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3,629 thoughts on “Amnesty International Conference on Torture

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    What else have you got except your family and friends..why are these evil bastards trying to change the world upside down..and create some kind of virtual reality..from Washington..and please believe me..These Guys Have Been Trained in All The Psychological Details..all The Mind Changing Techniques..and I do not underestimate them..but I don’t like them.

    And so I just wrote this on The Daily Telegraph..surely you have got to realise what is going on here…Well I don’t work for anyone..

    Did I do something wrong?

    Our Kitchen is Big and Very Old. It is The Centre Of Our Home…I just fell in love with our home when I saw it..I couldn’t really afford it but went for it anyway…

    The Removal Guy..said..bloody hell..the Kitchen is Bigger than your old home (modern 60’s bungalow).

    Our house goes on forever

    It’s ours..We have paid off the mortgage.

    The Kitchen is where we have held our Parties for The Last 20 years.

    So How Did Us Two Working Class Oiks From Lancashire Do That?

    Dunno ..but We Did.

    We are Here Now..and I am Going To Rebuild The Fence.

    Life in The Old Dog Yet

    What are You Doing Dan Hodges For Your Mum?

    Did You Ever Leave Home?

    It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday.

    Don’t You Forget It.


  • glenn_uk

    Tony Opmoc: Please piss off, would you, there’s a good chap?

    This thread is already bad enough, without your regular contribution of miserable drunken lies and BS.

  • glenn_uk

    About Straw, quoting Iain Orr:

    “Whatever Straw really believes or believed is hardly at issue. A good enough reason for him not to vote against the war was simply to protect the long-term potential of the CIA as an income source if the dugs of the UK political milk-cow dried up. Has “traitor” any traction here?”

    If Straw actually ever was in the pay of the CIA, it’s a done deal. It doesn’t end. Like MOSSAD, you don’t leave it – ever. If Straw worked for them – and it looks very likely that Straw is the sort of weasel who’ll work for anyone handing over cash, and who’s perverse enough to flatter his ego. If Straw took their money, he has continued to do so without a break, and is without question a traitor to Britain. A paid insider.

    Bribery is just the way things get done in Straw’s world, after all. Pay to play. “Treat” key people from ethnic minority communities in the run-up to election. Sell your own supposed influence to some Chinese financial interest. After all, being a stooge for the CIA opens a lot of doors. It’s all about favours, and making exercising taxpayer money.

    Our country was being run by war criminals, CIA stooges, and traitors, in what was supposed to be the Great Left alternative in British politics. And we repeatedly voted them back to power. That doesn’t say much about us as a country.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Are you really that interested to know our names and what we do? Do you want to know our conversations and our intimate details?

    Who are You?

    Are You Human?

    What else are you going to do, after a year apart and you meet again, and you both still love each other…but you know…it can never work between us..Yes we Love Each Other..but we can’t live with each other…

    You Cry Yourself this is the last day of your life..You just are never going to see her again…

    She is Gone..and She Is Never Going To Come Back.

    You Wipe The Slate Clean..You Cut All The Strings.

    Tomorrow Will Come..and it Does..

    Today is a New Day.

    and sure i have nothing and no one…i cry myself asleep again..but then its Monday Morning..and I am Free and Single.

    We did meet again..about 34 years later..and I introduced her to my wife..

    They got on Really Well..They Both Knew Me…and Loved Me.

    My Ex is My Mate..We never fell out of love with each other..Neither of us had done anything wrong. We didn’t betray each other in any way. It’s just that something else happened…and Yes I do want to see her again. She has two kids like Me..We got a Boy and Girl Each with The New Loves of Our Lives.

    That’s Life..Don’t Knock it.

    No one wrote the program. Its just what we do. We are Human. We are Not The Monsters in Control.

    Sorry I am trying to paint with words…and wake you up.


  • Tony_0pmoc


    I very rarely post here..cos this website is infested with people like you.

    I always knew you…Bottom Of The Class..Rich Posh Mum…

    Doesn’t Know The Working Class

    “Please piss off, would you, there’s a good chap?”

    Fuck Off You Arrogant Innocent Stupid Cunt

    Go and Live In The Real World and Crawl For It

    Crawl You Way Back From Minus Nothing

    Then You Tell Me To Piss Off


    You Disgust Me.


  • Jemand

    [ – just hoping that stupid spat will die the death. Which it won’t if I let you keep poking it:) Got a political point to make? No, thought not.]

    Which stupid spat? I still see a dozen ongoing bullshit exchanges that have nothing at all to do with me. Commentators who refer to each other as “fucking cunts” get the run of the house while critics of the indefatigueable and spiteful Mary & friends get politically excised from the historical record. You can deny it and make all the excuses you like but we both know that this kind of censorship is the kind we see in corrupt institutions.

    My “political point” re Farage’s speech in the EU parliament took many hours to clear so don’t bullshit me about relevance.

