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I have a meeting today in London with the Ambassadors of Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Ecuador to brief them on Scotland’s continuing struggle for Independence. These nations have been at the forefront of the international movement against colonialism, and know all about the sharp end of neo-Imperialism and the evil-doing of the CIA and other western security agencies.

The test of the Independence of a state is nothing to do with domestic or regional government, or even with bilateral arrangements with the state from which it secedes. The test of Independence is, purely and simply, whether or not you are recognised by other states as independent. That is the very clear cut position in international law. For this reason, it is essential that Scotland reaches out, not just within the EU but to the entire international community. Ultimately we need these people to vote and lobby for us in the United Nations and other international institutions.

Frankly, the SNP is rubbish at this. I am doing this meeting because the hierarchy of the SNP spurned the approach from the Ambassadors, as previously detailed on this blog. This reluctance seems part of the hierarchy’s effort to be NATO friendly and thus CIA friendly. The Ambassadors would far rather be meeting with an official SNP representative than a nobody like me. Unfortunately the SNP won’t do it. That is a disgrace.

I can increasingly foresee, as Westminster governments move ever further to the right and encroach more and more on civil liberties, a situation arising where Scotland wishes to claim its independence without the consent of Westminster. In that situation, we will need all the international support we can get, just as the Palestinians have been making headway in UN institutions. Work needs to be put now into laying the foundations for that support. Personally I would characterise Scottish Independence as an anti-colonial struggle; use of Scots as British cannon fodder and integration of the Scots elite into the Metropolitan elite does not make Scotland any less a colony. Rome had san African Emperor, but still her African possessions were colonies.

But even for those who do not accept that analysis, there is no doubt that Scottish Independence would have a highly beneficial impact on the global balance of power. The weakening of the USA’s most powerful sidekick; the lessening of the UK’s ability to participate in illegal neo-imperial invasions and to host weapons of mass destruction; the re-opening of the question of the undemocratic Security Council structure at the UN.

Then there is also the positive role Scotland can play as a major contributor to UN Peacekeeping Forces, and a voice for sanity, reason, human rights and the pre-eminence of international law. An independent Scotland as a state party will be able to request the International Criminal Court to lay war crime charges against Blair and Straw for the illegal invasion of Iraq, which would be a powerful deterrent to future aggressive war.

I am but one man and a private individual. Everything I can do, I shall.

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  • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)

    “Chris Rogers”

    “I’m not one for threats I’m afraid and persons like you deserve a baseball bat taken to them or crowbar, both of which I’m very willing to do given jail time does not deter me, nor fill me with fear.”

    One notes the delicious contradiction in that sentence.

    Please don’t think of doing jail time – think of your wife and daughter left all alone in “Hong Kong” while you’re in Pentonville 🙂


    And now be silent, you’ve had enough of my attention for today.

  • Chris Rogers

    Glenn Sir,

    I pride myself on honest, one may not be financially rich, but I have personal pride in my family – my wife has worked since she was eighteen overseas from her folks and supported them financially when both died of cancer and in great pain. As my wife is 45 years of age and I’m 50 I think the Troll has gone too far.

    Honesty and integrity are key words to me, without them I’m nothing – this is a blog on serious issues, this is a blog where persons I don’t even know have generously given assistance to me, which I’m grateful for.

    I cannot tolerate the Troll or his underhand insinuations, please follow his trail on ‘Fixing Society” where he made his underhand play at me.

    No one need put up with this, and i’m happy to put a stop to the bugger physically.

    I stand tall like a man should and shall not hide nor attack another mans family, particularly for cheap point scoring that the turd engages in continually on this Blog.

  • Chris Rogers

    Jjust identify yourself, stop being a coward, stop hiding, just identify yourself now there’s a good man.

  • RobG

    Tony, it’s exactly the same state of emergency that will be coming your way sometime soon.

    I guarantee that there will be another false flag event in Britain sometime soon.

  • glenn_uk

    Chris Rogers – I think that notion of honesty, or trying to be as much as possible, is part of our culture. I went to a couple of pretty rough comprehensive schools myself in the lower Swansea valley, and a lot of people had very little except their pride and integrity. That was something they regarded as more precious even than the riches the monied classes flaunted.

    As you say, without those key items – decency, honesty, integrity – we were nothing. We certainly had little else, after all. However, enlightenment can also come into play. If someone wants to denigrate that which we know is good, then shame on them. It does not have to be responded to, at least, no more than to point out that shame they have brought on themselves.

    If there was a physical attack, naturally that would be responded to in plenty. Words, here – meh. Let them have their moment, do the Buddhist thing. Observe, and move on.

    Besides which, anyone here wanting to stay anonymous (for good reason, I might add) is not going to give up their identity – although you could get yourself and the blog owner in trouble for issuing threats.

    Craig Murray, I might note, would never give up the identity of a poster here, however much he disagreed with them, even if he faced jail time. I’m serious – he has never agreed with Habbabkuk about anything, yet would go to jail before releasing his identity.

    Similarly, he would not release _your_ identity either, even if so threatened. Do you really want to put him in such a position?

  • nevermind, Elliot Johnson bullied by Tory peers?

