An Apology 1931

I am so committed to getting my book finished I really don’t have time or energy to blog at the moment, and realise it has been very desultory the last few weeks. I am well and happy, it is just that writing a properly researched history is incredibly intensive. I realise there is much of great interest happening in the world, but I must sometimes cut myself off from it.

This is why I don’t ask for donations for the blog…

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  • Komodo

    M-ASRI’s back up. Dalaman-Ibiza (where Sawiris’ yacht ‘Yalla’ is currently anchored): short stop, and now heading 289 at 40,000 ft.
    For the record.

  • Komodo

    The tragedy for Tony Blair is that he has such difficulty getting his superficiality and self-obsession recognised. However, CNBC is happy to help, today.
    Topics: Everything. On which he is a famous authority.
    Should stave off the need for a dog, a blanket and a collecting cup for a day or two, anyway.

  • Komodo

    In what appears to be CNBC’s London studio, the Grand Gesticulator explains everything and – no doubt after last week’s meeting with Juncker’s gofer, Timmermans – outlines his the EU’s Brexit strategy. Which is to stall the process and hope it goes away. Who knew?

    In other news, Nassef Sawiris indeed met Aston Villa yesterday. Fills our heart with pride to see our assets flogged off to an American-Egyptian consortium. But we digress. Tony may yet have time before his annual hols to take a spin round Africa, and we will as usual keep you up to date if we can.

  • Komodo

    Another lie…

    Remember when Tony Blair announced that he would be shutting down his commercial operations and opening the (wholly philanthropic) Tony Blair Institute?

    NOT TRUE. He’s closed down the unsuccessful securities-to-god-knows-what financial side; the Firerush Ventures half of the former Tony Blair Associates (a trading name only). But he hasn’t shut down the Windrush Ventures income-and-expenditure-opaque donations arm.

    We speculated at the time that one reason for his planned abandonment of the two ingenious accountants’ delights FRV and WRV might have been the closing of a loophole which allowed an LLP to be the general partner of an LP, facilitating an escape from corporation tax – as described by Richard Murphy of taxresearch .org. uk .

    Supporting this theory – Tthe Windrush group continues to trade, apparently as before. Blair has dropped Windrush Ventures Ltd and Windrush Ventures No.2 LLP.

    But WRV no.1 Ltd, No.3 LP, two BDBCo’s, 819 and 822, and Bircham Nominees – the cutout – are still interlinked leaving Windrush Ventures No.3 LP without a useful general partner. And, conveniently enough, Companies House does not report the identity of the partners.

    We have a dirty mind. The Tony Blair Institute Ltd, trading as the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, aka the TBIfTB, would, we think, be a useful partner for WRV no.3 LP. It’s a ‘company limited by guarantee’; a structure designed for not-for-profit operations. It can employ, it can pay expenses, but it cannot pay its directors. It would appear that, like an LLP, it is not liable for corporation tax. And its Person with Significant Control is Tony.

    So Windrush Ventures trades on, now financially coupled, we speculate, with the TBIfTB. The not-for-profit front buys expensive and unspecified services, exactly as before, from the opaque merry-go round that is New Windrush. And cash trickles inconspicuously out of the system to…?

    Congratulations, Bircham Dyson Bell. Nice one.

    Incidentally, we have seen no change whatever in the pattern of Tony’s activities since the restructuring. That too would seem to be a fabrication.

  • Komodo

    Tony has dropped off the radar, as he sometimes does. No recent instructions have been issued to the peasants regarding wot we’ve gotta do about Brexit, or even homilies on the utter inability of someone who (like Tony) has met Hamas functionaries in the past and is thus (unlike Tony) second only to Julius Streicher in the historical record of infamy. Not a dicky bird. Though one of his stooges has been discussing with Vince Cable the possibility of merging New Labour’s rump with the Libdems to create an even more awful handmaiden for globalism than either individual party. Should negotiations succeed, perhaps we will see the champagne socialist at last acknowledge his complete irrelevance to the working class, by leaving Labour and modestly assuming the role of all-seeing elder statesman in the new conglomeration of c***s.

    No, Tony is almost certainly on holiday, and equally certainly under a security blanket. We looked at the disposition of the Sawiris fleet, and found no clues. The blingboat ‘Crazy Me’ is anchored at Porto Cervo in the N. of Sardinia, its chase boat – the mini-blingboat ‘Crazy Too’ – is between Antibes and Cannes, while ‘Yalla’ is parked off Schoinousa, a small island south of Naxos. Recent flights suggest that the Sawirises have distributed themselves between these vessels.If we had to select the ideal location for a yachtborne freebie, the last of these would be perfect. Otherwise, we remain interested in Tony’s regular haunt, Lipari, where charter blingboats are currently in evidence. Paparazzi, please copy.

  • Komodo

    The TBIfTB needs another embedded suit in the Rwandan dictatorship government:

    Reading between the lines and lines of corporate bollocks in the job description, it would seem that Rwanda is suffering from a skills shortage (given that its talent base outside Kigali is almost exclusively in subsistence agriculture, not surprising) and notionally relevant activity in this field consisting of generating paperwork or its digital equivalent, and akin to herding cats in circles, is amenable to massive funding. Some of which may possibly spent on the ill-defined objective, or possibly not.

    But we wonder. Isn’t there a country closer to home which is suffering from a skills shortage, and one which no less an authority than the Great Armwaver attempted to cure by freeing up mass immigration? We are astonished that the global resources of the TBIfTB have not already been deployed to, er, Provide strategic support to Mrs. May to integrate key elements of … action plans for Energy, Agro-processing, Transport & Logistics, and potentially Manufacturing (etc. – BZ), in an annual National Employment Program Joint Performance Contract (NEP JPC) (or UK equivalent with impressive name) and to ensure that the implementation of the action plans proceeds as expected with positive results for skills and employment development…

    On second thoughts, not surprising. The UK is notably deficient in strategic minerals, and its labour rates are not yet down to those of rural Rwandans, while its mobile network, though sadly deficient, is hardly a pristine field for exploitation by investors. And it’s far, far cheaper to import the skills you need than train them…or so Tony once believed.