    Seems like it’s a personal thing where you enjoy holding the power while bemoaning the burden of it all. We see that kind of personality disorder permeating society and eroding its integrity everywhere. But your typical reply is to sarcastically refer to exaggerated charges of you being a fascist as if you are the exact opposite. Don’t kid yourself, mate, you are as bad as any self-important censor.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    The house I grew up in,in Oldham..nice to see they are doing some work in it..It looks nowt from outside..but it goes back for a long way..and I could see Jodrell Bank on a Clear Day From My Bedroom.,-2.128755,3a,75y,239.01h,85.16t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sx3sPcsoW6ysSHTIaspBjXQ!2e0

    What do reckon?..I used to play football in Grange Avenue before Craig Murray was even Born.

    I am still alive and well…do you want to see where I live now? You must have my IP Address.

    For the people like you..who don’t actually work incredibly hard throughout their lives..and just write bollocks on the internet..and don’t get paid for it…Well seriously..if I was Craig Murray..I wouldn’t Pay you Either.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    In that home..where I grew up, the youngest of 5..I had two older brothers and two older sisters..when I was about 5 years old..My eldest Brother Richard he was 11 years older than me..He gave me a kick..and said I am having that..I said O.K. why do you want my Metal Globe Of The Planet Earth…and he took my Metal Globe Back To His Bedroom…and he said Anthony..come and see this…

    I looked at if he was completely mad…

    That Is Completely Impossible

    But No it Was Completely Real…

    My Brother Has Made The Earth Spin Freely in Free Air…

    So I pushed it away a bit..and it came back…

    Still Spinning Completely Stably in Free Air in Our Home at Grange Avenue, Oldham

    I am totally convinced he is The First Person In The World To Do It..Ever

    There were no computers..there was no software…it hadn’t been developed yet..but my brother coded the logic in hardware..and all he had to control it was a couple of like volume controls..whilst my globe of the earth floated in free air between two proximity detectors..if it moved down a bit..his electronics automatically got the electro magnet to pull it up a little harder.

    I thought oh dear..My Brother is a Genius..How Can I compete with that?

    So they recruited him at Manchester University and at Ferranti at The Gem Mill..and I was seeing how he was doing..I thought FFS…I can’t compete with that..

    But when I was 19 years old…they said..You’ve Got The Job at The third attempt….

    I just really, really, really wanted to work for ICL International Computers Limited in West Gorton In Manchester…

    Eventually They Said O.K.

    So I Did..I hadn’t quite finished My M<aths and Physics Degree..when they recruited me…so they gave me 6 weeks to read it all..and then they threw me into The Deep End..Now You are Working in Bracknell..I asked how much..they said 39p a mile plus the best hotel accommodation and overtime for travelling to get there and back and well..meals paid for but you can't put alcohol on the bill..

    I looked at them and said I have past my test…but I haven't got a car..They said it won't work on your need a car..but I didn't have any I bought an old ford Escort with a leaking Petrol Tank..My Dad..helped me replace the Petrol Tank for £15..the car cost me £35..and it worked…

    It was a bit of an old banger though whilst I was pulling into The Holiday In (Age 19) on Full Company I guess..well Oldham Really Does..well it did when we lived their..God's Chosen People.

    We Developed and Built The First Computer Too..and Got It Into Production..and Sold..we were 10 years ahead of The Americans..but I didn't was just normal for me..I simply didn't realise that we just so good..well of course I knew..but I hadn't seen the competition..because there wasn't any…IBM..Get Real..DEC..They copied All Our Ideas..

    And Then We Did The DAP and Blew Cray Away..Wel How Do You Test It..and They Looked at me…This Thing ain't doing 1 instruction at a is a 3D Arrray..Its Like a human brain…you know 3D Fortran don't you???No..Well Now It is Time To Learn.



  • YouKnowMyName

    Tony, I met Seymour Cray, when he was giving my company a free CRAY -2 ( quad core CPU 2GB RAM ) in 1987. ICL should’ve had a good marketing department, or perhaps a stylish designer, the CRAY had gorgeous blue bubbly fluorocarbon cooling liquid on display, whilst the earlier models also had built-in ( hexagonal ) sofa! I asked ( the perpetually nearly bankrupt ) Seymour for a job, but I failed the first interview due to not being American enough. Seems that most of their computers were used in Maryland or under Menwith Hill.

    A reasonable comment in the Guardian by a NATO chappie here,
    Where they mention the rus CFE withdrawal, as part of a wider problem with ‘snap’ military exercises which could accidentally precipitate the world ending with a ‘snap’ not a wimpy!

    There’s more on Defence Spending too, with NATO , having figured out that the UK intends to spend less than 2% of GDP, but try to get away with some fancy accounting to make it look like we’ve obeyed MIC orders. Latest MOD idea was to include the national/international Telecoms ‘total-take’ “intelligence gathering” as .Mil spending, but OTAN are not having any of that or they’ll send the boys round, again.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    I wondered about John Smith’s early death as well – for all of two minutes, at which point I remembered that there is no statutory age for a sedentary, somewhat overweight male to get a heart attack.

