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I am so committed to getting my book finished I really don’t have time or energy to blog at the moment, and realise it has been very desultory the last few weeks. I am well and happy, it is just that writing a properly researched history is incredibly intensive. I realise there is much of great interest happening in the world, but I must sometimes cut myself off from it.

This is why I don’t ask for donations for the blog…

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  • Komodo

    To Jordan on Sunday, to bask in the praise of its education minister for not actually doing very much.

    Amusing soundbite from the Pope of Globalism ™:

    The future is for the open-minded

    It is uncertain what is meant by ‘programme’, and to what extent someone other than Blair is doing the heavy lifting – though we are happy to guess . It’s a rather neat scam. Its public manifestation is a website through which teachers and pupils can interact with other creeds and cultures, as if this were not perfectly possible throughout the internet. It is unknown who is funding it, but it looks like a Good Cause to which rich idiots and educational charities will be free to donate far in excess of its costs. It assumes that increasing mixture and erosion of cultures is a given, and that the global lion will lie down with the global lamb if you talk nicely to both.

    In this the poor old chap resembles
    Prosperous idealists
    Who talk as if men reached for concord
    With their clenched or grasping fists

    (William Plomer)

  • Komodo

    A curious tale from the Jewish Chronicle: Tony was (allegedly) ‘leaned on’ to do an interview condemning Labour’s (alleged) anti**m*t*sm. And this allegation was confirmed by “Labour donors, well-known Xe*ish figures”. We wonder how they knew. Possibly the first recorded occasion on which Tony’s words ‘lacked passion’, too.

    It doesn’t really stand up, though, and we suspect an elaborate joke. Tony would need no encouragement to beast Corbyn’s Labour project, of which his loathing is never other than passionate.

  • Komodo

    Monday 13 May 2019, 7.30pm–9pm, ‘Central London’
    Blair will be blairing at Guardian globalist Paul Lewis at a circlejerk …As part of The new populism series, the Guardian has partnered with the YouGov-Cambridge Centre to produce a new annual study, and the largest of its kind, on the public state of globalisation ™. In the fortnight that we publish the results, we will explore the issues it highlights and whether increasingly hard-line and polarised politics is addressing the population’s true concerns.

    We think any conclusion drawn on this topic by Blair, the Guardian, or for that matter YouGov, will easily qualify as foregone. However, for those wishing to attend the globalist ™ echo chamber, be aware as usual that this isn’t for plebs, just the elite:

    One ticket per person and tickets are strictly non-transferable. Government issued photographic proof of ID must be shown and must match the name on the ticket. If you cannot be provided this proof you will be refused entry.

    By purchasing a ticket you acknowledge that there will be strict security arrangements and that we will be conducting security checks of clothing, bags and other items as determined by us. Large bags must be checked in the cloakroom.

    Attendees will be given details of the location one week prior to the event.

    That’s the wonderful thing about globalism ™. No barriers to participation!

  • Komodo

    We continue to observe Blair’s progression into utter, barking insanity. It’s very depressing, and we aren’t sure how much longer we can continue to observe his trajectory. Some recent quotes:

    “What makes me optimistic about the world is when you take a step back, the world is actually becoming a better place.”
    “Trying to keep both sides happy is not possible”. (see also Third Way) And…
    “A second referendum could be a healing process”

    Tony, the populist of 1997, has morphed into Tony, the ultracentrist – if there can be such a thing – of 2019. When he isn’t jetting round Africa inserting his suits into undemocratic governments, he’s here, method-acting the role of Elder Statesman and explaining what a bad thing populism is. It would appear that this, amazingly, isn’t true:

    Sure, freedoms may get eroded, but we wouldn’t expect that to bother Sisi’s and Kagame’s advisor, would we?

  • Komodo

    Cherie announces that she voted LibDem in support of her lifelong devotion to Socialism:

    And young Euan- who was reportedly considering being parachuted into Bootle for Labour five years ago, goes a stage further:

    Tony says he voted Labour. He really is out to destroy them.

  • Komodo

    Tuesday, to Durham University to present the Leo Blair Prize* to a graduating law student:

    Tony’s dad worked at Durham University and there is a picture of that furred lawcat** in St Cuthbert’s College. Cuths hasn’t gone broke yet, we assume.

    *whatever that is.
    ** Tip of the hat to Rabelais, there.

