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  • doug scorgie

    13 Feb, 2015 – 3:51 pm

    “But can the Ukraine government give the separatists immunity from prosecution for the shooting down of a civilian airliner?”

    What if it was an accident Fred?

  • fred

    “What if it was an accident Fred?”

    I think it probably was an accident, it’s most likely the seperatists believed they were shooting at a Ukrainian military plane.

    It would still be gross negligence, even in war reasonable steps have to be taken to safegard civilians.

  • Peacewisher

    All the discussion of Dresden, including in the media, hasn’t included what immediately preceded it… the Yalta Conference from 4th-11th February 1945. Apparently Stalin asked Churchill if he would do the softening up to ease the way for the advancing Soviet troops, and Churchill… after a pause for reflection… agreed.

  • Peacewisher

    RT: f you are being “technical” about injuring and killing civilians through the use of white phosphorus, you are stooping to the depths regarding care about humanity. Plenty of other ways to illuminate an area; this is just a way to create terror among the civilian population… as was Napalm. I’d be interested to see a breakdown of the voting when that 1980 decision was made.

  • Resident Dissident

    “It’s kinda laughable that Res Diss holds dearly to these myths,”

    Not myths – happy to accept that there were not WMDs in Iraq at the time of the invasion – but there certainly were before – ask the Kurds and Iranians who were gassed by them and I think you will find that Hans Blix was pretty clear that there were WMDs which were not accounted for by Saddam. Whether they were destroyed by the Iraquis or sent elsewhere the likelihood is that we will never know – or perhaps Herbie has a better idea?

  • Resident Dissident


    I’m just stating facts – if you read any accounts of D Day you will find that the Allies used white phosphorus to provide cover and create confusion amongst the German occupiers. Personally, I’ve yet to become aware of a military weapon that is humane and kills and maims people nicely.

  • Peacewisher

    @RD: Use of white phosphorus on a battlefield is quite different from using it in a civilian area.

    Of course, that didn’t stop the US from using something even more terrible in Vietnamese villages. How sick are these people?

  • Resident Dissident

    Peacewisher – I am not for a moment defending the use of napalm or even US involvement in Vietnam. I am also not selective in criticising those who use white phosphorus illegally.

  • John Goss

    “BTW if the Ukrainians have broken the convention then they should face the consequences, along with the Russians and Israelis – one cannot be selective in these matters.”


  • John Goss

    “These OSCE spot reports are propaganda”

    Well of course they are – and they fact they don’t reply to your stupid emails immediately, given that they have nothing else to do clearly demonstrates that they are propagandists for Poroshenko. Keep taking the tablets.
    First there was nothing stupid about my email. They had made a claim that was false and I asked them to repudiate it so that people would not be misled. Secondly they were quick enough to get it out and leave it there as though true. Being a spot report it means it is an initial assessment. For somebody who claims to want proper investigations it seems you are quite happy to let this shit stand. Here is my first email to these propagandists from Kiev.

    “Hello Ms Gudyma and Mr Bociurkiw,

    I read your initial report regarding the shelling of Mariupol. What a tragedy for the poor residents there. However I have also read a conflicting report which suggests that Ukrainian forces were responsible.

    Has the OSCE revised its initial opinion?

    Yours sincerely,”

  • nevermind

    Typical pirate behaviour, when the odds are not in your favour, you open up the ‘anything goes’ cabinet and shut the one marked ‘human rights’.

    I’m glad the cease fire is largely holding, although there is a report of increased firing during the last 40 minutes.
    With the rebels gaining so much ground during the last four weeks, and the precarious situations for Kievs forces around Donatbliev? at present, it must be very hard to come up with a definitive cease fire line.

    Wars once used to be fought away from civilians, ideally facing the enemy, now its start with a remotely challenged and controlled cyber war, tit for tat, knocking out the infrastructure, the telephone system, underground, central traffic control., creating chaos as a new form of exasperation.

    Please let your MP’s know how you feel about NATO expansion to the Eastern European countries, still under the cod war impression that |Russia is a threat to their form of Governance, when they are not concerned about their internal challenges, such as right wing hooligans and fascist brigades.

    Tell your MP that we do not want to fight a war in Europe, that Europe’s people do not want war, not with Russia or anyone else, thank you.

    I have written such like to stop the war coalition and asked them why they are not supporting a Europe wide campaign to say No to war in Europe. As yet there is no answer. its was only three weeks ago, who knows whether they read emails.

  • Dave

    Peacewisher@11:31am Peacewisher The real evil genius was Frederick Alexander Lindemann Churchill’s
    chief Scientific adviser and best friend. You can look to him for the Dresden bombing.
    He was a elitist and put forward that mass of the people should be enslaved by brainwashing
    using chemicals so as to except they believed they were free. His background is worth researching

  • Peacewisher

    @Dave: Frederick Alexander Lindemann was a German, and a supremacist, etc. as will as being a highly eminent scientist. Why would he wish to do this to his own people? Something not adding up here.

  • Herbie

    “Why would he wish to do this to his own people?”

