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I have a meeting today in London with the Ambassadors of Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Ecuador to brief them on Scotland’s continuing struggle for Independence. These nations have been at the forefront of the international movement against colonialism, and know all about the sharp end of neo-Imperialism and the evil-doing of the CIA and other western security agencies.

The test of the Independence of a state is nothing to do with domestic or regional government, or even with bilateral arrangements with the state from which it secedes. The test of Independence is, purely and simply, whether or not you are recognised by other states as independent. That is the very clear cut position in international law. For this reason, it is essential that Scotland reaches out, not just within the EU but to the entire international community. Ultimately we need these people to vote and lobby for us in the United Nations and other international institutions.

Frankly, the SNP is rubbish at this. I am doing this meeting because the hierarchy of the SNP spurned the approach from the Ambassadors, as previously detailed on this blog. This reluctance seems part of the hierarchy’s effort to be NATO friendly and thus CIA friendly. The Ambassadors would far rather be meeting with an official SNP representative than a nobody like me. Unfortunately the SNP won’t do it. That is a disgrace.

I can increasingly foresee, as Westminster governments move ever further to the right and encroach more and more on civil liberties, a situation arising where Scotland wishes to claim its independence without the consent of Westminster. In that situation, we will need all the international support we can get, just as the Palestinians have been making headway in UN institutions. Work needs to be put now into laying the foundations for that support. Personally I would characterise Scottish Independence as an anti-colonial struggle; use of Scots as British cannon fodder and integration of the Scots elite into the Metropolitan elite does not make Scotland any less a colony. Rome had san African Emperor, but still her African possessions were colonies.

But even for those who do not accept that analysis, there is no doubt that Scottish Independence would have a highly beneficial impact on the global balance of power. The weakening of the USA’s most powerful sidekick; the lessening of the UK’s ability to participate in illegal neo-imperial invasions and to host weapons of mass destruction; the re-opening of the question of the undemocratic Security Council structure at the UN.

Then there is also the positive role Scotland can play as a major contributor to UN Peacekeeping Forces, and a voice for sanity, reason, human rights and the pre-eminence of international law. An independent Scotland as a state party will be able to request the International Criminal Court to lay war crime charges against Blair and Straw for the illegal invasion of Iraq, which would be a powerful deterrent to future aggressive war.

I am but one man and a private individual. Everything I can do, I shall.

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207 thoughts on “Scotland’s Anti-Colonial Struggle

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  • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)

    “Chris Rogers”

    “My wife is more a man than you’ll ever be”



  • Chris Rogers


    When someone insinuates that I engage in behaviours i find morally unacceptable, namely rather old Western men taking advantage of young Asian women – usually we term it a ‘trophy wife’ here, to be accused, or have it insinuated I engage in such unsavoury practices insults me and my wife – again his insinuation was clear with an emphasis on ‘new’, and its the insinuation I’m opposed too, which is all part and parcel of these awful types hiding behind a ‘user name’ and continually ‘point scoring’ until they over step the mark.

    Again, would the excrement like to explain how a marriage of 16 years in somehow ‘new’, particularly given I’m now 50 and my wife is 44 – no stunner, just a healthy woman who’s built like my maternal grandmother, so no bean pole I’m afraid to say.

    But its the excrements emphasis on one’s national identity – Welsh, which obviously he’s superior than – a typical crass type of Englishness is that, combined with his insinuation that somehow I have a new child bride that angers me greatly – to the extent I’d love to teach him a valuable lessen, one no doubt that should have being taught in this persons younger years.

    Now, i may be ultra sensitive, but when you put up with some of the shit I’ve put up with, that’s quite normal, but under the belt insinuations are beyond the pale. Hence my extreme anger at this disagreeable twat.

  • fred

    “I do worry that everyone here has mental health problems”

    I think it must be contagious, a textually transmitted disease maybe.

  • Macky

    @Chris Rogers, it all delibrate, to disrupt & deter you from commenting, don’t give them the satisfaction.

  • Clark

    Speaking of disgusting racists, I see that the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Exexpat is back, and receiving support from the best commenter we have here!