  • Komodo

    Tony plugs Lome’s port facilities (heavily dependent on Chinese participation):

    ..and touches base with cuddly Faure Gnassingbe, who has been in power for 14 years due to inheriting the post from his dad and a subsequent election deemed by the EU to be ‘fraudulent’. Another fraudulent election is scheduled for next year, and Gnassingbe will be standing again.

    Togo, advised by the Institute for Blair, hopes to become a regional infrastructure hub, lacking deposits of rare minerals. Of its 5,965 miles of roads, 994 miles are paved. And the Chinese have been financing and building ports for all its neighbours, too. We do like a trier.

  • Komodo

    While Tony has been tireless in his attacks on the leader of his own party, in a rare fit of self-effacement, he has not yet issued any edicts regarding the Tories’ leadership contest. Indeed, his silence on the current government’s non-Brexit issues has been striking.

    Some time ago we noted that an FoI request had been made, asking whether the Tony Blair Institute for Global Blair could legally call itself an Institute. We didn’t follow up on this, but the sequel is here:

    In which we learn that the Institute initially attempted to back its claim to be an Institute by submitting evidence from itself (in its previous guise of the two Blair charities which merged and de-charitableised to re-form as such in 2016). This was not acceptable to Companies House. Independent confirmation was required. Alex Harle, Tony’s legal helper at the time, accordingly obtained endorsement from the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund, and, despite the TBIFGTB not formally existing at the time, GCERF were happy to affirm that their experience of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation amounted to a track record which could be extrapolated to its successor. What is GCERF? A Geneva-based public-private body with a branch-line to the international aid track, with very vague and flexible objectives. It combines the appealing prospect of countering violent terrorism with funding in tens of millions. However, its 2019 budget is 33% unfunded at the most recent estimate: the proportion of public money to that of – as far as we can see – undisclosed private donations is not known.

    We also learned that the TBIfTB tried to change its name to the TBI – snappier, we suppose, and more focussed on its core concern – but that doesn’t seem to have happened, and we do not yet know why.

  • Komodo

    The Independent is mildly surprised that Tony Blair was not at his mentor, Bill Clinton’s side today to receive the gratitude of Kosovo for helping to create it as a state. Mr Blair was unable to attend, perhaps because he had important business elsewhere. But we are less surprised. As we have noted before, Blair is currently advising the Serbian government, on matters ill-defined as usual, having plastered over the little matter of his bombing the shit out of it during the last Balkan war. Tony is also well in with Kosovo’s Hashim Thaci, described by some as a bizarre monster. And Cherie’s firm, Omnia Strategy, has accepted quite a lot of money to represent Kosovo in its dealings with Serbia. There are two factors bearing on Tony’s divided interest. The first is that both Kosovo and Serbia want to join the EU. The second is that Serbia wants to redraw the border with Kosovo, and does not in any case recognise Kosovo. And this is turning into gunfire.

    Hence…McCavity’s not there. Wouldn’t want to lose the Serbian contract, no matter how many streets and children the Kosovars have named after him!

  • Komodo

    A blairing will be endured by global development movers and shakers in Brussels at the Kapuscinski Development Lecture (part of the European Development Days) on 18 June 2019. The EDD is a monster gathering of suits anxious to address the world’s inequalities and keep themselves in well-paid jobs, under the auspices of the EU. Mr Blair will be orating, with gestures and gurning, on the topic of “Inequality, exclusion and democracy”. These are matters which are best not considered in the context of Rwanda, Egypt, Senegal, Togo etc, all of which Tony’s merry suits advise on governance, nor of Gaza, whose plight changed little under Tony’s Quartet Envoyship.

    Venue: Tour & Taxis, nearest Metro is Yser, follow the suits. Online booking, ID or passport required.

    But we suspect that this is not the prime purpose of his visit to Brussels. We look forward to pap snaps of him in the arms of Juncker et cie.

  • Komodo

    WE omitted to point out that Tony will also be delivering the keynote speech at the Brussels gig on the 18th. It will be “Transformative government: The path to development” and we imagine it will cost a bomb.

    Nice to see that old favourite “transformative” out for a gallop in Platitude Park. But it is in new company. It used to be the tautologous “transformative change,” ie “change in the process of changing” (we are guessing, of course). Now it is “transformative government”, which, in the context of globalism ™ as it undoubtedly is, is an oxymoron. “Tony is unfamiliar with “plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose”, evidently.

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