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I have a meeting today in London with the Ambassadors of Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Ecuador to brief them on Scotland’s continuing struggle for Independence. These nations have been at the forefront of the international movement against colonialism, and know all about the sharp end of neo-Imperialism and the evil-doing of the CIA and other western security agencies.

The test of the Independence of a state is nothing to do with domestic or regional government, or even with bilateral arrangements with the state from which it secedes. The test of Independence is, purely and simply, whether or not you are recognised by other states as independent. That is the very clear cut position in international law. For this reason, it is essential that Scotland reaches out, not just within the EU but to the entire international community. Ultimately we need these people to vote and lobby for us in the United Nations and other international institutions.

Frankly, the SNP is rubbish at this. I am doing this meeting because the hierarchy of the SNP spurned the approach from the Ambassadors, as previously detailed on this blog. This reluctance seems part of the hierarchy’s effort to be NATO friendly and thus CIA friendly. The Ambassadors would far rather be meeting with an official SNP representative than a nobody like me. Unfortunately the SNP won’t do it. That is a disgrace.

I can increasingly foresee, as Westminster governments move ever further to the right and encroach more and more on civil liberties, a situation arising where Scotland wishes to claim its independence without the consent of Westminster. In that situation, we will need all the international support we can get, just as the Palestinians have been making headway in UN institutions. Work needs to be put now into laying the foundations for that support. Personally I would characterise Scottish Independence as an anti-colonial struggle; use of Scots as British cannon fodder and integration of the Scots elite into the Metropolitan elite does not make Scotland any less a colony. Rome had san African Emperor, but still her African possessions were colonies.

But even for those who do not accept that analysis, there is no doubt that Scottish Independence would have a highly beneficial impact on the global balance of power. The weakening of the USA’s most powerful sidekick; the lessening of the UK’s ability to participate in illegal neo-imperial invasions and to host weapons of mass destruction; the re-opening of the question of the undemocratic Security Council structure at the UN.

Then there is also the positive role Scotland can play as a major contributor to UN Peacekeeping Forces, and a voice for sanity, reason, human rights and the pre-eminence of international law. An independent Scotland as a state party will be able to request the International Criminal Court to lay war crime charges against Blair and Straw for the illegal invasion of Iraq, which would be a powerful deterrent to future aggressive war.

I am but one man and a private individual. Everything I can do, I shall.

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  • BrianFujisan


    and all theses thousand’s readers… and the community.. you Should have Honor to wake up To…

  • John Goss

    “Don’t think you will get much unhypocritical support on this one from Mr Goss – seeking to involve families is one of his specialities.”

    That’s a bit unfair since Chris Rogers may not have been following the blog long enough to know what you are on about. What it boils down to in a nutshell is this. Resident Dissident confessed (and you always have to question whether it is true) that he is married to a Russian. He despises 90% of Russians (particularly Putin) who do not share his right-wing, neocon, regime-change opinions. Anyway I take it on face value that his wife is Russian. When he was vocally supporting the fascist puppet government in Kiev he mentioned his wife’s grandfather (or some relative) having fought against Hitler and I happened to note the difference in his views to those of his wife’s grandfather. He took it as an attack on his family.

    Nice one Ba’al discovering the ‘gutrot’ site. And I thought Habbabkuk’s problems were more likely a pollution of the mind. Of course there is, it has been suggested, a connection between physical ailments and how the mind is affected – and vise versa.

  • Phil the ex frog

    I do worry that everyone here has mental health problems but jesus at times it leaves me crying with laughter over my cornflakes. This latest bout of 19C fighting talk is genius. Almost as if the rolling stones never redefined the meaning of satisfaction.

  • Macky

    @Chris Rogers, no problem, I have often address Clark as Craig !

    “slagging off a mans family is not welcomed where I hail from”

    Nor anywhere with decent values; he has of course also threaten my family in his underhand manner;

    He’s frame it as an innocent statement but it’s obviously a threat, which has been allowed to stand; he did get banned once for stating that another poster must have been buggered as a child, but it seems vieled threats against somebody’s family is of less importance.

    You can see why other posters have been driven away, it’s one thing to put up with personal abuse & threats, but coupled with its toleration, can prove too much for some.

  • John Goss

    Can this suggestion of a temporary military takeover of the United States solve the world problems created by the United States?

    “From this point forward, every member of the U.S. Armed Services is walking a very fine line. The continued execution of unlawful orders is both criminal and immoral, repugnant and cowardly. Therefore, every soldier and pilot, Seal and Green Beret is cautioned from entering war zones which were illicitly created by the U.S. Federal Government. The entire nation of Syria represents such an illegitimate war zone.[1] In fact the Middle East has multiple theaters of war which have been fabricated through false flags attacks and other black operations.”

  • John Goss

    As to my comment above while it would be nice to think that Americans could see a solution in a temporary military takeover most Americans are oblivious to what is happening. I don’t doubt Wesley Clark is sincere. The problem is with any military solution it leaves a power base equally unaccountable to the people and Wesley Clark and those like him may not be in control of this power base. But as there is only a faux democracy in the US I cannot offer an alternative.