  • Chris Rogers


    Stop your twisting, both you and I are aware of what you were insinuating, that you now deny it and act the victim places more shame on you – you are renowned for your behaviour, which is very much below the belt and get away with it by what I can see continually.

    Anyone with an iota of common sense can find me on social media and engage with me, hence I don’t hide and hold no fears – I’m very sociable, as at least one regular poster here can attest too.

    And now I’m a ‘psycho’ for calling you out for what you are and you hide from psycho’s, no doubt that should be you cower from those you abuse. I believe most who want to knock your block off are not psycho’s but thoroughly decent persons who despise pond life like yourself – utterly vindictive, vain and appalling.

    Now twist away, but I don’t hide, nor shall I hide my great displeasure with you. You are a horrible person with a track record to be ashamed off.

    Unfortunately persons like you have no shame, which is why sometimes its necessary to get rather physical with your types as it really is the only language you actually do understand.

    Twist, twist, twist, identify, identify, identify.

  • MJ

    Chris Rogers: don’t be distracted by online bots. It’s like getting angry with self-service checkouts.

  • Clark

    “It’s like getting angry with self-service checkouts”

    “Unidentified item in shagging area”

    [ Mod: Let’s calm things down here, or pre-mod will be put into effect. ]

  • fred

    “Sorry old bean, one may suffer depression from time to time, but who has not.”

    Don’t call me old.

    “Further, the slime you now defend is an absolute troll who’s ability for kicking persons in the balls when not looking, or paying attention is legion – And they believe its fair game.”

    I’m defending the right to anonymity on the internet.

  • Clark

    Chris Rogers, thanks for your concern. Maybe the UK isn’t the best place for you and your wife to get to; things have deteriorated here a lot. I’ve been seeking treatment for three years or more. I’ve been affected by suicides about six times, three of them very directly, once being the person who had to get the police – that should identify me as “high risk of suicide” but the only treatments I can get are drugs (recently shown to increase risk of suicide and fraudulently tested), or a short course of cognitive behavioural therapy which psychological professionals say could make matters worse.

    If you want to be helpful you could try de-escalating conflicts on these threads. You could try ignoring Macky’s advice to do the opposite. You broke into and disrupted my conversation with Resident Dissident a few days ago and started hurling accusations. That upset me.

    Just because Macky posts apparently socialist comments doesn’t mean she’s really a socialist and I don’t think she is. She also tells lies a lot, she supports Putin and I think she’s cultivating followers in order to manipulate them.

  • Tony M

    This is all getting a bit Babblewick Hall, or Carry On Don’t Lose Your Head.

    You sir, are a cad, a bounder and a mountebank! I will have satisfaction!

    I strike you with this gardening glove.

  • Chris Rogers


    Should you ever require someone to chat to, I’m easy to find via social media and my contact references are on open display, something necessary when in small business – we can but try to pre-offer assistance and hope sometimes what we say is listened too and acted upon.

    And, despite others who deal with undermining community, I can say openly that I too have received assistance from members posting here – which highlights clearly the decency that exists and should be encouraged.

  • Tony M

    I had typed a great big long post, and took the trouble specially to remove paragraph breaks, then I decided not to bother and deleted it, it’s gone. So there. All of the answers to all of society’s ills might have been in there, a paradigm shift in thinking and in living our lives, it was all going to be glorious, the past unravelled and explained and a utopian future plotted meticulously to maximise human harmony and paradise here on earth.

  • Chris Rogers

    @Tony M,

    Me too, did a long post only to lose it in the ether, in what I thought was a DNS attack up on this site – although I don’t think the Communist utopia Marx wrote about actually offers us a way out of this mess. i actually think living more community-based and less energy intensive life styles offers our best hope out of the economic and intellectual cul de sac we find ourselves in, and that certainly will mean less material wealth and less inequality.

  • glenn_uk

    Tony M: That is most unfortunate. Did it get deleted by the Mod, or was it some browser error? Does hitting page-back produce anything?

