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The Labour Party supports austerity in England but opposes it in Scotland. If Labour were to win the general election, and also find themselves in power in Scotland’s 2016 parliamentary elections, there would be “new and higher” benefits in Scotland, whereas sanctions and cuts would continue to oppress the ordinary people of England. Indeed, they have repeatedly promised to be tougher on benefits than the Tories – in England.

Now let us for a moment suspend all our critical faculties, and believe that Gordon Brown is sincere about the higher benefits in Scotland. Let us also ignore the fact that to be practical, that would require devolution of a vastly greater proportion of the tax base than anything Labour or the Smith Commission are suggesting. Let us, just for now, believe it is a sincere and practical offer. It is possible to understand why it could attract some people – the union without the cuts and austerity.

But why one earth would any left wing person in England want to vote for a party which, if in power in both England and Scotland, would pay higher benefits to Scots than to English? Why would the English vote for a continued retrenchment of the welfare state there but not in Scotland. Indeed, is there not liable to be some resentment in England at this rather strange proposition? When you add to this Labour’s absolute insistence that while English MPs may not vote on Scottish affairs, Scottish MP’s must be allowed to vote on English affairs, it seems to me you would have to be nuts to vote for Labour in England at present.

The BBC’s latest promotion of super-Brown and his new promises has caused much hilarity in Scotland. I cannot improve on this incisive comment I lifted from the Guardian, by MurphyUKOK:

What is it with the Labour Party and these 2 in particular? The sequencing of their ‘pledges’ on Home Rule so far had been
1) totally opposed to home rule – it is either yes or no
2) eh no actually, we are shitting ourselves, it looks like we might lose- we ‘vow’ home rule
3) we didn’t vow home rule
4) the smith commission has finalised its position- we have delivered home rule
5) eh no … that actually isn’t home rule but if you vote for us again we will give you home rule
A party of lying fucking idiots!!!

But I think the Greens, the Tories and UKIP in England must be those most amused and delighted by Labour’s latest incredible convolution. All of which reinforces my frequently repeated assertion that Labour are going to be nowhere near government after the general election, unless in coalition with the Tories.

Independence is so close now we can almost touch it.

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  • Richard

    I’ve been saying for over a year, and I’m interested to see Craig saying it too: don’t rule out the Labour-Tory coalition. Obviously either of them would prefer to be the very senior partner in coalition with the LDs, but if that still won’t add up to a Commons majority, well… Probably only possible if Labour are the larger party, since there would be a breakaway if Miliband got only Nick Clegg’s old job from the deal. What if Labour got fewer votes than the Tories but more seats? All good clean fun.

  • fred

    “This is typical of Zionist supporters. Its hypocrisy Fred and you don’t see it.”

    But after the recording George asked the BBC not to broadcast one of the questions.

    How is that different?

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “This is typical of Zionist supporters. Its hypocrisy Fred and you don’t see it.”

    But after the recording George asked the BBC not to broadcast one of the questions.

    How is that different?


    That’s interesting. Do you happen to know which question?

  • John Spencer-Davis

    John Goss
    03/02/15 7:09 pm

    “I was born in Yorkshire, from a long line of Yorkshiremen and women. But I would still like to see independence for Birmingham.”


    My father was a Yorkshireman from a long line also, and like every other Yorkshireman I have ever met, it was urgent business for him that Yorkshire be declared an independent state as soon as possible.

    “Tha can allus tell a Yorkshireman:
    but tha can’t tell ‘im much.”

    “Yorkshire born and Yorkshire bred.
    Strong i’ th’ arm and weak i’ th’ ‘ead.”

    No offence meant at all and none taken I hope. I am immensely proud of my heritage, and I’m obstinate as bloody mule when I’m in the right.

    Warm regards,


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