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Nadira and I (supported by Cameron, Emily and Jamie) are delighted to announce the arrival this afternoon of our new son Oscar John Murray. In the best family tradition he milked his appearance, spinning it out for over 48 hours and making it as dramatic as possible. But happily both Oscar and Nadira are now doing very well. I shall see what Nadira thinks on posting a picture, tomorrow after she has rested. I am a very proud father and shall now have a quiet Lagavulin.

It has become a cliche to thank NHS staff endlessly, but we owe the most genuine and heartfelt thanks to the staff at the maternity unit of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, who were simply wonderful, and extraordinarily kind and dedicated.

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189 thoughts on “Oscar’s Arrival

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  • willie

    Well congratulations the Murrays.

    And if the young Oscar John Murray turns out any like his folks then he’ll be a credit to the community both locally and much further afield. Good news all together – and you father Craig go and have a Lagavulan. There will be nappies, bottles and other stuff to stop you getting bored.

    Good news Sir.

  • Jen

    Congratulations to all three of you and I hope everyone is doing well after all the excitement of the 48 hours just before Bubby’s arrival!

  • Daisy Walker

    Hello Craig,

    Congratulations on the new arrival. Very best wishes to you all.

    I have a small favour to ask. I sent you an e-mail – with an up to date Timeline – as per you contact details above, 2 days ago.

    Could you confirm if it arrived. I’ve been having difficulties with stuff not getting through.

  • CaptainHaddock

    Heartiest congratulations Craig (and family)

    Glad to hear both Nadira and Oscar are doing well. Enjoy the dram and peace and quiet….as I suspect that’s about to change, for a while at least 🙂

  • DunGroanin

    Ok again.

    I thought I was being clever by not mentioning anyone or replying to them. I am busy for next few months to take on another hobby – but by my usual quick scan of commenters, some who also use their same moniker on other sites, I have formed an idea of their scope.

    I am glad that there is a team of you who are keeping your eye on them. There are patterns and they will reveal themselves if properly analysed. I don’t really have the time to log the data of a random range of articles and responses before being able to analyse it, which is the difficult bit. A decent grad/post grad student could get their teeth into it as a project but I don’t know any. Hopefully after Easter I may start on it.
    Appreciate your reply and have copied it to follow when I’m ready.

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