    His own people appear to be philosopher kings, and not ordinary people, not even ordinary Germans.

    I expect he believed he was assisting in ushering in elite rule.

    He was probably right.

  • Resident Dissident

    As I said stupid emails – on what basis do you say the OSCE’s claim re Mariupol was false – presumably the same as your assurance that only the Russian military have Tornado?

  • John Goss

    You did say “stupid emails” even though you had only read one.

    Journalists and other investigators contact people who are supposed to be in the know to try and find out the truth. You should try it some time instead of coming out with your diatribes of tripe.

  • Dave

    @Peacewisher Yes it is strange. I worked at a University physics laboratory and knew some of the
    Physicists who knew him during WW2.He was not very well liked. He tried to stop the development of Radar. And came up with the strange and stupid idea of dropping mines by parachute of which thousands were made and not used,of course the Germans would know were to find them. Was he a double agent or just Nuts ?

  • Mary

    I bet Craig has taken time out from the editing to watch Scotland v Wales at Murrayfield.

    He might even be there!

  • Peacewisher

    @Dave re double agent. Who knows? It seems he was definitely a Zionist and definitely not a Jew. Bearing in mind his eugenics credentials he’d probably be seeking to help create a Zionist master race… bit like the Nazis, really. I wonder how many of these people were openly working with the Nazis in the late 1930s, and realised after Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia that they had better swap sides fast!

  • Mary

    I had similar thoughts to Ed below on Medialens when I read that Judge Goddard may go back as far as 1945 in her enquiries. There are constant quotes that she has no connections to the ‘establishment’. Ha!

    Child abuse inquiry ‘could be extended back to WWII’
    Posted by Ed on February 15, 2015, 8:43 pm

    Anyone think this could be a bit of a diversion…prolong the inquiry going after long dead abusers while the contemporary ones carry on in their positions of power and influence and enjoy the time to cover their tracks?
    Shades of the Chilcot BS.

    Justice Lowell Goddard too…she has had her fair share on contact with elite British establishment…her ex hubby is Sir (Walter) John “Johnny” Scott, 5th Baronet, of Beauclerc, Bywell St. Andrews, Northumberland.

    He is currently:
    Joint Master, The North Pennine Hunt
    Founder Member, The Cholmondeley Coursing Club
    President, The Union of Country Sports Workers
    President, The Gamekeepers Welfare Trust
    President, The Tay Valley Wildfowlers Association
    Vice President, The Heather Trust
    Patron, The Sporting Lucas Terrier Association
    Patron, The Wildlife Ark Trust
    Centenary Patron, British Association for Shooting and Conservation.
    Patron, The National Association of Beaters and Pickers Up
    Board member, The European Squirrel Federation
    Sir John is best known for writing and co-presenting the BBC2 series Clarissa and the Countryman with Clarissa Dickson Wright. He currently[when?] writes for a variety of magazines and periodicals on field sports, food, farming, travel, history and the countryside.,_5th_Baronet

    Child abuse inquiry ‘could be extended back to WWII’

    The inquiry into alleged child sex abuse may be extended to investigate crimes committed as long ago as 1945, according to Justice Lowell Goddard.

    Home Secretary Theresa May recruited the judge after two other senior figures had to step down over their establishment links. It had been thought that the probe would focus on allegations of illegal activity after 1970.

    But Justice Goddard told the Mail on Sunday the period was “elastic”. She said: “The terms of reference talk about going back to 1970 but there is a push from certain quarters to take it back to about 1945. A cut-off point is always a bit artificial – someone who falls on the wrong side of it is aggrieved.”

    According to the newspaper, Mrs May supports the judge’s position and is ready to remove all time limits. But Justice Goddard plans to issue a series of interim reports to avoid a repeat of the controversy over the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War, which has been held up for six years.

    Justice Goddard said she “wouldn’t shrink” from summoning prominent people to give evidence. “I don’t feel intimidated,” she said. “Nobody should be beyond the reach of the law.”

    She added: “Sexual abuse of little children has never been anything short of a serious crime and that does not alter through religious or cultural mores or a different era or time. “If criminal offending is evident it will be handed to police. There are people who need to be given a voice about what has happened to them.”

  • Dave

    @Peacewisher Linderman was a good friend of Diana Mitford.

    Mrs Guinness:The Rise and Fall of Diana Mitford,the Thirties Socialite.
    Best buddies with Diana they shared the same views.WW2 was just a game for Churchill and Linderman
    Nazi`s fighting Nazi`s.

  • BrianFujisan


    I have written such like to stop the war coalition and asked them why they are not supporting a Europe wide campaign to say No to war in Europe. As yet there is no answer. its was only three weeks ago, who knows whether they read emails…Nevermind…Thank you

    Thank you for this.. Sorry for going away awhile..

    Clark…. life … i might need your help.. Stay safe

  • nevermind

    nothing to thank me for Brian the StWC are factionally challenged, unfortunately, too many politicians amongst them,imho, you take care and enjoy the mountains.

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