    I also once wondered about Hugh Gaitskell’s early death, which brought Harold Wilson to the leadership of the Labour Party and subsequently to the prime minister-ship. Most lunatic opinion believed that Wilson was a KBG agent but there was a smaller lunatic faction which thought he was CIA. Good to see that the loonies are alive and well.

  • John Spencer-Davis


    Please do not cease posting your source materials. I find them very valuable, and I am sure I am not alone.

    Kind regards,


  • parky

    I thought Tony_opmoc had been banned (or did he exclude himself) from this site several years ago for his wild and loony outpourings seemingly made in the middle of the night after binging himself silly on moonshine or is it now “legal highs” ? The kind of foul language displayed at 3:35am surely can’t be tolerated and I would advise him to create a website of his own using his IT skills where he can swear and rant to his heart’s content and enjoy the company of similar enraged revellers.

  • parky

    I agree with John Spencer Davis, Mary keep up the good work, your posts are always interesting and revealing.

  • Old Mark

    I wondered about John Smith’s early death as well – for all of two minutes, at which point I remembered that there is no statutory age for a sedentary, somewhat overweight male to get a heart attack.

    Jumping Jack Habba- JS had an earlier, non fatal heart attack in 1988, and as a reaction to that then climbed 108 Munros in his last 5 years- a leisure activity not that popular with ‘sedentary’ 50 year olds.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    The much more suspicious death was that of Anthony Crosland in 1977 who was establishing a New Labour, and the Nixon scum was in full retreat.

    Since then, the future of socialism has been nil., especially after MI6 got rid of Olof Palme in 1986.

  • Republicofscotland

    Exxon CEO claims fracking is safe, so why has he filed a lawuit to stop fracking,near his 100 acre ranch?

  • Republicofscotland

    Thatcher changed the economic structure for good,as in forever,but also for good.

    It’s a good thing she,did what she did.

    John McTernan.

    Scottish Labour Chief.

    Labour are finished,in Scotland,the traitors have had their day.

  • Republicofscotland

    Humza Yousaf has called on a UKIP MEP to resign after the Scottish government minister was reportedly compared to a convicted terrorist.

    In a newspaper interview, David Coburn is alleged to have said: “Humza Yousaf, or as I call him, Abu Hamza”.

    Between Tory supporters,turning up at a Miliband speech wearing Alex Salmond masks, now we have UKIP, calling a SNP minister a terrorist.

    It would appear, Scotland would be better off going it alone.

  • Kempe

    ” Exxon CEO claims fracking is safe, so why has he filed a lawuit to stop fracking,near his 100 acre ranch? ”

    He hasn’t. What he, and other residents, are complaining about is the construction of a large water tower that COULD support fracking.

    Still, never let the truth get in the way of a good conspiracy.

  • Republicofscotland

    A huge rise in the number of SNP MPs at the election in May will cause a “democratic legitimacy issue”, the former cabinet secretary has warned.

    Sir Gus O’Donnell, who was the country’s top civil servant at the time of the 2010 coalition negotiations, suggested the first past the post voting system would come under intense pressure once the result becomes clear on May 8.

    So a surge in SNP votes, will somehow render the voting system obsolete.

    Hypocritical b*stards,Scottish independence can’t be far off.

  • Republicofscotland

    He hasn’t. What he, and other residents, are complaining about is the construction of a large water tower that COULD support fracking

    So why complain about the tower,when you obviously support fracking?

    Its the usual scenario, do as I say, not as I do.

  • Kempe

    ” So why complain about the tower,when you obviously support fracking? ”

    Because the two are not closely connected.

    Drilling and fracking is already happening in the area anyway.

  • Republicofscotland

    FORMER deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has reportedly taken aim at his previous boss Tony Blair – allegedly suggesting that the “bloody crusades” in Iraq and Afghanistan has led to the radicalisation of a generation of young British Muslims.

    For once Prescott, tells the truth,UK Muslim’s have become radicalised due to the actions of repeated Westminster governments.

    Scotland must distance itself from the warmongering government.

  • Macky

    Republicofscotland; “For once Prescott, tells the truth,UK Muslim’s have become radicalised due to the actions of repeated Westminster governments.”

    Only now that it is safe for his career to do so; these digusting venal people make me feel quite ill. When he could have made a difference, it was money before morals.

  • Republicofscotland

    Only now that it is safe for his career to do so; these digusting venal people make me feel quite ill. When he could have made a difference, it was money before morals.

    Yes Macky,I couldn’t agree more,I recall Prescott, asking people to use public transport,and leave the car at home.

    All the while,he was chauffeured around in a Jaguar car,it turned out Prescott had the use of another Jaguar car,hence his nickname,”Two-Jags”

    Westminster,is a corrupt, and decadent bastion of the self-important.


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