  • Chris Rogers

    @Phil The Ex Frog,

    As someone who remains welded to the working class community he was raised in, a community that suffered greatly from abuses perpetrated by supposedly ‘liberal’ English do-gooders, I’m very aware of the below the belt slights some English persons revel in.

    The piece of excrement I’ve requested, like a man, to reveal themselves and stand by their own words is unable to do so because they are a coward, one who lurks and engages in ‘racist taunts’ – do follow how the little scum bag places an emphasis on my own nationality, which evidently is secondary to his own, that before he takes swipe at my wife, who’s Asian nationality has never been revealed on this board.

    I’m living with the effects of English racism as I type this, and yet I’m accused of some nineteenth century barbarism. Well, you have the timeframe correct, its the period many working class communities emerged and began showing solidarity with each other and force meaningful change, in my own community that resulted in substantial clashes, both agrarian and industrialised regions.

    So, if I exhibit the hallmarks of my own culture and class born of the nineteenth century I’m most pleased to say, because it means one has never sold out his background, nor aspired to be anything but what he is, namely the product of the working class. And its mores and values are very much different to the perceived middle class BS you no doubt expect all to express on these boards.

    We have a long tradition of doing things differently, and when someone in our communities attack both our nationalities, and their families one usually expects physical confrontation via fists as one remedy to slights. The piece of excrement;s behaviour is one of marked intolerance and a certain air of superiority, both of which I detest, but when someone gets kicked in the balls for expressing an humble opinion and scum attack your family/ or nationality of your spouse do you really expect the victim to turn over, lie down or turn the other cheek?

    The answer is most do not where I hail from, nor do we use nice middle class English to hide our contempt or anger.

  • BrianFujisan

    Macky… Clark …. What the fuck is going on here…. With you there no chance of peace

  • Chris Rogers


    One is aware just by going back a few years on this Blog that many commentators have probably left out of disgust caused by the antics of less than a handful of hardcore disruptors, however, that does not excuse tolerating someone who abuses the ‘anonymity’ of this site to abuse one’s nationality and their family.

    The piece of excrement is outed for all to see and exposed for the malicious, racist coward that they are – they cannot backtrack, cannot spin nor cannot deny the insinuations anyone with a single braincell could understand – that they continually get away with such behaviour certainly discredits this Blog.

    Anyhow, I’ve called the bugger out, requested they stop hiding and clearly identify themselves and requested issues then be sorted out in a manly fashion, all of which the piece of excrement is unwilling to do, which demonstrates the fact that they really are a piece of shit, one that needs flushing down the u-bend of a toilet into the sewer where they rightfully belong.

  • John Goss

    This brave man, Oleg Tsarov, tells it how it was and how the US was planning to overthrow the legitimate government of Ukraine. This is months before the Maidan shootings.

    Today they are trying to do the same thing to South Africa. Don’t believe what US ambassadors tell you. Don’t let it happen.

    Remember it is only two and a half years back since the Bilderberg group was discussing how to take control of Africa.

  • Chris Rogers

    @John Goss,

    I believe the BBC, which is so conflicted with both commercial considerations in the USA, and Charter issues here in the UK, that follows the neocon foreign policy of its true owners, has no desire to dispatch any news crews or documentary film makers to the Ukraine to follow-up what was the disaster of the Maidan coup, and the reality of another failed state, one of many that have witnessed the generous hand of bringing democracy to the masses, usually of a fascist variety.

    Obviously, if the BBC ever actually reported the truth in an unbiased fashion the majority of the UK population would be up in arms, so better to propagandise on behalf of their masters, be they Washington-based or London, than unleash the truth on an unwitting UK populace.

  • fedup

    Can anybody explain why the whore of government propaganda, the BBC, is not reporting the protests currently taking place on Maidan?

    John I have said it before, and I shout it out again!!!!


    Their title pretty much sums up their remit! To parrot out the gubiment line as an “independent” entity!!!! Just make sure that your fellow citizens are made aware of the omissions, obfuscations, and down right lies spewed by the august Bunkum Bullshit Corporation!

    Don’t watch the tossers or waste your time listening to them.

  • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)

    From “Chris Rogers” earlier today:

    “….that before he takes swipe at my wife, who’s Asian nationality has never been revealed on this board.”

    From “Chris Rogers” on the Hillary-Clinton-is-the-Guardian thread (15 February, 09h04):

    “Old Mark,

    My wife is from the Philippines, which as you are aware is one of the nations on the ‘Red List’ shall we say, if she were a nurse, we’d be in like a shot, but she’s not..etc,etc, etc…”

  • Tony_0pmoc

    [email protected] 24 Feb, 2016 – 12:48 am. Yes, you explained that very well – about building up the big picture – over a long period of time. Its a bit like, if you are too close to something, anything – you might just have started looking at an individual hair, or a toe nail or a claw or a blade of grass. Until you pull back, withdraw – and see the entire thing – you have no idea what you are looking at. When you first see it – all the implications hit you and you are just so shocked – cos it is so ugly – and so many people you trust must at least be complicit in its evil. How could this happen?

