security provider to the allies.”


                      Have you seen such pathetic subserviance? Why is he talking about US interests?? Is he not the foreign minister of the EU? And what does he mean by Syria? Was he against the bombing of jihadists by Russia??
                      Have he already forgotten Raqaa?

                      Syria: Raqqa in ruins and civilians devastated after US-led ‘war of annihilation’

                      The EU turning into what Soviet Union once was, an ever creeping militaristic “union” that lack more and more support and credibility, lead by old people that have no idea of the world.

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                        The cocky lady in Estonia is at it again: Defeat Russia with heavy arms to avoid WW3

                        Kallas: Russia’s defeat crucial to avoid Third World War

                        How can one be so stupid, so arrogant and ignorant of obvious escalation if there are even more heavier weapon involved and used by Ukraine against Russia? That, just that fact, is what risk a WW3!

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                          EU are truly nuts, they believe they are the good guys and could impose demands on other nations, their arrogance have no end it seems!

                          EU warns Russia over Moscow terror attacks
                          Europe has warned Russia not to use the weekend’s terror attacks in Moscow as a pretext to escalate its war in Ukraine and crackdown on internal dissent.

                          The demands on Monday (25 March), by the EU’s foreign policy chief spokesperson Peter Stano, came as the Kremlin refuses to blame the Islamic State for the Crocus City concert hall attacks that killed 137 people over the weekend.

                          Just look how quickly the west blamed ISIS…even before any investigation have been carried out.

                          I have zero in common with the people ruling the EU. Absolute zero.

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                            Not really a fan of Zakharova emotional outbursts but this on point:

                            Zakharova added that, “the [previous] American approach of seeking constructive solutions in international relations has disappeared without a trace.” “Liberal democrats only know how to destroy things, believing that this ability provides a guarantee of [perpetual] dominance,” she emphasized.


                            RT have a good op-ed about just this issue:

                            This is why EU diplomacy is practically dysfunctional
                            The Western European bloc’s representatives no longer try to understand those who disagree with them, instead they deliver lectures dripping with arrogance


                            They do not listen, they just want to enforce their own views, interests. Absurd how diplomacy have been tossed to the bin altogether. I assume it started some years ago but the west try to smear and censor Russian news/views. But the obvious trait a diplomat must have is to listen to the other side but the Europeans cannot even do that.

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                              I fear with many reporters, and intermediates (OSCE staff, spokespeople, members of parliament etc.) you will find genuine contempt and conviction of superiority, suprematist views towards Russians. So it goes much deeper than just the cold logic of interest.

                              In above linked interview with frm. British Moscow diplomat Ian Proud Mercouris quotes John Stuart Mill on British hatred towards RU. It´s from around mid 1800s I think. And the statement (which is critical of GB) however could as well be used this very day.

                              Nothing seems to have changed. If so, then it has only gotten worse since 1917.

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                                Gilbert Doctorow with a short essay on the academic basis of – as I put it more bluntly and un-academically – Russophobia in Western scholarship in the field of Russia-studies:

                                “Responding to the call for ‘de-centering Russian Studies’: the field was ‘de-centered’ from its earliest days”
                                March 26, 2024

                                At their best and most relevant, these studies were conducted by people who were paid to inform U.S. military and diplomatic officials of the real challenges posed by the USSR and then by its successor, the Russian Federation. Period. Everything else, like studying Russian literature, arts, economy, etc. just came along for the ride.

                                My first point to develop is that Russian studies for most of the 20th century were the domain of everybody except Russians. Going back to when I was a graduate student in the 1970s and 80s, the field was almost exclusively taught by immigrants from the MINORITY, borderland peoples of the Russian Empire all of whom had an anti-Russian axe to grind.

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                                  Yes the whole of the west is awash with a twisted view that they sit on the truth, that they do not have to listen to anyone else – they know it all, they believe in their terrible ignorance.
                                  Yesterday I saw Jeffrey Sachs exposing this problem very well. Piers kind of representing the childish western view on Ukraine/Russia/Gaza and Sachs trying in a very factual manner try to tell Piers what is going on in the world.


                                  But as one can see, Piers/west are not interested in this type of mature, fact-based discourse…

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                                    This TV host is probably a propagandist. He asks a question. Listens to the answer, a good answer to the point, with justification, with facts and dates, the presenter does not find anything better than switching from the logical to the emotional aspect. He constantly asks to say at least something negative, then he directly says “you are very trusting, Professor Sachs”
                                    As I understand it, his whole role is to anchor the viewer’s negative emotions towards everything connected with Russia and China.

                                    Additionally, there are legal “th” sounds in the English language. In Russian, this is how people with speech impediments pronounce the “s” sound. This is due to the underdevelopment of some muscles of the speech apparatus or their insufficient training. In short, children with developmental delays visit a speech therapist to correct this defect. And when learning English, it takes time to get used to it and stop laughing every time.
                                    But this presenter has a face like he actually has defects.

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                                      if one seeks to single out one cause for the so-far failure of an anti-war movement it´s encapsulated in one phrase below:

                                      William Hartung has again a long piece about the 2025 Pentagon budget nearing again 1 trillion:


                                      Much criticism in it of course but also this:

                                      “(…)And while Putin may have ambitions beyond Ukraine, Russia simply doesn’t have the capability to threaten the “free world” with a military campaign. Neither does China, for that matter.(…)”.