    Shutting gates after horses have bolted, and all that, but it is well worth c&p’ing a large missive into a text editor for safe keeping.

    The other thing I’d suggest under these very annoying circumstances is to grit your teeth, forget about the distress and anger it caused, and re-write it again without delay. It’s happened to me a number of times, and I’ve found that the re-write I do while it’s still fresh in my memory produces a better result than the original that was lost. (At least, as far as I remember it.)

  • glenn_uk

    – At the very least, copy it into the buffer before sending. I do that every time except for the most trivial of short posts (even this one).

  • Republicofscotland


    I posted last night and this stream was going along just dandy, checked the comments just now, and the thread has imploded.

  • lysias

    The problems of the Fourth French Republic were solved when an incipient military coup in Algiers in 1958 forced the politicians to turn over power to de Gaulle, and de Gaulle turned out not to be a dictator, but a political reformer who gave France a better democratic system under the Fifth Republic.

    Perhaps Wesley Clark could be an American de Gaulle?

  • Resident Dissident


    “Resident Dissident confessed (and you always have to question whether it is true) that he is married to a Russian”

    I didn’t confess anything – I do appreciate that Mr Goss and his KGB friends like to deal in confessions. I have never hidden the nationality of my wife and are very proud of her and her nationality – so much so that all our children are dual nationals, something which I am required to consent to according to the Russian rules and was more than happy to do so.

    “He despises 90% of Russians”

    I do no such thing – I worked in Russia for a number of years and have many Russian friends. I love and admire the Russian people – only the ignorant are unable to make the distinction between Russian people and the malevolent oligarchs and mafia that abuse the country.

    “who do not share his right-wing, neocon, regime-change opinions.”

    Wrong again what Goss means is I don’t support his extraordinarly narrow view of the World – so he finds it easier to attach a few hate labels

    “Anyway I take it on face value that his wife is Russian.”

    But he doesn’t – he always has to question if it is true (see his first sentence) – a typical propagandist’s trick – why face one way when you can face in both directions

    ” When he was vocally supporting the fascist puppet government in Kiev he mentioned his wife’s grandfather (or some relative) having fought against Hitler and I happened to note the difference in his views to those of his wife’s grandfather. He took it as an attack on his family.”

    All of this rests on the supposition that the government in Kyiv are fascist puppets and also about the likely views of my wife’s grandfather – of which Goss knows bugger all. I took it as cheap attack on me using my family as opposed to employing any sensible rational argument (Mr Goss likes to think he is very good at reading what he thinks others should be thinking with precious little evidence) – which of course it what those two idiots were trying to do at PMQ’s today ( see Craig’s latest post). And surprise surprise Mr Goss hypocritically has a go at Cameron for doing what we might now call a “Goss” (definition: using someone’s relatives to make a cheap political point)

  • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)

    Resident Dissident

    We must distinguish between two, equally squalid phenomena:

    there is “to do a Goss”, which means what you say it does in your post.

    and then there is “a John Goss moment”. This is when Mr Goss comes out with a howler like “the indigenous inhabitants of the Falklands”.


    “Being a Goss” simply means online lying, twisting, diverting and insulting on various blogs and fora.

  • Resident Dissident


    I think I shall ignore home for a while – I suspect that I might be on the receiving end of all three in short order – best to laugh and ignore for the moment.

  • Macky

    My ears were burning, so just judging by the posts I remember, I assume that a lot of other comments have been removed since I last posted; needless to say that I refute everything Clark alleges @1.26pm, but I’m sure others are as bored & fed-up with this bickering as I am with the fantasies from Clark, that ignites the bickering in the first place.

  • Macky

    Resident Dissident; “Makes a welcome change from your tongue!”

    Still feeling rather singed ? 😀

  • Ed F

    “I have a meeting today in London with the Ambassadors of Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Ecuador to brief them on Scotland’s continuing struggle for Independence.”

    The sheer hubris of thinking you speak for Scotland is so pathetic it’s funny.

  • Airdrieonian

    Never mind the de-masking of Habbakuk, I would love to know who “Fred” really is, and where he takes a drink / walks his dog.

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