    That is what we have got. Who has destroyed the Middle East? It’s those buggers you voted for – well its their bosses even if they are still too close that they don’t realise it themselves. How many MP’s really know what’s going on? They receive the same 24×7 propaganda as everyone else. And if they know or suspect – who has the courage to speak out? It’s like signing your own death certificate.

    Damn. It was my fault. I started off a chain reaction. I just asked a simple question and didn’t even look at the reply..but other people I’ve known for years spread it like crazy…and they all turned up. I’ve already been told off about this before – last year. That’s got far too popular now as well. I thought everyone was skint. What’s going on?

    This has nothing to do with Scotland’s Anti-Colonial Struggle, nor The War of Terror on us by the lunatics in control.

    Go here instead. You might meet a nice bloke serving at the bar (notice the address).

    Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival 2016
    Cardross House, Cardross Estate,
    Stirling United Kingdom


  • Chris Rogers


    Regardless of my own memory lapses, one has an actual life and family to cater too, I don’t leverage attacks on others families, you are a racist, piece of excrement and absolute coward who needs being taught a valuable lesson for the underhand manner you slag persons off in your little point scoring game. Regrettably i cannot afford to play games, nor sit quiet when you cast racist aspersions about myself and my family.

    My wife is more a man than you’ll ever be, and like me does not lurk in shadows, now identify yourself and start facing the consequences of your shit stirring, Threats I’m not one to make, I desire satisfaction, not BS from pieces of excrement – I lapse all the time, but you do not as you are a vindictive, racist piece of shit, quite renowned for it here. Now fucking identify yourself or be branded the moral, racist coward that you are.

  • Clark

    Chris Rogers, I looked at the other thread but can’t work out what you’re so angry about. Please link to the comments you object to; the time-stamp on each comment is that comment’s link.

  • Macky

    Chris Rogers; “Now fucking identify yourself or be branded the moral, racist coward that you are.”

    He’s long since been branded as such, that is to anybody with more than two braincells, but believe it or not, there are those here who will excuse & defend this odious troll !

    He doesn’t like leaving links in case his id is traced, and just how much of a coward he is was revealed when there was discussion here not long ago of him being done for online haressement & abuse, you should have seen him squirm in panic, and then his utter relief when the person concerned decided against legal action. 😀

  • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)


    Yes, I’ve asked “Chris Rogers” – repeatedly – to link to the alleged racist comments about his wife but unfortunately he has not yet done so.

    Which leads me to the thought that “Chris” is either having fun or just working out his inner demons on our long-suffering host’s blog.

    Either way, he appears obsessed with shit – not healthy at all! 🙂

  • Chris Rogers

    @Habba (The Coward, Racist Piece of Excrement)

    Here are your words with my emphasis added in caps: “your NEW Filipina wife admitted to the United Kingdom.”

    Your insinuation being that my “NEW” wife now doubt must be teenager or considerably younger than myself, well how 16 years of marriage with an 8 year daughter, who’s age has been referenced here, constitutes “new” please let me know as news to myself and my family.

    Your below the belt abuses are disgraceful, that you then deny your intent demonstrates how much of a crass coward you are.

    You disgust me and deserve a thrashing, one I’d very much like to inflict, and it’s no threat, it’s an actuality old bean

    Unlike you, I do not profess to be an angel, nor an ultimate being.

    Now just identify yourself and lets get the issue sorted out. Not too much to request is it?

  • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)


    Thanks for your concern but it’s your “id” being traced that you should be thinking about.


  • Macky

    Exexpat; “Clerk will be here soon to rescue you by doing what he does best: defending the indefensible.”

    You must be psychic !! 😀

  • fred

    “Chris Rogers, I looked at the other thread but can’t work out what you’re so angry about. Please link to the comments you object to; the time-stamp on each comment is that comment’s link.”

    I couldn’t see what all the fuss is about either.

    He seems to be trying to undermine our principles on anonymity, which as you know is something some of us feel strongly about.

  • Macky

    @HabbyClown, I’ve got nothing to hide or be ashamed about, unlike yourself; the only reason I try to keep my personal details private is to keep it out of the hands of psychos like you ! 😀

  • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)

    “Chris Rogers”

    Oh OK, it’s the adjective “new” you’re getting worked up about. My mistake.

    So let me repost your comment and my response to it from the previous thread.


    “And another way of looking at matters is to supply so much ‘misinformation’ as to crash the security state apparatus.”

    I would advise against such a course of action if you are really trying to get your (word “new” deleted) Filipina wife admitted to the United Kingdom.”


    Happy now? And more importantly, what do you think of the good advice I gave you?

  • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)

    “@HabbyClown, I’ve got nothing to hide or be ashamed about, unlike yourself; the only reason I try to keep my personal details private is to keep it out of the hands of psychos like you !”

    Sure, Macky, anything you say. 🙂

  • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)


    It’s not me having your personal details you should be concerned about.

    And now let’s have some comments of substance from you – it’s been (quite) a while.

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