    In other news, we have just found an intriguing connection between Cherie Blair and a firm which even Mossack Fonseca (RIP), of Panama Papers fame, declined to keep on its books, despite its ties to some very well-known African names. Which may have a bearing on Cherie’s surreal appointment to the board of Nigeria’s Dangote Cement, earlier this year.

  • Komodo

    Cherie Blair will be joining a dully-glittering host of wimminz and others at Cliveden for its Literary Festival on the 29th September, at 17:00-18:00, as a panellist chewing over Monetising Hubby’s Job: selling influence for pleasure and profitWalking the Tightrope: the dreams and perils of female power

    Sarah Vine (Wife of Gove) will be joining in. Can’t wait.

  • Komodo


    Tony will be in Detroit on the 28 October 4:30 PM – 8:00 PM , talking and gesticulating to raise funds at the Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Annual Dinner, (for an Orthodox day school of that name), where a Deloitte managing partner, perhaps an alumnus, is to be honoured as well. At Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center.

    Mazel tov, Tony! And don’t lick your fingers while eating!

  • Komodo


    Somewhere in Sedgefield, Oct 12th. Organiser: Blairite MP Phil Wilson. Funds raised to go into a trust fund set up by Wilson, inter alia though possibly as a priority, to oppose Brexit. Names of those wishing to attend must be supplied. Cavity search at the door not inconceivable.

    The vote to Leave in Sedgefield was 59.4%, and Wilson, its MP, voted Remain. Representative democracy my arse.

  • Komodo

    We were of course delighted to see that Tony, as evidenced in a mass mailing to every local paper in the country, “leads” tributes to the late Kofi Annan, and that the TBIfTB’s choice of strapline was faithfully reproduced by all. However, Radio 4 News chose to invite Gordon Brown to comment on the departed, which is an encouraging sign that griefjacking doesn’t always work. Tony claims that Annan was a “good friend” and we could scarce forbear to shed a tear, imagining the reconciliation scene which must have occurred some time after Annan’s very definite opposition to Blair’s invasion of Iraq. (And see under ‘Panama Papers’, ‘Dangote Cement’ and ‘Saraki’ for indications that Tony, Cheri and Kofi’s tearaway son may also be good friends.)

    We don’t know where Tony’s doing his leading right now. Not one pap has snapped his moobs dominating a scene of sun, sand and someone rich, which has been the previous form for August. Interviews have been absent from the media, and he hasn’t even been sighted at a yeshiva school lately – though there was a lovely plug for the company which Euan fronts in the JC last week: .

    Perhaps he’s on a yacht. Perhaps he’s at El Gouna, courtesy of Mr. Sawiris. Perhaps he’s simply ascended into heaven, having redeemed the human race with his leadership. If so, God’s revealing nothing. We hope we do not have to “lead” tributes to him in that event.

  • Komodo

    Further evidence that nothing has changed since the rebranding, and that Tony, despite his now wholly non-charitable status, is still looking for philanthropic donors to support his extremely political objectives:

    Ideally a minimum of three to five years’ experience in prospect research and prospect management.
    Experience of fundraising and prospect data systems strongly preferred.
    Expertise in prospect research, proactive prospecting methodologies, and deep understanding of capacity/affinity indicators.
    Knowledge of the donor landscape, particularly for one or more of these donor groups: foundations, corporate, government donors such as USAID and research funders. Understanding of the research role in shaping donor engagement strategies would be highly valued.
    Experience and deep understanding of the key data sources for donor information.

    For ‘prospect’ read ‘mark’. Note the interest in obtaining academic research grants, and USAID funding. And that ‘key data sources’ looks pretty damn sinister. Give me all your money or I’ll release some data?

    In passing, we see that the current management ballsword, at the IfTB as across the corporate universe, is ‘pipeline’ which has replaced ‘pillar’. Or perhaps has been cut into convenient lengths and stood on end. If Tony isn’t eventually convicted for anything else, it must be for crimes against the English language.

  • Komodo


    Reviving his interest in green stuff, dormant since 2011 and the quiet erasure of his Climate Change Initiative, Tony will be posturing in Kigali in September:

    Sadly, Kofi Annan will not attend as advertised due to his being dead. And there is some confusion as to who will be there: after a list of attendees including Buffet, Gore and Dangote:

    …However, sources reaching KT Press say that Howard Buffet, Al Gore, Aliko Dangote and Bill Gates will not attend the forum.

    Never mind. Tony will be there, with his vast fund of agricultural knowledge, to help his very good friend Paul Kagame tout for money. Which is what it’s all about.

    It will as usual be interesting to see whose aircraft will be bearing the great man to Africa, and who else he meets there. He seems to be hiring suits for embedding in Ethiopia at the moment.

  • Komodo

    A new field of interest, sparked by Cherie’s appointment to the board of Dangote Cement, stretches, wide and verdant, before us:

    Speaking of his relationship with Tony Blair, former British prime minister, Dangote says Blair only makes three calls per day. But he has to battle with scores, and tonnes of emails.


    Dangote is not a man known to give up on his dreams, and his dreams about Arsenal Football Club will not be different, he reveals.
    “I love Arsenal and I will definitely go for it,” he told FT, adding that the club should be worth about $2bn.

    Looks like, with Naguib Sawiris’ investment in Villa, football’s coming home. To South Pavilion.

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