    Chris, you might like to give him more attention he does not deserve, he thrives on tit bits.
    But you are no better to Mary, shame on you to talk of her, to compare what you do, to what she did, just to get one over on a pile of dusty skin flakes.

    She does not want to be mentioned in her absence, period. I have no problem with respecting that.
    Why not try and understand what our resident pet lives on, 1. attention. 2nd.) regurgitations and after he’s done his tricks 3rd.) titbits.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    Most of our Police are far too sensible, to implement a full blown Police State in the UK, though if you have personally been kettled, or targeted simply because the previous owner of the second hand car you bought was parked near a demo, you may have other views on the subject.

    I think they have had enough of this shit too.

  • Chris Rogers

    Glenn Sir,

    I’m not asking CM to reveal anyones identity, I’m asking the perpetrator, who in my opinion is a coward, to actually reveal his identity so the issue can be sorted out as these things are usually sorted out in out neck of the woods, namely South Wales.

    I had a seven year stint in Higher Education to get enlightened, however, ones enlightenment does not allow scum to get away with verbal insinuations against a man’s family. This is a black and white issue, the Troll has overstepped the mark and I’m calling him out as any man would do I hope.

  • Macky

    @Chris Rogers, the Habba-Troll is a narcissistic clown who gets off on being offensive because he hasn’t got the intellect to engage is grown-up debate; the real problem are the other posters who can’t resist in trying to serious engage with him, which is very foolish on their parts as the last thing he’s interested in honest debate, but they can’t resist because they think it makes them look clever, whereas the clever thing to do is either to ignore him or tell him to “Fcuk Off”.

  • RobG

    Glenn_uk, you seem to be of the Dr Strangelove school; ie, completely insane.

    I am not completely insane and post here under my own name, pal.

    You loons are all going to be put in jail.

    Take my word for it.

  • glenn_uk

    To the “false-flagers” who think that the Paris attacks were fakes:

    Apart from the general silliness of your charge that all those involved were actors, that nobody really died, that everyone in the entire chain of command was in on it, and so on, I really wonder why you’re not willing to go along with the official story (which is pretty bad for the Establishment as it is).

    People in the Middle East have been bombed, sanctioned, ruined, poisoned, set up, impoverished and put upon – by us and the brutal dictators we installed as our stooges. If a few of them have gone nuts and decide to run amok, by way of revenge or even because they have been trained in terrorism (with our approval, if you like that angle) – why is that so impossible to believe?

    Why can you not accept that “blow-back” can actually happen sometimes? Jesus!

  • Fredi

    Britain’s Anti-Colonial Struggle

    Brexit : Tories unleash military leaders, Russian invasion, ISIS, threats from US and NATO in fear campaign

    Originally, Britain signed up to the European Economic Community or EEC via a referendum in 1975 for the purposes of enhancing trade, it was in essence a trade deal, or at least that was how it was sold to the British people. What the unsuspecting people of Britain were not aware of was that in reality the origins of the EU was devised by the USA back in the 1950’s that saw the continent more as an opportunity of a puppet run super-state filled with attendant yes-men for trade and the manipulation of strategic global markets and, just as importantly a defensive buffer zone against it’s new foe – the Reds from Russia. Think TTIP, Ukraine and an ever expanding NATO alliance.

    In recent years, the grandiose rhetoric of David Cameron’s speeches, acting more as a public relations ambassador to corporations than for his own citizens has dwindled in the face of more important issues to the people, namely immigration and a refugee crisis. And for all of Cameron’s bragging of a new deal the EU is not about to change universal treaties to accommodate Britain in some sort of two tier system. The EU’s imperial heart is not planted in democracy and it never will be.

    Anything Cameron has negotiated are nothing but mere words, to be over-ridden at will by an authoritarian judiciary in Brussels at a later date when convenient.

    Like the Scottish referendum, Cameron is resorting to a fear campaign out of desperation. It will include politicians, corporations, business leaders, celebrities and even the new menace threatening our democracy – the military.

  • glenn_uk

    Screw you, RobG – you’re a liar, a nutter and a drunkard. And that’s all I have to say to you for this evening. Good day to you, sir!

  • BrianFujisan


    “Chris Rogers, 21:18 – don’t let Habbabkuk wind you up like that.”

    Wind you up like what? Please supply evidence in the form of quotation(s) or shut up. :)…

    Fuck off Ya wee NON entity …Glen Cheers Dude

  • glenn_uk

    Anyway, this blog has delighted me for long enough… I’m off to read further from the works of Charles Dickens. I thoroughly recommend the same to every poster here. Until next time!

  • Exexpat


    Got a problem with death threats?


    Clerk will be here soon to rescue you by doing what he does best: defending the indefensible.

  • Chris Rogers


    Many thanks, its important sometimes to live by the principles we hold dear, and slagging off a mans family is not welcomed where I hail from, nor actually where I reside presently – i also have nothing but contempt for cowards and the Troll certainly is a coward of staggering proportions.


