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  • Peacewisher

    @Dave: Another Zionist was involved with advising Churchill and helping explosives development during ww1. I’m sure I don’t need to name him. Haber did something similar in Germany. War (even cold war) and scientific development often go together.

  • lysias

    Funny how all the conspiracy theory debunkers here have fallen for this CT.

    The same way they’ve fallen for the CT that bin Laden was responsible for 9/11.

    They probably also think Lee Harvey Oswald did all the shooting in Dallas.

  • lysias

    Remember that Churchill was responsible for the Bengali famine of 1942-3 that killed about 3 million Bengalis. In denying Bengal shipments of food from places like Australia (so that it could go to Britain instead), Churchill acted contrary to the advice of people like Viceroy Lord Linlithgow and Secretary of State for India Amery and caused, not just by negligence but by positive action, the deaths of millions of Bengalis. This is recounted by Madhusree Mukerjee in Churchill’s Secret War: The British Empire and the Ravaging of India during World War II.

    Atrocities that the Allies were responsible for that were even worse than Dresden were Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Totally unnecessary militarily. They were done for political reasons.

  • Peacewisher

    @Lysias: It is ironic that both UK and US had a change of leadership in spring of 1945. It seems that Truman didn’t trust the Soviets and that is an additional reason why he pushed to get the totally unnecessary mass, mass murder weapons tested on civilians? Did he want to outdo Churchill? I’ll say it once more… how sick are/were these people!

  • lysias

    That Daily Mail story seems to assume that a Labour-SNP coalition is impossible. Are they right about that?


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