                                      The narrative itself stands.
                                      The only question is how you judge it.
                                      But the good v evil is there.

                                      p.s. Last year in a regional group of the German GREEN YOUTH organisation a member on TWITTER described “Operation Barbarossa” of 1941 as the attempt of the USSR to expand. I didn´t know about this.
                                      The young author later apologized after the immense backlash.
                                      Problem: He simply did not know.
                                      How many else do not know?

                                      If they don´t care about politics I don´t care. But these are politicized young people who in fact organize for one of the major German parties among the most popular among young voters.


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                                        Interesting, honest account of a high-level meeting about the US position on the war.
                                        Of course this is one curtain drawn over the real inner workings, among several.
                                        But obviously there were morons present.

                                        “America has no Ukraine Plan B except more war
                                        US foreign policy establishment blindly intent on beating Russia on the battlefield and crushing its economy. Neither will happen”
                                        by David P Goldman




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                                        Pears Morgaine

                                          “Just look how quickly the west blamed ISIS…even before any investigation have been carried out.”

                                          Yes, almost as quickly as Putin blamed Ukraine; and again without the unnecessary encumbrance of any investigation.

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                                            Same warmongers that talk about Ukraine is a war for democracy is obviously the ones that are not supported by their population at all:

                                            The level of public confidence in Estonia’s leadership has fallen by 4% this month, a new study has revealed

                                            The level of public trust in Estonia’s government is on the decline, as just 17% of the people approve of Prime Minister Kaja Kallas’ cabinet, a new poll shows.


                                            Meanwhile trust in Putin is at 89%
                                            Lets add that even if the russian approval rating may or may not be misleading in one way or antoher, the number is nontheless nowhere near the low number of that of the Estonian PM.

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                                              if you can use Google Maps, you can locate 376 km of Kiev highway (there’s something already in the name itself, er?). You’ll see a dotted line, it the border of Bryansk and Kursk regions. Crossing borders of the regions you have to pass by traffic police post, that is when and how the terrorists got detained. Also, if you have eyes attached to your head, you’ll see the road goes straight to the Ru-Ukr border and has no exits. If your head has some brain in it, you probably come up to the same conclusion – the terrorists were heading to Ukraine. Not to Tajikistan, whose natives they are, and not to Afghanistan, whose ISIS branch followers they declared themselves to be.

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                                                I really do believe many of these public figures, like Piers on his show, and those behind him/them, with him/them and in general those who are well-off and conduct fulfilled lives where they may do all kinds of relevant/fascinating-to-them things simply do not care to question their own views regarding Russia (but also Israel, or China.).

                                                In fact Their lives #1 are not really upset by any of the current events, #2 from the purely professional POV often such war-mongering, crisis-ridden public atmophere is “good for business”. Be it to sell weapons or pseudo-analytic political/strategic assessments, be it a life as an op-ed writer or journalist or in fact HISTORIAN.

                                                Who would be interested in a historian who says “why can´t we just get along with the Russians?”.
                                                That´s boring. Nobody wants to hear that. Ergo you can´t sell it either to advertisers or to politicians.

                                                I think this – inherent to the systemic nature of public life – self-interest in this whole situation now is extremely important. After all occidental popular narratives need an adversary. This of course along all the hardball geopolitical interests.

                                                So it´s not merely stupidity. Much of this is subconciously conscious. Or just: consciously done. Or to put it in entertainment context: Acting is a major part of the show. On but especially off stage.

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                                                  Telegram channel of the Investigative Committee today:
                                                  … terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall

                                                  The initial results of the investigation fully confirm the planned nature of the terrorists’ actions, careful preparation and financial support from the organizers of the crime.
                                                  As a result of working with detained terrorists, studying the technical devices seized from them, and analyzing information about financial transactions, evidence was obtained of their connection with Ukrainian nationalists.

                                                  <b>The investigation has at its disposal confirmed data that the perpetrators of the terrorist attack received significant amounts of money and cryptocurrency from Ukraine</b>, which were used in preparing the crime.

                                                  Another suspect involved in a terrorist financing scheme has been identified and detained. The investigation will petition the court to select a preventive measure in the form of detention in relation to him.
                                                  I have a feeling, like … premonition? Ukraine + radical + islamism + Turkey (2 of the terrorists arrived from there on the same flight) = are Crimean Tatars standing behind that? There’s a radical pro-Ukrainian wing in their political movement, recognised as extremist here in Russia.

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                                                    Putin show once again he it the mature, moderate, adult one:

                                                    ‘Russia for Russians’ slogans alarming – Putin

                                                    Putin calls for ‘humanism and mercy’ after Moscow terror attack

                                                    West have no idea what a good counterpart they have in Russia. It is senseless all this anti-Putin talk in the west, they pave the ground for hawks inside Russia.

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                                                      Interesting read from M. K. Bhadrakumar on Indianpunchline Ukraine’s survival hangs in the balance.

                                                      I haven’t seen that President Putin has laid the entite blame on Ukraine but he has said that they may have had a hand in it. Of course, no one will believe any evidence Russia puts forward and they will hark back to soviet style show trials, at least, those who get their information only from MSM sources.

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