    Like you I’m sceptical to say the least about the EU as it stands today, and given the reforms that are necessary to make it more democratic, accountable and transparent have yet to materialise, unlike Diem25, I believe the Institution is now bereft of an ability to self reform – we should start from scratch, as such I shall place my ‘X’ in the out box at the forthcoming referendum.

    Further, and if you follow Bill Mitchell, the MMT mob or heterodox economists in general, a consensus is growing that its better for the UK economically sovereign-wise to actual leave the dysfunctional EU Institutions.

    Despite Westminster being dysfunctional and unfit for purpose, at least with a single, sovereign Parliament we can enact change if we actually had a representative government that governed in the national interest, and lets be honest, its far easier to get a government that offers radical remedies in power in Parliament, than it is to get meaningful change in Brussels. Indeed the elevation of Juncker Commission President was the last straw for me given he oversaw all types of tax evasion legislation when PM in his home nation – it being the only thing I think I have ever agreed with Cameron on.

  • Exexpat

    Glenn_UK “I really wonder why you’re not willing to go along with the official story”

    Evidence which proves otherwise. Tons of it.

    If these events are as they say they are then why do they need to fake the imagery?

    Guess what? Next PSYOP they will use the same techniques again.

    But yes enjoy your sleepy time 🙂

  • Herbie

    What is it with habby that she can’t just debate the issues.

    It’s all insults, distractions and nonsense with habby, and soooo repetitively so.

    Can’t Craig just ban her for public school Oxbridgeness.

    Thought he despised those more than nearly anything.

    Uppitty gits!

    Think of it as a kind of Contempt of Court. Just set up a cycle of banning her/letting her back, until the behaviour improves.


    I mean, fair’s fair.

    Her lot enjoy imposing precisely the same treatment on everyone else.

  • Chris Rogers


    That should read @Macky and may I apologise for any confusion on my behalf as still in a rage.

  • Chris Rogers

    @John Goss,

    Sorry for my belated response and get the gist of what you are saying. As you can see I detest skulking cowards, particularly those who believe its appropriate to attack someone else’s family.

    A baseball bat is too good for this bugger, meaning a crowbar would be more effective in perhaps teaching the bugger some kind of human decency – it really is the only language they understand I’m afraid.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    Its analysis of the “Original” photographic evidence.

    The evidence is overwhelming that some of it was faked.

    Why fake any of it?

    And That is before (and completely seperate) to the Political motivation.

    It is also completely seperate to other War on Terror events the photography of which has also definitely been faked in some specific cases.

    That does not mean that all terrorist attacks are Faked.

    They need to be examined in great detail individually. This process takes many hours, even weeks…Some people study one event for months – and meticulously detail all their analysis.

    Many of these people then drop dead, but I am not claiming they do so, for anything other than natural causes – unless they are American, and have managed to blow their own head off by pulling the trigger twice.

    I guess it might be possible – except for the size of the bullets.


  • Tony_0pmoc


    The vast majority of people involved in such events are not actors. The flashbangs and the blood and the terror is real … well they look very well even in movies ..and if you think you maybe about to die …then you keep your head down…and get the hell out of it….

    Unless you are in Woolwich of course – and you just walk casually by….without a care in the world – cos its just another bloody film crew – what you doing now – Filming the Bill? -I’ve got my shopping to do…

    Can we retake that one please – of shit – you were not supposed to broadcast that.

    And 99.9% of people believed it.

    And you think wtf???


  • Herbie

    You can see the false flags much more clearly as the picture builds up.

    They follow a narrative, an unfolding story of geopolitical manoeuvouring.

    Details are important in the early stages, because at first peeps can’t quite believe that govts do such things.

    But after about ten or twenty or more of them in the space of sixteen years, there’s a kind of getting used to it, and then questions about what the hell’s going on.

    They used to reserve them for special occasions you see, but are now so desperate they’re overdoing it big time.

    My suggestion is that rather than pointing to the details of individual incidents, to convince a doubter, that you place the whole incident in a broader unfolding geopolitical narrative.

    Then people can see for themselves, as the drama unfolds, whether the incident has significance to a particular interest.

    Details are important for subsequent evidential purposes of course, but are no longer needed to convince people that the geopolitical situation has taken quite a dangerous turn and elites are geting desperate.

    Peeps just want to know what’s going on more broadly. They don’t want endless speculation on grainy images.

    Focus on the big picture and frame the incident within that larger picture.

    That’s how you do it.

    And, funnily enough, that’s how they do it too!

  • Kempe

    ” it really is the only language they understand ”

    No it’s becoming apparent that it’s the only language that YOU understand and something which is not generally tolerated around here. You both need to grow up.

    “False Flag” is the default Troofer position. Once that’s been decided the selective search for supporting “evidence” can begin helped of course by various blogs and websites that do all the hard work for them. Holding a minority viewpoint gives them a sense of importance and superiority over the sheeple. That all these conspiracies are implausible and too complex to ever work doesn’t bother them of course.


  • Resident Dissident

    “Sorry for my belated response and get the gist of what you are saying. As you can see I detest skulking cowards, particularly those who believe its appropriate to attack someone else’s family.”

    Don’t think you will get much unhypocritical support on this one from Mr Goss – seeking to involve families is one of his specialities.

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